design crush: round mirrors

Oh hey hey fellow design lovers! 

Even though I have been living with a roommate (dad) for 371 days (but who’s counting?) I haven’t stopped dreaming of decor for my (very) imaginary new apartment. 

My most recent crush is on round mirrors; specifically round mirrors in the bathroom or above a hall console. 

Here are a few of my favourites:

design crush round mirrors

(ps: you could totally DIY the affordable one from bouclair with some metallic spray paint)


what design elements do you totally have a crush on? 



new home: living room inspiration

Ok, let’s get this show on the road. I need to move now so this can be my living room. 

And by move now I mean: can there be an apartment in my price range listed in the building(s) I want and I don’t have to enter into a bidding war and suffer through endless conditions and we can all agree to a reasonable but quick closing date. 

If we’re also in dreamland, can there already be light grey tone wood or laminate floors and the kitchen cabinets are white and the carpet isn’t stained? That’s not totally unreasonable, right?

(it’s totally unreasonable

living room 

You’d want to live here, right? This is 94% uh-huh honey and 6% bitches be crazy.

At first I started by searching reasonably priced items that I could actually purchase in Canada without an additional $400 in exchange, duty, shipping, handling, processing fees. (damn you Pottery Barn Teen……which to my credit is very un-1990s teen-like and more hip, single, adult.) But then I’ve been lusting over that Lulu & Georiga rug for the better part of the year and I included it even though I can’t have it. But it’s sweet and lovely and if you live in the great US-of-A and can have nice things you should buy it. Note: it ain’t cheap. 

pillows: navy ikat dot (I own the the 2 on the far left; you’ll just have to admire them because they aren’t for sale anymore. Top: Target, bottom: bouclair) // white standing lamp // pink & white striped turkish towel blanket // white TV unit // side table // sectional sofa // round coffee table (I’d take off the wheels) // copper table lamp // rug // this art obviously stays. 

How much do you love the sofa? I LOVE IT! It’s a special order navy velvet and I think it’ll be so worth it. Who am I kidding? When all the paperwork is signed I’m getting my be-hind to the West Elm in Liberty Village to special order that baby. And you know the best thing about a velvet sofa? You can pet him and tell him how pretty he is. I mean, it. Pet it. 

And the copper (which looks rose gold) lamp? I know it seems like it comes out of left field but I dig mixed metals and HELLO?! it’s gorgeous! 

I know what you’re thinking and no, I will not be living at the beach or by the ocean – even though I’d really like to but those properties seem to be reserved for people with lots of cash money – the tranquil calmness of this room just reflects that. 

Compared to the cave-like qualities of my old apartment, I’d really like the new one to feel bright and airy with bold, classics pieces. 

apartment makeover: before

Let’s pretend I didn’t have a panic attack last week re-thinking why I even decided to sell my condo in first place.

[back story? I don’t want to live on the first floor anymore; I want to feel safe opening windows on cool evenings, and sit on my balcony without all my neighbours walking by. I’m sick of students living above me (omg with the stomping – think Mr. Heckles on Friends; the struggle is real), and headlights flashing into my bedroom at 3am. Anyway, long story long, I was convinced to sell my place first even though I didn’t know where I was going to move because, being fickle, I’m only considering 4th floor 2 bedroom apartments in one of the 5 buildings in my complex and preferably ones that aren’t dark like my dungeon. Easy peasy. Or not. So I’m moving in with my Dad as of today and can’t seem to fall asleep at night because what if no one on the 4th floor sells anytime soon? I’m an almost 32 year old woman for goodness sakes, why am I living with my Dad? Cue grandma: why aren’t you married? Why did I even sell this place? What’s with adult acne? (I’m guessing it’s tied to afternoon cookies, stress, and sweat) How do you dye a slip cover? Should I try it? Why will no one buy the furniture I’m selling? And then it’s 3am]

So yah. The movers packed up everything yesterday. I’m probably currently at Starbucks waiting to go to the lawyers. Or sitting in my empty apartment. Wanna see what it was like when it was pretty? You do; Team Creeper!


