friday, i’m in love


  • it’s never too early for tulips! I bought these on a whim at the grocery store last week; although my arm didn’t need twisting since they were a) on sale b) one of my favourite flowers c) there have been nothing but dismal and grey and blustery skies full of flurries since I got home and these are the only source of sunshine. Earlier this week there was supposed to be 15 TOTAL hours of sunlight all week in Guelph; so far there’s been <5 and it sure doesn’t look like 10 over the weekend. -500 points for Ontario. +500 points for tulips
  • you may have already seen, because I kinda-sorta-maybe plastered it all over twitter and facebook and instagram, but The Frisky (which first made me blush cause I thought it was inappropriate, and then laugh cause I thought it was about kittens, it’s neither of those fyi) featured my DIY glitter frames on their blog on Wednesday. I’m kinda freaking out; that is so cool! I love these frames – they are honestly so easy, so inexpensive, and instantly add glamour and sparkle and shine to any room (I have them in my bedroom as empty frames) (ps: this is the most viewed post on my blog. turning 30 was ok, glitter frames are where it’s at)
  • are you a buzzfeed addict? (hands up, baby, hands up.) me toooooo. I read BF every night before bed, and am loving the “(this many) things you din’t know about (insert movie)”. Did you now these things about: That Thing You Do – Pretty Woman – Good Will HuntingDirty Dancing? There are so many more; search “things you didn’t know about” in Buzzfeed. (I apologize in advance when you don’t get any sleep tonight)
  • the return of Hart of Dixie. you guuuuuuys. This show and all of it’s crazy shenanigans just makes me so happy. (and wade kinsella is my imaginary lova). Other TV things, did (ex)Pastor Casey not look as dreamy on Mindy Project? Are you sad Cliff broke up with her? I am. Everyone I love leaves MP. Have you watched Chicago PD? (spin-off of Chicago Fire) Not bad. Also, these 8 juicy teasers on the end of HIMYM (spoiler-free).
  • I’ve wanted to share my beef stew recipe with y’all, but the photos I attempt to take makes stew look like puke. I turn to Jessica for all my recipes when I can’t think of anything for dinner, and she just stepped up the stew game with Cabernet Braised Short Rib Stew. Um, wow. Stew tip? If you make enough for leftovers (which you absolutely should), don’t include the potatoes, they tend to get a little gross re-heated. Instead, serve re-heated stew over mashed potatoes.
  • I think the ache in my mid-section is supposed to be my abs. Probably. Hashtag thedayafteryoga. yeouch! And of course, I can’t stop sneezing (my allergies are worse on days it rains or snows). At this rate I should probably have a 6-pack in April……of 2020.

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