3 things: a perfect at home cafe au lait


Earlier this year, when I was living very, very far from Starbucks, I taught myself how to make the perfect at home cafĂ© au lait so I could really (REALLY) enjoy a hot, milky, foamy hug in a mug. 

Have I ever told you about my relationship with coffee? I love it. I love it in a totally non-desperate kind of way. I don’t NEED coffee. I don’t need caffeine to stay awake or feel awake or anything else to do with wakefullness. I can, and have on many occasions, enjoyed an espresso-based beverage and gone straight to bed. You probably hate me. 

I have a mini coffee maker that brews 4 cups/2 mugs worth and drink one cup in the morning and one cup around 3:30pm. And I make it the same way every time.


  1. brew strong (or strong-ish) black coffee; fill a mug about 60% to the top with coffee, add sugar if that’s your thing (do you like flavoured coffee? add flavoured syrup to the black coffee)
  2. add 1 inch of cold milk to a 12oz jam jar, seal the lid tightly, shake 30 seconds, remove lid, microwave for 30 seconds (full tutorial here)
  3. pour hot milk into coffee and spoon in foam

Now that I live within 2km of Starbucks I find myself only going on Sunday mornings (or double star days) because I love my at home method so, so much. Though if you have a Nespresso + foamer I am officially jealous. 

ps: here’s the recipe for the banana raspberry chocolate chip bread up there. it’s amazing. 



8 thoughts on “3 things: a perfect at home cafe au lait

  1. Mmmm I’m going to have to try this. I have a frothing thingy that I’ve used sometimes to make lattes. Works like a dream.

    Also, yes i’m jealous of you being able to drink espresso and go to sleep. I have to cut off my caffeine consumption by like 2pm at the latest or I’ll be up all night. Sigh.

    • Fresher (just bought) milk foams up the best, but it always works. Keep an eye on your microwave, sometimes (not often) it spills over. It’s just so so easy and makes coffee so much better.
      I’ve been drinking (tasting?) coffee since I was in diapers; thank you Italian grandparents. I’m immune. I think it’s just part of my DNA now. Haha.

  2. You know that you and I are the only people I know that drink cafe au laits? I got addicted in New Orleans, and can’t really stand to drink it less milk-ed up. Again, twinners.

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