Oh the love-hate relationship with the white sofa and ottoman. The slipcover doesn’t even look half bad, huh? I love it because it’s crisp and aesthetically clean and bright. It was on major clearance at Target last summer. I hate it because it is not actually that clean and I’m paranoid to eat near it or wear my jeans on it and the slip cover usually looks messy. The sofa is well loved (read: old) and while extremely comfortable, it’s saggy and the cushions are lower than the stiff, much newer ottoman thus making my knees hurt when my legs are extended. Did I mention you can see all the hair, lint, dust, and crumbs?

The faux-sheepskin stool is the absolute greatest!

Striped slipcover is also from Target and in a pinch I recommend it, but if you can, buy a chair you like. I inherited this from my dad and it’s already back in his apartment. Again, super comfy but slip covers drive me crazy. They need to re-tucked every time you sit in the chair. There was absolutely a strict “no sitting in the chair” rule for the 2 weeks my apartment was on the market. Technically I had a sweet-ass offer in 8 days.

Aren’t those light pendants THE WORST? They were builder grade and came with the place. They’re so ugly. Who is choosing basic condo materials these days?

The dining room chairs? Tulip from Urban Barn and they’re amazing.


I know you’ve peeked inside the office before. But it’s definitely one of my favorite spaces, and well, where I spend most of my day.


I hate yellow and I love this dresser in the guest room! It was the space that came together the quickest and hasn’t been changed (unlike every other room. I adore redecorating.) Stripes + polka dots = love. It’s simple and classic and the sheets are soft.


I have lived here for 6 years and 2 weeks. 3 weeks? Whatever. It took me a good 5 years to get this right. In the new place the walls will not be cappuccino. Mocha? Let’s face it, they’re brown. And not my favourite. I’m upgrading the bedside tables but everything else stays. The pink and brass stools that look like a bench? F-AV-O-U-R-I-T-E! The key to white curtains on the main floor that gets morning sun? Double them up with a blackout curtain. In this case; there is the exact same navy blue curtain behind the white one; blocks out everything.

No one wants to see the bathrooms but the highlight is polka dot towels. I wish you could see the art/frames in the hallway, but seriously….CAVE. The walls are lined with 8x10s of my favourite photo from each vacation I’ve been on.

My decorating philosophy has definitely evolved since I moved in 6 years ago. I’ve refined my style. And have seen the light that IKEA brown-black is not the way to go. I prefer bright whites but only when I can’t fret about getting it dirty (aka: no white sheets, towels, or couches). I’ve embraced adding pink – I love pink – it should be part of the design. Like I said, I’m fickle; I change my mind about what I like a lot. Thus, my home is filled with carefully selected but fairly inexpensive pieces from IKEA, Target, and Homesense; this gives me the flexibility to buy new cushions whenever I want or add a new throw or quilt to the bedroom or purchase new towels for the bathroom.

Stay tuned for a new apartment mood board coming in a few weeks.


ps: to my dearest extended family who asked “who staged the place for you? it’s beautiful”, I like you the most. My apartment was not staged, this is really what it looked like. 

pps: these are absolutely the photos for the listing which makes my apartment look waaaaay less cave-like than it actually is. 

i like the way you work it

Sweatpants, messy ponytails, and endless cups of (free) coffee are a few of my favourite things. They’re also my favourite perks of working from home.

Sometimes I miss fresh air and having conversations with people who aren’t a barista or grocery store cashier. Sometimes I miss co-workers inflating my ego after a flawless event and sweet talking vendors into doing special favours for me. I do not miss trying to create the department’s monthly newsletter. I do miss office gossip.


A few years ago, after the not-for-profit I was working for lost the funding that paid my salary I started working for my family’s business which guaranteed me the best office I could ever ask for: the one I created in a spare bedroom.

Did you know working from the couch actually does get old?


