my fave: DIY glitter frames

I warned you…

This is an easy, less than 5 minute, less than $10 DIY that adds the perfect amount of sparkle to any room.

What you’ll need:


  • frames (I got mine from Ikea; $3.99 for 2)
  • glue and a paintbrush (Elmer’s glue is currently $0.67 at Target!!)
  • glitter (Creatology brand from Michaels, 2oz was $2.49, you’ll definitely only need 1 pot)
  • newspaper

How To:

Working with one frame at a time, remove back and glass/plastic. Set frames on newspaper. Cover borders with a thin, even coat of glue.


Immediately pour glitter liberally over the glue


Allow to dry overnight.

If you have it, add a coat of spray advehsive to top; if not, spray with hairspray (seriously, it works, this is what I did) to minimize glitter from falling off.


Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? (and a little glitter in their already paint speckled hair?!)

And quite possibly my favourite way to use these: I glued push pins onto the back and framed up my fave quote on my cork board in my office.

2014-02-25 11.17.52-1


More DIY glitter projects: 

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mason jars (which I use as a vase for flowers)