3 things: a perfect summer dessert

New series comin’ atcha! 

Do you like series? If you’re a loyal reader you’ll notice I do. I love them. Ahem, friday, i’m in love, oh hello, <insert month>, books & babes. 98% of the time I ponder to myself “ah…self…sup…what should I write about?” Unless a rare moment of clarity and inspiration pops up, I come up empty and wait till another series day. So, I had an idea for 3 things and the possibilities were endless, and a new series was born. 

The inaugural 3 things is the perfect summer dessert. 


My absolute favourite summer dessert is angel food cake + strawberries macerated in a little sugar + fresh whipped cream. Don’t skimp out now; you whip that cream yourself. 

Yes it makes a difference.

Want to save some time; USE STORE BOUGHT ANGEL FOOD CAKE. Guys! I made my own angel food cake in March and it was a disaster. DIS-AS-TER! Do you know what soupy cake and burnt sugar all over the floor of the oven smells like? I do. And do you know how sticky it is? I do. And how long it takes to clean? I DO! I salvaged some, but you know what? Store bought is better. Even if it is $5. So worth it. 

Ontario strawberry season is all of 36 minutes long but the berries from Florida and California have been amazing.


Summer perfection right there! 


4 thoughts on “3 things: a perfect summer dessert

  1. LOVE this idea. And I cringe, CRINGE, when people pull out cool whip. It takes literally 2 minutes to whip your own (and you also know that whipped cream is like one of my top things ever).

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