oh hello, october


sleeping: a lot. 

cooking: even though I was sweating through dinner (go away October heat wave) I made a roast pork loin with mashed potatoes and green beans with caramelized onions. So worth the sweating. 

drinking: raspberry lemonade crystal light. 

reading: just finished November 9 by Colleen Hoover which I loved the structure and then thought more about some of the scenes, which are a little rapey, and then I liked the book less. Picking up Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford at the library today. 

(also) reading: Sparks of Bravery by sister. A personal story she shared with Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. about her move to Alberta 6 years ago. 

wanting: actual fall temperatures. 

looking: forward to helping a friend decorate her new office! 

enjoying: all the sunshine. A rare occurrence for Ontario. Sure, it’s sunny, but we also have a disproportionate amount of cloudy for no reason days (I’m looking at you, January 2017), but it’s been so sunny lately. Which, obviously, great! (ps: it’s definitely raining right now.,,and more Friday and Saturday)

wondering: what version of “Dream Weaver” is in the newest Leon’s commercial. I’m obsessed with the raw and raspiness of it, but can’t find the source. The vocals seem slower than Gary Wright (original singer) and there is none of those space beam-type sounds from the original. Ugh. I just love the commercial version so much.

smelling: Leaves. The candle. Smelling outdoor leaves is weird. I had read somewhere that people were loving Bath & Body Works “Autumn” more than “Leaves”, so in a moment of weakness and great deals I bought a few Autumn with my fall supply of Leaves, and those people are wrong. Leaves is so much better. BUT, if you are a dude or like muskier smells, Autumn may be for you. 

wearing: really baggy tank top and really baggy lounge pants. My hair is not clean. I’m looking rather disheveled. 

watching: Daily Show monologues and Late Night with Seth Meyers’ A Closer Look. I need my politics with a heavy side of sarcasm and humour. 

(also) watching: fall tv! It’s back! I’m down with all the regulars: Chicago PD, Fire, and Med (whenever it’s back), Criminal Minds (watched the next day in daylight hours), Mindy Project & New Girl (whenever they’re back on), Grey’s Anatomy (it’s been 14 years, I’m going down with the ship), Scandal (last season), and This Is Us (shockingly, I don’t cry that much). Tuned in to a new series 9JKL on Monday; it looks like it has crap ratings on IMDB, but I liked it. What are you watching? 

listening: to…be nice…the adult alternative station on Stingray (radio stations on cable tv). It’s like hipster tunes for people over 30..35? Not so much easy listening, but enjoyable background music while reading a book. 

giggling: at panda videos on instagram. Pandas are jerks. But they’re the cutest jerks. 

missing: sister, Jess, and mountains. 



7 thoughts on “oh hello, october

  1. I needed this today!

    Also been sweating through fall foods in summer temps. Come on, man!

    Loving sparks of bravery! also, really craving some lemonade right now. Yay October!

  2. Send some of your heat wave this way. It’s been bloody cold this week, although today is back in the positive double digits. Still, I want a proper autumn, with cooler but not freezing cold temps and crispy leaves for more than a week.

    Excited for Scandal to be back. Also watching This Is Us and that’s it. Annoyed about the mid-season Suits break as always.

    • It’s gonna be 20 for another week. The evenings are nice and cool, though. I don’t think any of our leaves have fallen yet and I still have 15 tomatoes on my plant. Heck, I’m drinking iced coffee. I want some fall, too.

    • I have literally cried over spilled milk but don’t sob over this show. I like it’s wonderful and happy and sad and devastating…maybe I just expect it will pull at my heartstrings?

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