3 things: watermelon ice cubes

I got home from an extra long weekend visiting Chrissy in Ann Arbor and a day with Dad to come down with a gross summer cold that has me whimpering all day and night. It’s not concerning that I don’t have any groceries because I don’t want to eat anything that isn’t soup or ice cream or toast that delicately scratches my burning throat and I’m drinking cold water like it’s my job. 

watermelon ice cubes1

I’m currently addicted to lemon water with watermelon ice cubes. Sans lemon for the last 24 hours because the acid burns my sore throat so, so much. 

I tried just cubing the melon and putting chunks into my water glass but the straw would inevitably suck up a bit of fleshy melon so I “created” a better method. 

Cube an unseeded melon, throw it into a blender (you don’t need to add water), blend blend blend, pour into ice cube trays, and freeze. Don’t get hung up on those little white seeds, they blend completely. Like this, the cubes melt slowly, keep your drink colder, and slowly add flavour to your beverage. 

watermelon icecubes

If you’re looking for a cocktail to enjoy this weekend you could blend the frozen cubes with a spirit of your choice (watermelon vodka, maybe? Malibu? Tequila for watermelon margaritas?) to be enjoyed on a sunny patio (or shady patio if you avoid the sun, like me). 

Happy #nationalwatermelonday


3 things to make leftovers more exciting

Buying or roasting a whole chicken is very economical but being single, after 2 days you’re thinking “what the heck do I do with the rest of this?”. Same goes for just about anything you buy in bulk. Sure, you can save it for salads for the week but that can get a little boring. 

Inspired by my I-have-a-lot-of-chicken-leftover supper earlier this week I thought up 7 different, easy, ways to make the chicken leftovers a little more exciting. Butter or Boston lettuce is a healthy alternative to putting these on bread or in a wrap (sound the alarms, I have chosen something over a carb). I do love love love butter lettuce though. All of these ingredients can be found at a grocery store and the whole process of minimal chopping, heating, mixing, and topping takes less than 15 minutes. 

3 things leftoversleftovers1buffalo wings

A personal favourite: buffalo chicken wraps. Heat chicken (I usually do it in a non-stick pan on the stove top) and then toss in buffalo sauce. Nestle blue cheese into lettuce cups and and top with warm, saucy chicken. Serve with celery and carrot sticks. bbq

Laura is likely cringing that I am ruining one of her favourite sauces, but, let’s take a trip down south for some BBQ slathered chicken topped with pimento cheese and some bread and butter pickles. It sounds odd, but it works. Promise. french

A great option for lunchtime; heat chicken in the oven topped with a layer of fig jam and brie, place into lettuce cups with thinly sliced green apples. Craving carbs? Try this in a croissant. greekNo warming necessary for this one; mix chicken with tzatziki (I love this one from PC, the blue menu alternative is not nearly as good) and top with crumbled feta and sliced cucumbers. Craving carbs? Put it in a pita. italianCarb free chicken parm? Who wouldn’t love that? Place a thin layer of marinara and parmesan cheese on top of leftover chicken and broil till warmed through and the cheese is melty. Top with fresh basil and wrap in butter lettuce. mexicanI’ll admit, this isn’t something I’ve tried but I’m surprisingly good at pairing food that I wouldn’t typically eat. I’m thinking this would work hot or cold. Chicken + tomatillo salsa + corn (mmm, trying roasting it first) + cotija. I think Bobby Flay would approve. Craving carbs? Have some chips + guac on the side. teriyaki fajitasThink tiny fajitas. Sub teriyaki with salsa if you’d prefer. tunaThis is one of my go-to lunches. Open and drain white tuna in water, add small pieces of cubed cheddar (for me, the sharper the better), some toasted slivered almonds, and balsamic vinegar (fig is my fave. A warning, if you aren’t used to just vinegar it can be strong, you may want to use a balsamic vinaigrette instead), scoop into lettuce cups or use thickly sliced peppers as a scooper. Craving carbs? Try pretzel thins as a scooper. 


What flavour combo am I missing? What are you trying first?

3 things: a perfect at home cafe au lait


Earlier this year, when I was living very, very far from Starbucks, I taught myself how to make the perfect at home cafĂ© au lait so I could really (REALLY) enjoy a hot, milky, foamy hug in a mug. 

Have I ever told you about my relationship with coffee? I love it. I love it in a totally non-desperate kind of way. I don’t NEED coffee. I don’t need caffeine to stay awake or feel awake or anything else to do with wakefullness. I can, and have on many occasions, enjoyed an espresso-based beverage and gone straight to bed. You probably hate me. 

I have a mini coffee maker that brews 4 cups/2 mugs worth and drink one cup in the morning and one cup around 3:30pm. And I make it the same way every time.


  1. brew strong (or strong-ish) black coffee; fill a mug about 60% to the top with coffee, add sugar if that’s your thing (do you like flavoured coffee? add flavoured syrup to the black coffee)
  2. add 1 inch of cold milk to a 12oz jam jar, seal the lid tightly, shake 30 seconds, remove lid, microwave for 30 seconds (full tutorial here)
  3. pour hot milk into coffee and spoon in foam

Now that I live within 2km of Starbucks I find myself only going on Sunday mornings (or double star days) because I love my at home method so, so much. Though if you have a Nespresso + foamer I am officially jealous. 

ps: here’s the recipe for the banana raspberry chocolate chip bread up there. it’s amazing. 


3 things: a perfect summer dessert

New series comin’ atcha! 

Do you like series? If you’re a loyal reader you’ll notice I do. I love them. Ahem, friday, i’m in love, oh hello, <insert month>, books & babes. 98% of the time I ponder to myself “ah…self…sup…what should I write about?” Unless a rare moment of clarity and inspiration pops up, I come up empty and wait till another series day. So, I had an idea for 3 things and the possibilities were endless, and a new series was born. 

The inaugural 3 things is the perfect summer dessert. 


My absolute favourite summer dessert is angel food cake + strawberries macerated in a little sugar + fresh whipped cream. Don’t skimp out now; you whip that cream yourself. 

Yes it makes a difference.

Want to save some time; USE STORE BOUGHT ANGEL FOOD CAKE. Guys! I made my own angel food cake in March and it was a disaster. DIS-AS-TER! Do you know what soupy cake and burnt sugar all over the floor of the oven smells like? I do. And do you know how sticky it is? I do. And how long it takes to clean? I DO! I salvaged some, but you know what? Store bought is better. Even if it is $5. So worth it. 

Ontario strawberry season is all of 36 minutes long but the berries from Florida and California have been amazing.


Summer perfection right there!