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oh hello, july


[a little something different this month. opposites courtesy of Marie Claire magazine]

picky about: pretty much everything – veggies, moisturizer, toothpaste, jeans, mascara, tv shows, sunscreen, etc.
not so much about: breakfast foods. Unless it’s hollandaise, I will devour it.

i feel for: veterans without a good support system.
no sympathy for: all the people trying to make the world worse.

glad it’s ahead of me: decorating my new apartment (one day…)
glad it’s behind me: the first time you get your heart broken.

early for: almost everything.
late for: lunch with friends. (to my credit; I know exactly how long it’ll take and I usually get every red light.)

would pay good money for: I’d like to say “someone to make me dinner tonight” or “a facial and a massage”; but in reality, not much; I’m always on the hunt for a good deal.
wouldn’t take it for free: fur.

moment of triumph: quitting my first big girl job.
epic fail: not standing up for myself when I should.

skills mastered: cursive writing and making really good mashed potatoes.
can’t quite get the hang of: driving at night…or in the rain…especially not driving in the snow. No parallel parking, either.

farthest vacation: Europe ’99.
nearest: good ol’ Guelph staycation? A few days in Toronto?

would try once: being a motorcycle passenger.
no, thanks: sky diving.

too much in life: people being negative.
not enough of: hugs.

worth the wait: finally seeing a bear in the wild.
no patience for: rudeness.

getting better at: hiking.
getting worse at: yoga.

perennially cool: high fives.
never cool: smoking.

I won’t shut up about: West Wing (trust me, you’ll love it). Brown mascara. Iced coffee.
subject I avoid: politics and equal rights issues with people who have different views as I do.

endlessly curious about: history.
zero interest in: celebrity gossip.

totally get the appeal: binge watching tv shows.
don’t get it at all: crop tops.

perfect day begins with: coffee & brunch overlooking the ocean.
and ends with: ice cream with toes dug into the sand watching the sun set.

friday, i’m in love


  • more no-churn ice cream! I feel like if I actually make some my life may be over. Like, I’ll permanently be a shut-in, eating ice cream all day long. Also, cream is expensive. (and I’m sure you’re all “but um, don’t you hate peanut butter?” which, yes I do; BUT, I like it in ice cream. Complex life I lead. Mostly, I hate how it smells.)
  • I made tortilla chips earlier this week. And you know what? THEY’RE SO GOOD. But when aren’t fried things delicious? This is also a dangerous habit that I need to never recreate because my jeans are already sad.
  • just in time for your summer vacation: the 5-4-3-2-1 guide to packing. This is so smart. Might I also suggest a fun/floral light cardigan and summer scarf? Both are light, don’t take up much room, and are always needed on cool planes and evenings that are warm but breezy.
  • I had one two-hour block when I wasn’t going to be home this week (lunch date with a friend) and of course (OF COURSE) that’s when my FedEx package arrived. So, I’m not leaving the apartment today until I’ve torn open my new Kent Youngstrom canvas. GUYS! It’s so pretty. It’s so beautiful. (saw the final product before it was shipped.) I showed my friend Daniel at lunch and he said “that is SO YOU”. And then we sang along to some 60s tunes on the radio. I’ll annoyingly post it all over social media once it’s here (come see on twitterinstagram).
  • how good have the cherries been in your neck of the woods? like OMG SO GOOD?! I bought one bag that was meh then got my second bag of the season on Monday and they were amazing. Toward the end of cherry season, when they’re still delicious and $0.88/lb (yes, I’ve actually bought them at that price) buy up so many bags and pit them then freeze them. Or, buy them up and make cherry muffins. Everyday at 3pm (afternoon break/snack) I have a big bowl of cherries and an iced coffee.
  • tv things: SUITS! Did you watch? Did you have a soft spot for Harvey? Did you hate Mike’s hair? Do you just love everything about Rachel and Donna? Rookie Blue: I actually haven’t seen Wednesday’s episode yet, but scanned the twitter; so Andy and Sam? Yah, I know. Bleh. Hip-Hip-Hooray, USA, Rookie Blue season 6 started for you last night! Do you love it? Do you only watch because Nick Collins is a S-T-U-D!? (America took away our Target, the least, and I mean least we can do is have the ability to watch a lovely Canadian program before y’all south of the border. Let us have this one thing.) I’ve seen the first few episodes of Transparent. Why is there so much unnecessary nudity and sex on TV? (related: yes, I’m totally an old lady prude. But seriously To both.)
  • am I cold and unfeeling on the inside if I didn’t cry watching American Sniper? You think it’s because I knew what happened? though knowing the ending doesn’t make me not sob at the end of The Notebook. And why are the gunfire sequences so much louder than the dialogue? Good movie, though. Have you seen Still Alice? That’s the next one I’m keeping an eye out for at the library. Read the book; excellently written.
  • I can’t give blood – no one wants it due to a crummy (non-fatal) blood disease I have. The Canadian Red Cross  ‘it’s in you to give’ (which, brilliant tag line) commercials bum me out because it’s so easy to help someone and I can’t. Earlier in the week I saw that blood donors in Sweden receive a text message each time their donation is used. They know when they save someone’s life. What a cool concept. AND, because donors can actually see they are making a difference they donate more often. Win-Win.

friday, i’m in love



  • it was over 40°C Tuesday. It was horrendous.
  • bee-tee-dubs, I’m likely gonna complain about the humidity for the next 3 months. At least.
  • because doing anything in 40 degree humidity sucks, 54 no-cook recipes for summer.
  • how delicious does this watermelon salad look? (more basil, less mint, and fig balsamic instead of olive oil)
  • peach sauvignon blanc sorbet, cause you fancy!
  • SANGRIA! cucumber watermelon. sparkling grapefruit. Easy peasy: wine (I’m a white wine girl) + fruit (citrus and something else…perhaps nectarines or peaches) + frozen fruit (keep your drink cold without watering it down, I vote strawberries) + a wee bit of liquor (like peach schnapps) + something bubbly (soda, champagne).
  • no churn ice cream (cause duh). Not a huge chocolate ice cream fan? I feel you. Get the basics from this recipe and make it your own. So easy.
  • can we not talk about pumpkins till October? I mean, pumpkin spiced lattes have no place being released in August.
  • wear your sunscreen; everyday and re-apply often. Yes, even on cloudy days.

