oh hello, july


[a little something different this month. opposites courtesy of Marie Claire magazine]

picky about: pretty much everything – veggies, moisturizer, toothpaste, jeans, mascara, tv shows, sunscreen, etc.
not so much about: breakfast foods. Unless it’s hollandaise, I will devour it.

i feel for: veterans without a good support system.
no sympathy for: all the people trying to make the world worse.

glad it’s ahead of me: decorating my new apartment (one day…)
glad it’s behind me: the first time you get your heart broken.

early for: almost everything.
late for: lunch with friends. (to my credit; I know exactly how long it’ll take and I usually get every red light.)

would pay good money for: I’d like to say “someone to make me dinner tonight” or “a facial and a massage”; but in reality, not much; I’m always on the hunt for a good deal.
wouldn’t take it for free: fur.

moment of triumph: quitting my first big girl job.
epic fail: not standing up for myself when I should.

skills mastered: cursive writing and making really good mashed potatoes.
can’t quite get the hang of: driving at night…or in the rain…especially not driving in the snow. No parallel parking, either.

farthest vacation: Europe ’99.
nearest: good ol’ Guelph staycation? A few days in Toronto?

would try once: being a motorcycle passenger.
no, thanks: sky diving.

too much in life: people being negative.
not enough of: hugs.

worth the wait: finally seeing a bear in the wild.
no patience for: rudeness.

getting better at: hiking.
getting worse at: yoga.

perennially cool: high fives.
never cool: smoking.

I won’t shut up about: West Wing (trust me, you’ll love it). Brown mascara. Iced coffee.
subject I avoid: politics and equal rights issues with people who have different views as I do.

endlessly curious about: history.
zero interest in: celebrity gossip.

totally get the appeal: binge watching tv shows.
don’t get it at all: crop tops.

perfect day begins with: coffee & brunch overlooking the ocean.
and ends with: ice cream with toes dug into the sand watching the sun set.


oh hello, june


making: indoor s’mores. (ps: it was a huge disaster)

revising: my packing list. I’ve got a friend staying with me and won’t have the space to lay out everything I want to pack a week in advance. Don’t fail me list; I’m taking a carry-on and it needs to fit everything I need for a week of city exploring, evening walks, big meals, and mountain adventures.

chopping: veggies. My current favourite healthy dinner is a big salad with mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, teriyaki chicken, nectarines, and fresh basil.

drinking: iced coffee and diet dr. pepper. (yah yah, water in the afternoons, but that’s boring)

reading: just finished I Regret Nothing (awesome) and People I Want to Punch in the Throat (mostly humourous but i don’t relate to the mom stuff. Also, kids be effing crazy. And it seems kind of mean and complainy). Up next: The Real Thing : Lessons on Love and Life From a Wedding Reporter’s Notebook. (not desperate and sad; sweet and great stories.)

wanting: a new crossbody purse. I like a few new designs but the straps aren’t long enough. This isn’t 1991, I don’t want it to hang by my side, I want it to go across my body to have two hands free to hold ice cream cones and use my phone at the same time.

looking: for a new apartment. Yes still.

playing: Jackson Square by Arkells. I don’t know what it is about this CD, but it screams summer drives to the lake and I hardly listen to it in the fall or winter. I was doing A LOT of back roads country driving last week and had this on repeat. Picked up High Noon at the library; not bad. No Jackson Square, but I like 11:11 and Crawling Through The Window.

wishing: I had lilac bushes.

enjoying: longer, lighter evenings.

crushing: on summer bf (Rookie Blue’s) Nick Collins. And then even more so when Peter (who plays Nick) posted an insta ode to Mitch Hedberg. Oh swoon. (and for the love of comedy, seek out and listen to Mitch’s stand up, it’s on youtube)

waiting: so impatiently for it to be Thursday evening.

liking: when a quick question turns into a 3 hour conversation.

wondering: what the hot dude at the library is looking for. (yes, I’m writing this at the library cause a) i’m so cool and b) I needed to get out of my apartment for a bit and there are big tables, lots of plugs, and free wifi)

loving: that my local outdoor famrers market is open again.

needing: a navy couch. NEED not WANT.

hoping: for a bear sighting.

smelling: peonies. (#youknowyoureabloggerwhen… don’t even care. They smell amazing and look stunning)

wearing: boyfriend style tanks and tees from Old Navy. Major new favourite wardrobe staple.

