my fave: lush popcorn lip scrub

My lips are dry on a nice, humid summer day. Come winter nothing less than a good slather of vaseline at night can keep them from cracking. In an attempt to make my lips a little more smoochable (ok fine, so there is not smooching going on)  I picked up the popcorn lip scrub from LUSH.


I’ve been using this for (drumroll please) 2 days but I LOVE IT (yelling necessary) (!!). My lips are crazy soft, it smells scrumptious, and the best part? You scrub, scrub, scrub, and then lick it off. yum.

kissy kissy.


ps: like all good things in my life (Hanson, The September Issue, selfies, curling wands), sister started using this a year or so ago and also loved it. 

pps: vaseline + retainer, I’m such a bedtime catch. but um, makeyouty anyway?


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