3 things: watermelon ice cubes

I got home from an extra long weekend visiting Chrissy in Ann Arbor and a day with Dad to come down with a gross summer cold that has me whimpering all day and night. It’s not concerning that I don’t have any groceries because I don’t want to eat anything that isn’t soup or ice cream or toast that delicately scratches my burning throat and I’m drinking cold water like it’s my job. 

watermelon ice cubes1

I’m currently addicted to lemon water with watermelon ice cubes. Sans lemon for the last 24 hours because the acid burns my sore throat so, so much. 

I tried just cubing the melon and putting chunks into my water glass but the straw would inevitably suck up a bit of fleshy melon so I “created” a better method. 

Cube an unseeded melon, throw it into a blender (you don’t need to add water), blend blend blend, pour into ice cube trays, and freeze. Don’t get hung up on those little white seeds, they blend completely. Like this, the cubes melt slowly, keep your drink colder, and slowly add flavour to your beverage. 

watermelon icecubes

If you’re looking for a cocktail to enjoy this weekend you could blend the frozen cubes with a spirit of your choice (watermelon vodka, maybe? Malibu? Tequila for watermelon margaritas?) to be enjoyed on a sunny patio (or shady patio if you avoid the sun, like me). 

Happy #nationalwatermelonday


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