friday, i’m in love


  • maybe i borrowed Gossip Girl from the library to watch while I work and maybe I kind of want to punch my obviously-having-a-third-life-crisis self in the face. It’s pretty awful. How is every bar/restaurant cool with a bunch of 16 year olds drinking? And why is everyone so mean? But it’s very easy to have on in the background while I wait for clients to email me back.
  • have you seen The Imitation Game? It was so so good. So sad at the end. But a remarkable story. Also watched Wild this week; I was underwhelmed. Went to see Age of Adaline last weekend; it’s a bit far-fetched (lady in her prime who never ages after car accident) but not as crazy as a time-travelling mailbox (I’m looking at you 2 hours of my life gone watching The Lake House on W Network one sad, cold, lonely winter evening). Blake Lively’s 1930’s outfits are beautiful, though. High fives to the costume department.
  • remarkably, I did things other than watch tv shows and movie this week….
  • did you know back when i had a job that required me to wear real pants I led four reading week trips to Mississippi to do post-Katrina then general volunteering? It’ll only be one day, but I’ll be back on a Habitat house build next month. Let’s hope I still know what I’m doing.
  • what would your name be if you were born today? have you tried this? in 1983 Allison was the 59th most popular girl’s name; if born in 2015 I’d be Madelyn.
  • tv things: even though bf Jay was wearing a super ugly t-shirt, the Chicago PD finale was pretty good. No crazy cliffhangers, which I really dig. No killing off major characters. A lot of open doors with Lindsay’s story line for season 3. Rookie Blue started back up last night. Oh heeey summer bf Nick.
  • you know when you buy the plane ticket and then life ticks by at a snail’s pace. I want nothing more to get out of Ontario but have another 2 weeks till I’m in Alberta. Trip booked or not, I get the same feeling every year around this time; I’m out of hibernation and yet still feel unsettled. Thank goodness sister’s door is always open. I’m not sure what we’re doing but there is a lot of eating involved.
  • totes cool to go cut a few lilac branches from a huge tree in the park, right? I’ll take that as a yes.
  • looking for a fun, light read for this (American) long weekend? Pick up I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster. Jen’s books are the best vacation reads; they’re funny and a quick read that you can pick up when you’re swaying in a hammock and put down when you’re off to sip sangria on the patio.

friday, i’m in love


  • Center Stage turns 15! I happened to re-watch this cinematic classic last week; just as good as it was the first time. Oh ladies (and gents) that Charile! helllllo!
  • and then obviously Candy was my dance party song of choice for the afternoon. (best warm up evah!! if you want to see the best….WORST….lip syncing of life, watch the music video)
  • did you see this experiment on different methods of how to keep flowers fresh? hint: put them in the fridge overnight! easy peasy.
  • while recovering from the plagueherpes…face herpes (…cold sores) last weekend I sat on the couch, pity party for one style, and binge watched Madam Secretary. Y’all know how I love me a good political drama. For me, West Wing will forever be number one; House of Cards was horrible, and Madam Secretary was really good.
  • tv-ish things: first of all, I don’t really understand why people live-tweet things. I’ve said this before, right? Like, I totally get it when actors do; they’ll garner attention, interact with fans, it’s good for the show. But fans?! Why do you take to the twitter to state the obvious? Don’t you think instead of reading your monotonous play-by-play your friends would probably just like to watch the show you’ve (incredibly boringly) ruined for them?
  • tv things. Chicago Fire finale: why is Gabby with child? Whyyyyy? TV life was better when she and Casey were apart. Chicago PD: ahhh, bf Jay with the sniper shot. I can’t remember what else happened. Scandal finale: oh it was good! I loved how they wrapped it all up. But at the same time a little boring? Don’t tease me with “explosive” when nothing exploded. Except Jake’s kind-soul heart. Jaaaaake? Jake’s gotta come back! Work directly for Fitz perhaps? How do we feel about Lizzy’s manipulation? I do not dig it. Cy? I approve. He was on my last nerve. Vermont jam for errbody. Probably not Jake.

And because nothing else interesting happened this week, a few borrowed questions from an interview I read earlier this week:

  • daily breakfast? Monday-Wednesday + Friday: lemon greek yougart and berries, Thursday: oatmeal.
  • random pet peeve? when people don’t dress appropriately for the weather. And loud chewers.
  • dream vacation? Europe avec ma seour. (voilà! en français! Paris, je suit prêt!) The no advance plans version, of course.
  • irrational fear? running into people I know in public. I’m not good at small talk and usually look like crap on quick runs to the grocery store or library.
  • number one thing on your spring wishlist? a new, small crossbody purse. I’ve got my eye on a Rebecca Minkoff mini mac and a local boutique actually carries them….now for a spring sale and I just might treat myself.  Before that was a cut + colour which I checked off the list Wednesday.

