modern DIY pumpkins

Not gonna lie; I kind of hate Halloween. Sure, the half priced candy aspect is attractive but the drunkenness and pressure to pick a perfect costume that somehow exposes 98% of one’s skin is too much for me. And the scariness/creepiness factor? No thank you. 

I was however really looking forward to DIY’ing a few pumpkins this year (pro tip: buy deeply discounted plastic ones in early November from a craft store; stow away at the back of your closet till early October the following year). All my 2014 deeply discounted plastic pumpkins are safely packed in a large rubbermaid tote in a storage facility for now. 

But what would I do? 

DIY pumpkins

1. text pun-kins! // 2. house numbers (use same technique as #1) // 3. confetti pumpkins // 4. painted mini pumpkins // 5. drill carved pumpkins


Major house goals: pumpkin centerpiece!

pumpkin centerpieces

gold pumpkin vase // white pumpkin vase

The technique is fairly simple: cut out the top of a fake pumpkin or maybe even use a kids plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin tub or carve out a real pumpkin, insert a tin can or vase. Fill with flowers!