friday, i’m in love


  • more no-churn ice cream! I feel like if I actually make some my life may be over. Like, I’ll permanently be a shut-in, eating ice cream all day long. Also, cream is expensive. (and I’m sure you’re all “but um, don’t you hate peanut butter?” which, yes I do; BUT, I like it in ice cream. Complex life I lead. Mostly, I hate how it smells.)
  • I made tortilla chips earlier this week. And you know what? THEY’RE SO GOOD. But when aren’t fried things delicious? This is also a dangerous habit that I need to never recreate because my jeans are already sad.
  • just in time for your summer vacation: the 5-4-3-2-1 guide to packing. This is so smart. Might I also suggest a fun/floral light cardigan and summer scarf? Both are light, don’t take up much room, and are always needed on cool planes and evenings that are warm but breezy.
  • I had one two-hour block when I wasn’t going to be home this week (lunch date with a friend) and of course (OF COURSE) that’s when my FedEx package arrived. So, I’m not leaving the apartment today until I’ve torn open my new Kent Youngstrom canvas. GUYS! It’s so pretty. It’s so beautiful. (saw the final product before it was shipped.) I showed my friend Daniel at lunch and he said “that is SO YOU”. And then we sang along to some 60s tunes on the radio. I’ll annoyingly post it all over social media once it’s here (come see on twitterinstagram).
  • how good have the cherries been in your neck of the woods? like OMG SO GOOD?! I bought one bag that was meh then got my second bag of the season on Monday and they were amazing. Toward the end of cherry season, when they’re still delicious and $0.88/lb (yes, I’ve actually bought them at that price) buy up so many bags and pit them then freeze them. Or, buy them up and make cherry muffins. Everyday at 3pm (afternoon break/snack) I have a big bowl of cherries and an iced coffee.
  • tv things: SUITS! Did you watch? Did you have a soft spot for Harvey? Did you hate Mike’s hair? Do you just love everything about Rachel and Donna? Rookie Blue: I actually haven’t seen Wednesday’s episode yet, but scanned the twitter; so Andy and Sam? Yah, I know. Bleh. Hip-Hip-Hooray, USA, Rookie Blue season 6 started for you last night! Do you love it? Do you only watch because Nick Collins is a S-T-U-D!? (America took away our Target, the least, and I mean least we can do is have the ability to watch a lovely Canadian program before y’all south of the border. Let us have this one thing.) I’ve seen the first few episodes of Transparent. Why is there so much unnecessary nudity and sex on TV? (related: yes, I’m totally an old lady prude. But seriously To both.)
  • am I cold and unfeeling on the inside if I didn’t cry watching American Sniper? You think it’s because I knew what happened? though knowing the ending doesn’t make me not sob at the end of The Notebook. And why are the gunfire sequences so much louder than the dialogue? Good movie, though. Have you seen Still Alice? That’s the next one I’m keeping an eye out for at the library. Read the book; excellently written.
  • I can’t give blood – no one wants it due to a crummy (non-fatal) blood disease I have. The Canadian Red Cross  ‘it’s in you to give’ (which, brilliant tag line) commercials bum me out because it’s so easy to help someone and I can’t. Earlier in the week I saw that blood donors in Sweden receive a text message each time their donation is used. They know when they save someone’s life. What a cool concept. AND, because donors can actually see they are making a difference they donate more often. Win-Win.

friday, i’m in love



  • it was over 40°C Tuesday. It was horrendous.
  • bee-tee-dubs, I’m likely gonna complain about the humidity for the next 3 months. At least.
  • because doing anything in 40 degree humidity sucks, 54 no-cook recipes for summer.
  • how delicious does this watermelon salad look? (more basil, less mint, and fig balsamic instead of olive oil)
  • peach sauvignon blanc sorbet, cause you fancy!
  • SANGRIA! cucumber watermelon. sparkling grapefruit. Easy peasy: wine (I’m a white wine girl) + fruit (citrus and something else…perhaps nectarines or peaches) + frozen fruit (keep your drink cold without watering it down, I vote strawberries) + a wee bit of liquor (like peach schnapps) + something bubbly (soda, champagne).
  • no churn ice cream (cause duh). Not a huge chocolate ice cream fan? I feel you. Get the basics from this recipe and make it your own. So easy.
  • can we not talk about pumpkins till October? I mean, pumpkin spiced lattes have no place being released in August.
  • wear your sunscreen; everyday and re-apply often. Yes, even on cloudy days.