applying: brown mascara; I love it so much.

volunteering: at a Habitat house build on Wednesday. I’m very excited.

watching: Gossip Girl. I’m mostly ashamed. It’s pretty bad. But also kind of great. Suits and True Detective start up again later this month. And no, I didn’t like the first season of True Detective, but am absolutely willing to give Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch a chance. (long live Tim Riggins)

listening: to the birds chirping on my balcony; they’ve built a wee nest in the rafters.

noticing: how much better I’ve slept since putting the black-out curtains back up. Natural light is great and all till you’re wide awake at 6:34 on a Saturday morning. Yes I have an eye mask and when irritable, does not making sleeping easier.

thinking: supplementing 3 hours of sleep Thursday with 11 hours of sleep on each Friday and Saturday night doesn’t really work when you’re in your 30s. Dude, I’m so tired. Still.

opening: the fridge and hoping food appears.

marveling: at the amount of rain we’ve had in the past 2 days. What a fabulous lazy weekend I’ve had.

feeling: excited. And curious.

oh hello, may


making: microwave chocolate chip cookies; so so much better than it sounds. Desperate (ovenless) times call for desperate measures. And and, it just makes one; perfect single serving, quick dessert.

cooking: nothing. Not in the mood. BUT pretzel bun caprese sammies for lunch are better than cooking. Are you making mexi-can tomorrow? What about tacos and margaritas and tres leches doughnuts? (linked toward the bottom of the post.) Waaaaaant!

drinking: iced coffee!

reading: just finished The Precious One by Maria de los Santos. It was pretty good.

wanting: to redecorate my living room. I say that every month. But some new floors, couch, and lighter paint would be dandy.

looking: for a new apartment. Which would make redecorating much more feasible.

crushing: on unavailable men. Married? check. In a relationship? check. Is a tv character? check. Blogger I don’t know? check. Not interested in the ladies? check.

wishing: it could always be spring.

enjoying: May warm temps and sunshine.

eating: tons of basil. Basil in EVERYTHING!

waiting: for Alberta adventures!

liking: lazy Sundays. Sunny, lazy Sundays with walks to Starbucks, brunch, catching up on TV, watching sports, take-out for supper, going to bed early.

wondering: why I still have hormonal acne. C’mon now. Also, why are eggs and tomatoes so delicious and hurt my stomach of so much?

loving: hella pink nail polish. That’s what it’s called. How do you not love something called “hella pink”? Unless you don’t like pink, which is blasphemous.

craving: a burger.

marveling: at Devon Travis’ first month in the MLB. And Kevin Pillar’s miraculous catch.

needing: a hair cut & some highlights.

hoping: for a big thunderstorm soon. There’s just nothing better than a big spring storm.

smelling: hyacinth. My grandma sent me home with flowers cut from her garden on Friday.

wearing: not socks! see ya in 6 months…

remembering: Rookie Blue S6 starts in Canada in less than 3 weeks.

watching: a bunch of baseball. And looking forward to (hopefully) great season finales in all my stories.

listening: to Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls.

thinking: people really need to check a weather app. Dude, 8°C isn’t shorts weather. And no coat necessary for 26°. (and yes, we have wonky weather. It went from -11°C to +30°C in 10 days)

opening: doors for other people. Be kind.

giggling: at 57 things I’m thinking at Barre. Ha!

feeling: tired. a little bored. curious. inquisitive. hungry. uninspired.

oh hello, april


singing: in the car…not the shower.

making: caprese sammies for lunch this week. so good.

cooking: is stew cooking? yes? then my 6th and potentially last pot of beef stew till fall. Maybe not. There’s a lot of rain in the forecast. Rain = stew/soup.

drinking: iced coffee! (it just needs to consistently be over…um…about 5C. I love iced coffee weather)

reading: Still Alice.

wanting: ice cream.

looking: forward to seeing my dad Sunday to get all the goodies I left in Georgia in January and all the Dunkin’ he bought for me since.

playing: (played?) hooky on Monday. Mostly. I pretended it was Sunday in between a few work emails.

wishing: for some spring warmth and sunshine. Yes I do say this every month. Looks like cool and rainy.

