DIY glitter bulbs

“I think I’m all glittered out. I have frames and a monogram and mason jars and mini clips. But but but I still have more glitter.” (seriously though, $2.49 glitter is like the damn loaves and fishes….2oz lasts forever.) These are the thoughts I have sometimes when I can’t sleep. (also serious)

While I definitely don’t think I need any more day-to-day things trashed up the holidays are a whole different story. Holidays deserve glitter. GLITTER! Everything is always so shiny and sparkly and pretty at the holidays.

Say hello to glitter bulbs:


Is it wrong that my first 2 words to describe these were “so cute!”? Can sparkly glass be cute? Don’t answer that.

And, sure, it seems this is on pinterest, but to my credit, I thought of it on my own THEN realized I wasn’t the first genius to need to add some sparkle to December.

Let’s pretend it waaaaaas my idea though, k?

What you’ll need:

clear replacement bulbs (I got these from Target, a 4-pack was $1.29)
glitter (I use createology from Michaels)
spray adhesive (I used modpodge)
**remember there are 40-50% off any one item coupons in the Michaels flyer every week**

How to:

bulbs2 bulbs3
1. apply a thin, even coat of glue
2. immediately coat with glitter (I found it was easiest to roll bulb in a pile of glitter I poured onto some newspaper). If using a white or iridescent glitter, you may need 2 coats; I did. Once the first coast was dry I sprayed the bulbs with spray adhesive and immediately rolled in the glitter again.
3. allow to dry then spray with spray adhesive (best) or hairspray (if you don’t have spray adhesive)

As soon as they were done and drying on the kraft paper (read: I totally painstakingly attempted to make them look casual on crinkly re-used wrapping paper) I took a photo, gluey-glittery fingers and all, and sent it to sis.

She responded “soooo cute! do they burn?”

Yah, I don’t know. I have no intention of actually using these on a string of lights. (but how FABULOUS would that be?! But they may burn or explode or something bad…) This was my vision:

diybulbs diybulbs1



DIY glitter mini clothes pins

Do you know how hard it is to be in Canada with the existance of the hashtag targetdoesitagain? (um, also, #firstworldproblems). Sandals and tops and dresses and belts, all of which I can’t find at my local store. And the dollar bins. Don’t even get me started. Damn you instagram and your cute mason jars and cards and pens and file folders and tabs and sticky notes. None of which I need.

It seems alltheaccessories have been walking across the border because lo and behold, a bunch have made it to my Target in the last 2 weeks.

There should have also been gold stars because I picked up a bunch of things for the bestie’s birthday gift but managed to restrain myself to only a pack of ($1!!) mini clothes pins. For all my iddy biddy clothes.

Or to trash up and use on my cork board. Either or.

What you’ll need:

  • clothes pins; regular or mini (these mini ones are currently in dollar bins at most Target stores)
  • glue
  • glitter (I use creatology from Michaels)


How to:

Spread a thin layer of glue onto the clothes pin with your finger (or dab in glue and wipe off excess)


Immediately dip into glitter



Allow to dry, spray with spray adhesive or hair spray. Repeat on other side if you want (I’m using them on a cork board, so, just left the other side as it)


If you don’t have iddy biddy clothes, they look great on a real life pinterest board!


my fave: styling the gold glitter DIYs

I have 3 gold glitter frames; 3 gold glitter jars; 1 gold glitter letter A.

Shit. That’s a lot of glitter. (trust me, there are lots of little rogue glitter flakes all around my apt)

Wanna take a peak at how I’ve styled all my DIYs without my apartment looking like it threw up gold glitter? I mean, I figure you do since allgoldglitteredeverything are the most viewed posts on this blog (thanks!)

2014-02-25 11.16.28-1

2014-02-25 11.17.52-1

The frames are in my bedroom and office – possibly my 2 favourite rooms, both are decorated in white, gold, and pink. For my office – I super glued thumb tacks onto the frame and have it on my cork board (whimsical print posted by sis earlier this year – I love it, washi tape on ribbon and jays tix as well as unpictured photos, encouraging words, magazine clippings – yah, a physical pinterest board – and cards).

2014-02-25 11.27.39-1

2014-02-25 11.19.33-1

The jars are in my office. 1 for markers and 1 for flowers (and 1 that just sits on my bookcase for now)

(the ampersand print is actually a valentines day card I found at target – pink velvet with gold foil for $3, that’s love alright)


Lastly, the A sits a top a few books on a stereo from the 1950s in my living room. (yup, it’s also beside a silver tray – I love mixed metals)

There you have it. 7 gold glittered items scattered around adding glam to my favourite places.


ps: here’s the how-to for the frames and the jars

my fave: DIY glitter mason jars

I think Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Sundays are for sleeping in and brunch and reading in bed and drinking 2 cups of coffee and watching movies and having popcorn for dinner. In my world Sundays are not for grocery shopping or vacuuming or dusting.

Sundays are a great day for spray paint and glitter, too!


what you’ll need:

  • mason jar(s) (this is actually is Classico pasta sauce jar; washed and labels removed)
  • newspaper
  • spray paint (I used Krylon gold)
  • paint brush or foam brush
  • painter’s tape
  • a ruler
  • glue (I used Elmer’s School glue)
  • glitter (I used Creatology from Michaels)
  • spray adhesive or hairspray (I use hairspray)

how to:

Cover your work area with newspaper.


Spray jar and allow to dry. Ideally, you would do this is a well ventilated area (like outside) and not in your office (but there is a few cm of snow covering my apt balcony, so, not well ventilated office it was). Jars will be dry in about 30-60 minutes.


Tape off a border about 1-2″ (or whatever you like) from the bottom of the jar. Use painter’s tape – it comes off easily without stripping the paint.


Coat the jar under the tape border with glue and then cover with glitter and shake off excess.

Allow to sit about a minute then remove tape. You’ll want to do this immediately so the tape doesn’t pull off any of the glue or glitter when they dry.


Coat with a layer of spray adhesive or hairspray to set the glitter. (yup, I use hairspray and yup, it works)


My intent was to use this to store markers in my office but it’s too tall. So, this one’s for decoration and as soon as I’ve made enough fettuccine alfredo I’ll have a jar for my sharpies.

Happy crafting!

my fave: DIY glitter frames

I warned you…

This is an easy, less than 5 minute, less than $10 DIY that adds the perfect amount of sparkle to any room.

What you’ll need:


  • frames (I got mine from Ikea; $3.99 for 2)
  • glue and a paintbrush (Elmer’s glue is currently $0.67 at Target!!)
  • glitter (Creatology brand from Michaels, 2oz was $2.49, you’ll definitely only need 1 pot)
  • newspaper

How To:

Working with one frame at a time, remove back and glass/plastic. Set frames on newspaper. Cover borders with a thin, even coat of glue.


Immediately pour glitter liberally over the glue


Allow to dry overnight.

If you have it, add a coat of spray advehsive to top; if not, spray with hairspray (seriously, it works, this is what I did) to minimize glitter from falling off.


Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? (and a little glitter in their already paint speckled hair?!)

And quite possibly my favourite way to use these: I glued push pins onto the back and framed up my fave quote on my cork board in my office.

2014-02-25 11.17.52-1


More DIY glitter projects: 

clothes pins

mason jars (which I use as a vase for flowers)