Share time friends; please tell me your random pet peeve. Pretty please? I like to know we’re crazy together. 

friday, i’m in love


  • if it’s also 30C+/90F in your ‘hood this weekend (OMG, why is it so hot? Yes, I’m complaining. Come back spring.) you should make Chrissy’s you-don’t-need-an-ice-cream-maker (!!) ice cream. We all know I don’t like chocolate ice cream but vanilla with a ton of mix-ins? Ah, ok! I love-hate her for this, of course.
  • i am very, very unpregnant but really, really want a snoogle. #thingsiwouldntknowaboutwithoutblogs I need a snoogle. I have pretty much built a pillow wall in half my bed but it’s not the same.
  • there’s a local bakery and restaurant that has taken to delivering a surprise lunch to businesses doing great work in our community. These are the things that really warm my heart.
  • the worrier’s guide to life. HA! I need to find this at the library. Stickers for accomplishing hard things? Need! A map of a introvert’s heart? Perfection!
  • “did you know that you can turn regular pinecones into gold-covered pinecones with the simple addition of some gold?” A Day in the Life of Pinterest. so funny. Another book to search for at the library.
  • note: neither of the books have been purchased by the Guelph Library. Which is probably fine (not really) because I’m on the hold list for 5 books currently on order. They also don’t have Gilmore Girls. And haven’t ordered Suits season four. And they don’t have The Good Wife for my binge watching pleasure. Sometimes I don’t know why I pretend we’re best friends (me and the library, of course).  And yes, I know these are all on Netflix and no I don’t have enough GB on my account to watch more than like 7 episodes a month and work from home emailing large documents and photo files.
  • tv things: New Girl finale was not bad. It’s been blah all year but the last few minutes were good. Chicago PD: enjoyable like always, yep yep. Scandal: WHAT? YES! Great episode. Season finale predictions? Being the only person who couldn’t stand Mindy and Danny together, I’m completely unshocked FOX didn’t renew the series. Last season was so boring. She goes from being a girl-about-town to long-term relationship with a baby on the way in one season. I love Mindy Kaling, she’s great, but couldn’t single girls (me. It’s all about me) just have one funny, smart show that revolves around a single/dating, self-sufficient, educated female? Obviously not. And don’t quote Scandal to me because everything Olivia does is to impress, manipulate, or smite a man.
  • cue the kittens.
  • I’m still a little sick of tulips but bought some blush ones (my favourite) last week when they grocery store packaged 15/$5 instead of 10/$5. How do you resist?

i like the way you work it

Sweatpants, messy ponytails, and endless cups of (free) coffee are a few of my favourite things. They’re also my favourite perks of working from home.

Sometimes I miss fresh air and having conversations with people who aren’t a barista or grocery store cashier. Sometimes I miss co-workers inflating my ego after a flawless event and sweet talking vendors into doing special favours for me. I do not miss trying to create the department’s monthly newsletter. I do miss office gossip.


A few years ago, after the not-for-profit I was working for lost the funding that paid my salary I started working for my family’s business which guaranteed me the best office I could ever ask for: the one I created in a spare bedroom.

Did you know working from the couch actually does get old?


Yes, this is what my office looks like. Yes, most of the time it is actually this clean. Yes, when I move I want at least one wall of my new office wallpapered in the same design as my laptop background (do you know how I can do that? have you seen similar wallpaper?)

My apartment is a bit cave-like and the cappuccino walls don’t help but they do reflect a good amount of light. Add white furniture and my office is actually quite bright. See that gorgeous grey/pink abstract canvas? It’s my favourite piece of art in my apartment. I made the vase and try to always have fresh flowers and cotton or coconut candles on my desk – a luxury you don’t get in a traditional space. I have dance parties in here. I write letters. Make crafts. Do volunteer work. Do work work.  And have more dance parties.


A friend of mine just started a new job in a gorgeous, modern, yet completely void-of-personality office. You can’t even bring your own mug. Kate Spade makes such cute mugs! As does Anthropologie. As did Starbucks (don’t like their new city mugs but the old ones rocked). No art. No pouf. [insert crying cat emoji]


‘Round here, no one objects to swear words and Simpsons quotes on the cork board. Or Suits (or The West Wing or Friday Night Lights) playing in the background. No one objects when Thursday morning hot yoga isn’t immediately followed by a shower. And no one objects to the Jersey Boys soundtrack on happy days, Macklemore when I’m frustrated, Alabama Shakes or The Lumineers or Zac Brown Band on chill sunny days, and oldies or slow jamz on sad days. This is not a quiet work environment.