Yes, this is what my office looks like. Yes, most of the time it is actually this clean. Yes, when I move I want at least one wall of my new office wallpapered in the same design as my laptop background (do you know how I can do that? have you seen similar wallpaper?)

My apartment is a bit cave-like and the cappuccino walls don’t help but they do reflect a good amount of light. Add white furniture and my office is actually quite bright. See that gorgeous grey/pink abstract canvas? It’s my favourite piece of art in my apartment. I made the vase and try to always have fresh flowers and cotton or coconut candles on my desk – a luxury you don’t get in a traditional space. I have dance parties in here. I write letters. Make crafts. Do volunteer work. Do work work.  And have more dance parties.


A friend of mine just started a new job in a gorgeous, modern, yet completely void-of-personality office. You can’t even bring your own mug. Kate Spade makes such cute mugs! As does Anthropologie. As did Starbucks (don’t like their new city mugs but the old ones rocked). No art. No pouf. [insert crying cat emoji]


‘Round here, no one objects to swear words and Simpsons quotes on the cork board. Or Suits (or The West Wing or Friday Night Lights) playing in the background. No one objects when Thursday morning hot yoga isn’t immediately followed by a shower. And no one objects to the Jersey Boys soundtrack on happy days, Macklemore when I’m frustrated, Alabama Shakes or The Lumineers or Zac Brown Band on chill sunny days, and oldies or slow jamz on sad days. This is not a quiet work environment.

It’s a good thing I’ve created a warm, perfect-for-me work space because when Toronto records the coldest month in history (this past February), one bundles up, hibernates, and refuses to leave except for a weekly trip to the grocery store, Starbucks, and aforementioned hot yoga. The first day above freezing…sometime in March…I put on only one sweater and trekked to Starbucks to work remotely for the day. (Is it still considered trekking when Starbucks is 500 metres away?) Lattes and people watching, is there anything better? But goodness gracious, I’m pretty sure Starbucks doesn’t want me sitting in the coveted seat beside the plug for seven hours; they recently renovated and got new rustic tables but they also brought in the most uncomfortable chairs. Which makes me wish there was a WeWork, a coworking company that provides shared offices spaces, close to me. Not only would it be nice to work outside my home sometimes but WeWork seems like one of those super-hip, ultra-modern spaces where cool people would congregate and network and get feedback about their newest social media app or community project. I’m desperately in need of being near cool people. Or kittens. I should probably just adopt a kitten.

There currently aren’t any WeWork offices in Canada, but scoping out their locations ignites my waderlust. One of the greatest parts of working for the famjam is that I can work from anywhere. A month in Georgia at Christmas? Can do. Analog in Calgary? See you in June. WeWork South Station in Boston? I WISH!

I bet there are also good looking, eligible bachelors in shared office spaces. There are no hot dudes inside my apartment. Cue the kittens.


Now, if only I were one of those coolio bloggers who partners with Nespresso and I could have lattes at my disposal I’d be a very, very happy girl.

Looking to curate a beautiful home office? I highly recommend Charlotte, NC artist Kent Youngstrom’s Set Yo’ Space Workshop. I participated (at home, for free) last week and it was magical. So is Kent’s art.

What does your dream office look like?

style me pretty…again

y’all loved my bedroom makeover (thanks!! I still really love it, too) so I wanted to share a few other of my most favourite things in my home. Welcome to my living room and office:


livingroom1 livingroom2


SAM_1105 office3

corkboard2 corkboard1


I wanted to show you some of the vacation photos that line my hallway, but my apartment is a bit of a cave and the hallway is essentially a poorly lit tunnel connecting the living room/kitchen and bedrooms/bathroom.

If you’ve been here it’s no secret I proudly have tons of photos and cards and postcards and prints framed (60 actually, I counted) alongside stunning canvases. The grey and pink one up there was from a student art sale; 100% original without the one-of-a-kind price tag. That SAIL canister holding my pens? As vintage as you can get. It’s a very old pipe tobacco can made in Holland I found in my grandpa’s apartment.