oh hello, november


making: super fun plans for the weekend(s). I have somewhere to be/something to do 3/4 weekends this month and that is SO unlike my life. 

simmering: beef stew. Like, every week till April, probably. It’s my favourite dinner in the winter. 

drinking: coffee. Hot. 2 a day. 

reading: nothing at the moment. Just finished The Last Time I Saw Paris by Lynn Sheene (enjoyed it) and Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford (also liked it). Up next: We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter and Not Me by Michael Lavigne. 

missing: baseball. Already. It’s been 2 days. 

playing: hooky Monday for a birthday trip to Target. (my birthday is next Friday, I like cards)

wishing: it doesn’t snow till December (sorry to all my pals in Alberta)

crushing: fun-size chocolate. Not so fun when you’re ridiculously full from eating 17 fun-sized pieces of chocolate. 

remembering: those rainy grey days. If you’re wondering what November – March is like in Southern Ontario, it’s this: mostly overcast, with or without precipitation, millions rejoice when the sun comes out for more than 2 hours. 

waiting: for the premiere date for New Girl. I need some Nick Miller in my life. 

craving: tacos. 

wondering: how I can manage to cut my fingers so easily. Within 2 days I slashed 2 fingers on my right hand; I didn’t even notice I had gauged the pad of my middle finger until I put the freezer down and the was blood running down my arm. The one on my pinky? Have no idea. There’s also a splinter from the back of a wardrobe and a bruise from a 50lb slab of marble. You’ll be happy to know I think I’m done moving things for a while. 

loving: my new dining/bistro table. The top is the 50lb slab of marble that bruised up my arm. Worth it though. There is no formal dining space in my apartment and the kitchen counter isn’t extended to have stools so I have been eating on a TV tray pulled up to my couch. I lucked out and found end-of-summer-season bistro table and chairs on major discount and they’re perfect. 

needing: a good 9 hours of sleep. I blame baseball; the World Series was great but the games were ending after midnight.

smelling: “Autumn” from Bath & Body Works. Like “Leaves” but muskier. 

wearing: socks. Grrrrrrrrrr….

watching: Christmas movies on Lifetime. The sun may never come out anymore but there’s 3-4 made-for-tv-movies to occupy my work hours. I have made no secret that my very UNguilty pleasure is holiday movies. I love them so much. 

listening: to Riptide by Vance Joy on repeat. If you’re looking for a little CanCon (aka: not Vance) check out the newest albums from Glorious Sons and Rural Alberta Advantage. 

opening: the windows then wondering why I’m cold. I like fresh air and it was so warm in September and October than I keep forgetting that it’s cold now and I shouldn’t open the patio doors in the morning. 

giggling: at pets in Halloween costumes. So wrong. So great. 

feeling: like a big complainer. Whoops. But cold and dark suck. Ohhhhh, and daylight savings ends Sunday. Let us step in to the darkness; let’s step into the darkness (song from Said the Whale. So appropriate – also v catchy)

pimping: ebates (referral link). I try not to pimp things out unless I really love it, but holy moly, guys. Why did I watch the ebates commercials for so long before signing up. I do 90% of my shopping online. In the last 11 months I’ve made over $100. Don’t have it? I would HIGHLY recommend you sign up for an ebates account before Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday shopping.


4 thoughts on “oh hello, november

  1. What is this picture? You dont’ like tea.

    I just finished reading Caravel and couldn’t put it down, but it’s sort of magic-y and I know that’s not really your speed. Also, can you send me a pic of this new table set up? I’m intrigued and love your decor. Happy November! I’m not looking forward to Sunday AM when Crawley wakes me up at 5:15.

    • I do hate tea (except that cinnamon one you sent me a few years back, that was good in moderation); it’s a stock photo from a newsletter subscription I get each month.

      Posted the table & chairs on insta stories a few days ago. Did you see? If not, let me know and I’ll send you a photo

  2. OMG we have so much freaking snow here. And the heat stopped working in my car so that’s lovely. I have four library holds and all I want to do is be at home under a blankie reading.

    Your bistro table looks great!

    I definitely use ebates AND Honey, which scans through discount codes to apply to your order. Both are great.

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