my fave: a new gym playlist

I’m actually eating M&Ms while I type this. (ahem, totally why I need a gym playlist)

Earlier this month I shared my (lack of) resolutions on I’m Fit Possible; you know sharing with my friends on the interwebz how I bribe myself to go to the gym and my serious weakness for ice cream. I might have also said that a shiny new playlist isn’t an incentive for me to hit the treadmill. Cause, know what? I can listen to that playlist on my couch, too. yah.

playlist jan14

While this playlist isn’t encouraging me to go to the gym, it has been helpful once I begrudgingly go (three bribe-free trips this week). Um, also, the gym is kinda-sorta across the street. I really have no excuses; and yet, I seem to be able to think of so many.

Yes, yes I do have amazing taste in music, thank you for noticing!

What song are you loving on your gym playlist these days? 

ps: no, I don’t work out for an hour and 22 mins. can you imagine being on a treadmill for 82 mins? insanity. i just like options. 


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