It’s a good thing I’ve created a warm, perfect-for-me work space because when Toronto records the coldest month in history (this past February), one bundles up, hibernates, and refuses to leave except for a weekly trip to the grocery store, Starbucks, and aforementioned hot yoga. The first day above freezing…sometime in March…I put on only one sweater and trekked to Starbucks to work remotely for the day. (Is it still considered trekking when Starbucks is 500 metres away?) Lattes and people watching, is there anything better? But goodness gracious, I’m pretty sure Starbucks doesn’t want me sitting in the coveted seat beside the plug for seven hours; they recently renovated and got new rustic tables but they also brought in the most uncomfortable chairs. Which makes me wish there was a WeWork, a coworking company that provides shared offices spaces, close to me. Not only would it be nice to work outside my home sometimes but WeWork seems like one of those super-hip, ultra-modern spaces where cool people would congregate and network and get feedback about their newest social media app or community project. I’m desperately in need of being near cool people. Or kittens. I should probably just adopt a kitten.

There currently aren’t any WeWork offices in Canada, but scoping out their locations ignites my waderlust. One of the greatest parts of working for the famjam is that I can work from anywhere. A month in Georgia at Christmas? Can do. Analog in Calgary? See you in June. WeWork South Station in Boston? I WISH!

I bet there are also good looking, eligible bachelors in shared office spaces. There are no hot dudes inside my apartment. Cue the kittens.


Now, if only I were one of those coolio bloggers who partners with Nespresso and I could have lattes at my disposal I’d be a very, very happy girl.

Looking to curate a beautiful home office? I highly recommend Charlotte, NC artist Kent Youngstrom’s Set Yo’ Space Workshop. I participated (at home, for free) last week and it was magical. So is Kent’s art.

What does your dream office look like?

oh hello, may


making: microwave chocolate chip cookies; so so much better than it sounds. Desperate (ovenless) times call for desperate measures. And and, it just makes one; perfect single serving, quick dessert.

cooking: nothing. Not in the mood. BUT pretzel bun caprese sammies for lunch are better than cooking. Are you making mexi-can tomorrow? What about tacos and margaritas and tres leches doughnuts? (linked toward the bottom of the post.) Waaaaaant!

drinking: iced coffee!

reading: just finished The Precious One by Maria de los Santos. It was pretty good.

wanting: to redecorate my living room. I say that every month. But some new floors, couch, and lighter paint would be dandy.

looking: for a new apartment. Which would make redecorating much more feasible.

crushing: on unavailable men. Married? check. In a relationship? check. Is a tv character? check. Blogger I don’t know? check. Not interested in the ladies? check.

wishing: it could always be spring.

enjoying: May warm temps and sunshine.

eating: tons of basil. Basil in EVERYTHING!

waiting: for Alberta adventures!

liking: lazy Sundays. Sunny, lazy Sundays with walks to Starbucks, brunch, catching up on TV, watching sports, take-out for supper, going to bed early.

wondering: why I still have hormonal acne. C’mon now. Also, why are eggs and tomatoes so delicious and hurt my stomach of so much?

loving: hella pink nail polish. That’s what it’s called. How do you not love something called “hella pink”? Unless you don’t like pink, which is blasphemous.

craving: a burger.

marveling: at Devon Travis’ first month in the MLB. And Kevin Pillar’s miraculous catch.

needing: a hair cut & some highlights.

hoping: for a big thunderstorm soon. There’s just nothing better than a big spring storm.

smelling: hyacinth. My grandma sent me home with flowers cut from her garden on Friday.

wearing: not socks! see ya in 6 months…

remembering: Rookie Blue S6 starts in Canada in less than 3 weeks.

watching: a bunch of baseball. And looking forward to (hopefully) great season finales in all my stories.

listening: to Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls.

thinking: people really need to check a weather app. Dude, 8°C isn’t shorts weather. And no coat necessary for 26°. (and yes, we have wonky weather. It went from -11°C to +30°C in 10 days)

opening: doors for other people. Be kind.

giggling: at 57 things I’m thinking at Barre. Ha!

feeling: tired. a little bored. curious. inquisitive. hungry. uninspired.