Other stuff…

  • tv things: did you watch Astronaut Wives Club last night? Probably not. I had heard about it a few months ago and forgot when it premiered, stumbled upon it while flipping channels during the Jays game and caught the last half. I like it. Ugh, summer bf (Rookie Blue) Nick, say no to Juliette. NOOOO. Also, why does it have to switch days next week to be on at the same time as Suits? Also, SUITS IS BACK NEXT WEDNESDAY! Watched season one of The Knick this past week. 10 episodes about early 20th century medicine and surgery. Very interesting.
  • reading a bunch of Elin Hilderbrand; her books scream summer. They also scream “I wish I were rich and lived on a quaint island”. Alas, landlocked.
  • i’m taking a little yoga break; it’s been more frustrating than relaxing lately. Because I’ve dreaded going the classes have been extra difficult and I’ve been a lot harder on myself when I can’t hold a pose or balance or relax or stretch in ways I know I can. I need to look forward to it.
  • are you going on vacation in the next few months? In theory I want to go on vacation all the time, BUT, I don’t mind laying low from June through Labour Day. Places are busy, flights and hotels are more expensive, and it’s HOT.
  • ah, so, I just figured out that unless you request email notification on follow up comments you probably haven’t noticed that I reply to pretty much everything. So yah, thanks a million for leaving some love and I wish there was a better way for you to see the response. Maybe someone is toying with the idea of an actual domain name and a re-design. So maybe you’ll eventually get an actual notification one day. In the meantime, thanks for your sweet-ass comments and suggestions and if you’re too lazy to come back and check for a reply, I feel you, but I’ll reply anyway.
  • did you see the Father’s Day recipes I shared earlier this week? Um, seriously the best things I’ve made in a long time. I’m spending the weekend hanging out with Dad – and how happy am I Ted 2 doesn’t come out till next weekend!? We went to see Ted, actually I went with both my parents, and it was capital A Awkward and Dad un-ironically BBM’d me “we might need to see Ted 2” earlier this week. Let’s just watch the Jays game instead…

friday, i’m in love


  • watermelon margaritas! you need some!
  • you should probably know that I nearly cried after we saw the three bears on Monday. A mama and baby black bear and a grizzly. You know how people (weirdos) weep when they meet their favourite celebrity or singer? Tears of joy. I love bears so much and seeing three bears so close…right on the side of the road munching grass…was my dream come true. (we actually saw the black bears twice)
  • “The business of Vienna is not business and never has been,” she told me, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “The business of Vienna is life. You can know people in Vienna for years and you don’t really know what they do for a living.” Vienna’s recipe for living well. This is amazing and I definitely want to move to Vienna; a little because their emphasis on quality of life and little because of Sound of Music.
  • when one hikes a moderate mountain one has ice cream for dinner. When one hikes a challenging mountain one gets burgers, fries, and (not diet) dr. pepper! Them’s the rules! (We dinnered so hard on Monday and it was glorious)
  • there’s a Weiners and a Ye Olde Licks & Nibbles in Waterton. Obviously we DIDN’T have our ice cream there because, ick! (and the other place had a far superior selection)
  • must read: if the exercise class descriptions from my gym were honest. Mine would be YogaFit Sweat: where the temperature is always hotter than advertised and the most annoying person in the world sets up in front of you. Ever wanted to try Karma Sutra? Squash that desire with 60 minutes of “my leg goes where?” poses. You’ll never appreciate a cold shower as much as after your first class. Namaste bitches. 
  • tv things: oh hey hey summer bf Nick! Rookie Blue, so good on Thursday. I know, I know, you don’t watch it and you have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s cool.
  • other musings about entertainment: if you’re on a flight that doesn’t have tvs on the seat back (and you didn’t know in advance because said airline usually does) are you peeved? You see, it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t entertained for 3+ hours yesterday afternoon – ok, it kinda was, I’m a cusp-of-the-millennial-generation and keeping me entertained is what I expect – but my real beef was that the flight wasn’t cheaper because I was on an electronics-free plane. You have to pay for checked bags, pay for food (but ‘sup WestJet, those free Biscoff cookies are the best), and now they’d like you to pay for entertainment. Treat your customers better not worse.
  • oh, OH, and why does half the plane bum-rush the gate 17 minutes before their zone is called thus clogging the line and making it near impossible for the people who are SUPPOSED to be boarding board? MOVE.
  • one more, because I just can’t even; why does EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON (not me, I need to add) stand up the moment the plane stops? Do you all think you’re going to get off first? Dude in the middle seat in row 21, it ain’t you, SIT YO ASS DOWN. So, like the polite, patient, sweet girl that I am, I take out my phone, check my work email, insta, twitter, fb, etc. and wait till nearly every person has left, get up, get my carry-on, and exit. Stress-free.
  • ok just one more: crusty lady in row 25? If you got on the plane when your zone was called maybe all the bins at the back of the plane would still have room. Don’t yell at the sweet flight attendant that the bins are full and open and slam them shut in some display of aggression. Remember how you have to pay for your checked bags now? Yah, so does everyone else; thus 168 pieces of carry-on suitcases and if people knew how to stow them properly, you’d be golden and could grab your whiny child snacks whenever he needed one but because people are jackasses and think all of their earthy possessions need to be placed sideways in an overhead bin your bag is headed for row 19 and your kid is gonna cry for three hours and fourteen minutes. (actually, true story)
  • ummmm, this is hilarious: Americans react to Canadian things. (Yes, we buy milk in bags and yes, it’s 100x better than American milk jugs which I inevitably spill a quarter of on the kitchen floor before it makes it into my cereal)
  • how ’bout then Jays, though! Watching baseball is one of the highlights of my summer. (I’m writing part of this Wednesday from Analog in Calgary and my Dad is BBMing me updates; he’s the best). Because I’m actually an old lady I much prefer watching games on TV because a) instant replay, b) Buck and Pat are the best commentators, c) it’s so hot in the stadium and I don’t want to burn, d) so.many.drunk.a-holes, and e) there isn’t much I like doing with 45000 of my closest sweaty, yelly friends.
  • what stage in the 12 Stages of Grief is “wants to eat a lot of cheese”? 2? I’m home and I’m a sad kitten. And I have no cheese.
  • currently reading The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand (aka: thank goodness I borrowed an e-book from the libs and put it on my iPad to entertain myself for 3+ hours yesterday). Easy read, summery details, mystery, good times.