enjoying: re-watching Friday Night Lights while I work. How does Julie (kinda) pick the Swede over Matty? And I know it happens but doesn’t happen (I’m at S2), but don’t you just want to save Tim and lead him on a path of doing good things and not drinking too much? And and, can Jason get a haircut? And and and, I still want Tami to be my spirit animal.

crushing: on Matty? tv boyfriends? iced coffee? (all of the above)

wondering: if I’ll find a decent pair of jeans any time soon.

eating: sourdough bread like it’s my job. What was that? Oh no, sometimes I don’t wonder why jeans don’t fit right…I know.

marveling: at how much better life is when the sun doesn’t set at 4:40pm.

needing: some flowers. Is there Metro in provinces other than Ontario? If there is, you should go. I popped in Saturday to pick up a bouquet for a friend and they have a better selection than my Zehrs/Superstore and at good prices. American friends, don’t talk to me. You have Whole Foods and Trader Joes and big city peeps have corner bodegas (which are the best).

hoping: my genius idea to do a beginner plank-a-day challenge this month goes well. My yoga teacher is loving planks and plank/up dog variations and it makes my core die. Not in a good way. So I’m hoping to make them abs a bit stronger.

smelling: not much. Hello allergy sniffles.

wearing: not jeans. My fave new navy cardigan from The Gap. (like this one…but navy…and somehow it was only $6…so obvs I bought 2)

perfecting: how to apply mascara. I like a curved brush, apply from base to tip rolling the brush up, allow to dry quickly, curl with lash curler, apply second coat going from base to tip in a sawing/back and forth motion to fan out lashes/avoid clumps. Works like a charm for me. Lash curlers are not scary.

loving: my New Balance 550 v3’s. Got them in Georgia in December and am finally getting a chance to wear them regularly to grab groceries/coffee and they’re the best. Cobalt sneakers definitely make you smile.

watching: Chicago PD humor (oh Americans and your lack of “u”s) clips on youtube. They aren’t so much funny as they pack all the good stuff into a few minutes. And West Wing reruns. And deciding which to start first: The Affair, Elementary, or Girls S4. And hoping Sawyer wins The Voice; that kid is amazing! Indie all the way.

listening: to Zac Brown Band.

noticing: that a lot of people complain on twitter. Especially about bad service. (and after a rough weather winter, y’all, West Jet can’t do anything about your delayed flight due to a snow storm. It sucks. It does. Put down your phone.)

dreaming: of mountains.

opening: day. Jays start the season Monday in NY against the Yankees and the Giants are in Arizona to play the Diamond Backs (I will not call them the DBs. I mean I want to, but won’t)

giggling: at the WWJD joke I made about an easter conundrum. It was so wrong but felt so right.

feeling: like I’m waiting for something to happen.

oh hello, march


dreaming: of vacation destinations.

cooking: pork chops, roasted potatoes, and salad is on the menu this week.

drinking: an iced latte; finally. I’ve been craving one for weeks, and as crazy as it sounds, -6C and sunny is “warm”, so I finally stopped into Starbucks on Sunday. And oh my goodness it was fabulous.

reading: nothing at the moment. Any suggestions?

wanting: a new couch.

looking: for new jeans. aka: the worst shopping excursions of life.

wishing: a cleaning lady would magically appear at my door.

enjoying: comforts of home.

crushing: dark chocolate covered pomegranate.

waiting: for a day above freezing. Next week I think…

liking: big cozy blankets.

loving: my 3pm coffee break.

baking: oatmeal banana chocolate chunk cookies.

marveling: that I finally found a lipstick (lip crayon) that actually looks good.

needing: some flowers. But not tulips. I’ve had enough tulips for now. Slim pickins in the burbs though…

hoping: the new daytime moisturizer doesn’t make me breakout and alleviates some winter skin redness.

smelling: fresh cotton candles.

wearing: mittens. And multiple sweaters and two pairs of socks and fleece lined pants. I’m really tired of multiples. And really tired of boots.

knowing: that spring is around the corner even if it is going to snow tomorrow.

watching: The West Wing. Very likely the best show I’ve ever seen; brilliant!

feeling: unsettled.

listening: to Homegrown by Zac Brown Band. On repeat. It likes to come on the radio when I’m in a parking lot and then I jam out.

noticing: how much better the days are when it’s sunny.

thinking: about all my lovely friends and fabulous cafes we’ll visit once hibernation is over.

opening: a new container of kiwis; my absolute favourite fruit at the moment.