Other stuff…

  • tv things: did you watch Astronaut Wives Club last night? Probably not. I had heard about it a few months ago and forgot when it premiered, stumbled upon it while flipping channels during the Jays game and caught the last half. I like it. Ugh, summer bf (Rookie Blue) Nick, say no to Juliette. NOOOO. Also, why does it have to switch days next week to be on at the same time as Suits? Also, SUITS IS BACK NEXT WEDNESDAY! Watched season one of The Knick this past week. 10 episodes about early 20th century medicine and surgery. Very interesting.
  • reading a bunch of Elin Hilderbrand; her books scream summer. They also scream “I wish I were rich and lived on a quaint island”. Alas, landlocked.
  • i’m taking a little yoga break; it’s been more frustrating than relaxing lately. Because I’ve dreaded going the classes have been extra difficult and I’ve been a lot harder on myself when I can’t hold a pose or balance or relax or stretch in ways I know I can. I need to look forward to it.
  • are you going on vacation in the next few months? In theory I want to go on vacation all the time, BUT, I don’t mind laying low from June through Labour Day. Places are busy, flights and hotels are more expensive, and it’s HOT.
  • ah, so, I just figured out that unless you request email notification on follow up comments you probably haven’t noticed that I reply to pretty much everything. So yah, thanks a million for leaving some love and I wish there was a better way for you to see the response. Maybe someone is toying with the idea of an actual domain name and a re-design. So maybe you’ll eventually get an actual notification one day. In the meantime, thanks for your sweet-ass comments and suggestions and if you’re too lazy to come back and check for a reply, I feel you, but I’ll reply anyway.
  • did you see the Father’s Day recipes I shared earlier this week? Um, seriously the best things I’ve made in a long time. I’m spending the weekend hanging out with Dad – and how happy am I Ted 2 doesn’t come out till next weekend!? We went to see Ted, actually I went with both my parents, and it was capital A Awkward and Dad un-ironically BBM’d me “we might need to see Ted 2” earlier this week. Let’s just watch the Jays game instead…

father’s day menu

…for your Dad. Cause mine doesn’t eat carbs.

It’s like going for dinner with your most annoying girl friend. Oh, that comes with potatoes? Can I sub a salad? Can I get the steak sandwich without the bun? No dessert, thanks.

Except I can’t give him the side eye because he’s diabetic and really keeps his levels in check by adhering to a strict diet of oatmeal and salad. Every.Day. fathersday

Dad! You do not make friends with salad! Unless it’s this one. There’s so many things in it I don’t know what to call it. Chicken salad with potatoes, beans, shallots, celery, toasted almonds, and dried cranberries with a lemon-tzatziki dressing is a little wordy, ya know? Not yo’ grandma’s chicken salad? Make-this-for-Dad-and-he’ll-surely-slip-you-an-extra-$20-even-though-it’s-Father’s-Day-but-we-all-know-you-can’t-visit-without-him-giving-you-a-little-cash? Shoot, that’s more wordy.

Is your Dad all “no, no, your love is enough; I don’t need a tie/book/BBQ tongs/socks”? That’s my Dad. Though teaching him “the Jays are en fuego” is more valuable than a tie-clip. Mostly because he doesn’t wear ties. But also because it’s fun for sister to experience via email the hip things I teach him. Jays fan? He’ll be stirring it up any day now.

(he learned “cash money” all on his own)


Full disclosure? I made these both for myself this past weekend before the lightbulb moment…ah…these would be PERFECT for (someone else’s) Father’s Day lunch. Or dinner.

First up, the salad I’m eating all week for lunch. And yes I use store bought tzatziki. (Galen Weston, I love you and your PC tzatziki dip. It’s amazing and I don’t know how I lived this long without buying it)

salad recipe

If I used sweet potatoes (which, puke) or no potatoes (which, why?) maybe my dad would eat it. Also tzatziki would magically just be called greek yougart with some garlic cause my Dad is weird about stuff that’s different. He doesn’t like avocados. I don’t know what to do with him.

Having a BBQ? bring this salad. And some watermelon. And cherries. Will you make your Dad barbecue for you? I play that game all the time. Dad, let’s have burgers! BTW, you have to barbecue them. Yay fun. He loves me the most.

Or, make tacos. Known as “hot meat and veggies served with lettuce/cabbage and cheese” in the Bridgman family. Daaaaaad. C’mon.

But he gives us cash money to eat at Cactus Club while out West, so there’s that. tacorecipe


Or known as: my dinner this week.

Other than their obvious deliciousness, wanna know the best part about both? They can be made in advance. The only thing I wouldn’t do in advance is make the slaw because the cabbage can get a little soggy. I have the mango pre-cut and just shred the cabbage and pour in the liquid at dinner time and mix mix mix. Tortilla, a little melted extra-old cheddar, pork, slaw, torn basil (cause I’m going through a phase and it needs to be on/in everything; I’m also in a shallot phase, feel free to use onions if you’d prefer).

Then shove in face. SHOOOOVE.

Like, I was short of breath Monday because I ate them so quickly. Whoopsie. No regrets.


fathers day

Make a little room on the dresser for the “favourite child of the year” award.