happy birthday, sister


Is it completely selfish of me to be really excited to come to Alberta to celebrate sister’s birthday because it coincides with perfect fall temperatures, sunny days, and larch season? Let’s be honest, if her birthday was in July I’d probably be like “well, I hope it’s great, your card is in the mail*, enjoy Village, see you in September”.

I love this little muffin the most and when I’m in Ontario it sometimes doesn’t feel like we’re 3300km apart. We’ll text regularly, send one-liner all knowing emails, or numbered lists with all the pertinent information. And then I get here and I remember what it’s like to laugh at inside jokes while lounging on the couch or being starry-eyed over a certain few “rock stars” and chat about them like they’re our besties. 

We’re spending 3 days in Kananaskis and Banff making various stops at our favourite pretty places for photo shoots and 2 days hiking to see the larches. Hiking for me is incredibly enjoyable and incredibly difficult (ahem, Southern Ontario is not a place of high altitude and higher mountains to “practice” for hiking in the Rockies) and sister is the only person I can imagine spending a day with crawling, huffing, puffing, nearly crying, taking a lot of breaks as she calmly tells me I can do it and to keep going while we very slowly get to our destination. 

Experienced hiker I am not, but I can take a hella flattering photo of your best angles at the summit. 

It may be her day but I’m the luckiest one to have the best sister and spend this week in my favourite part of the country singing songs on the side of a mountain. 


*the card is awesome this year


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