big question of the weekend: if you had no responsibilities and you could hop on a plane and live somewhere new for the next 3-6 months would you? and where would you go? sister and I had this conversation Wednesday and I’m dying to know what you would do…

or what would be your honest description of a class offered at your gym? 

friday, i’m in love


  • GUUUUYYYYYSSSS! It’s National Doughnut Day! Unlike all those weird other days, this one actually has an historical significance. NDD was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honour men and women who brought doughnuts to recovering soldiers in WW1 and we continue to celebrate their efforts yearly on the first Friday in June. I’m so in. I’ll be celebrating at Jelly Modern because…
  • hello hello from Alberta! (yes, I totes wrote this up before I hopped on the plane Thursday and the forecast for the next week is sunny and warm with 100% chance of ice cream and iced coffee…..and doughnuts and hugs and Cactus Club and cake)
  • we’re headed to Waterton on Sunday. Have you been? Any particular hikes we should do? (on the scenic and easier side, please) Restaurants? Cafes? Bear sanctuaries?
  • “Paleo also requires you to give up processed food, refined sugars, and alcohol, which makes sense because those things are wonderful….It’s sort of like the Inquisition, but less fun.” I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything. You MUST read this. So hilarious. I was legit laughing to myself late on Monday night when sister sent it to me saying “think you’ll love this”. And I do. And I’ve read it multiple times a day everyday this week because it’s fabulous.
  • I saw something earlier this week about summer terrariums; let me use this time to remind you that I completely hate terrariums and succulents. They’re small and waxy and they don’t have flowers. And putting them into a glass dome is even more strange.
  • we all know how much I am currently adoring basil, right? right! I got a bag of baby basil from the farmers market 2 weeks ago and it was by far the best herb I have ever had. I had to get some from the grocery store last week due to the monsoon (ish) we were having Saturday morning. Not the same. I’m spoiled. Someone tell me how I can grow it all year long and most importantly, NOT KILL IT. I’m bad at plants. (to my credit, I try, I do what I’m supposed to, they still die)
  • movie things: I borrowed “cake” from the libs this week. I don’t get what the hype was about it. It was kind of boring. I was like “that Sam Worthington is pretty dreamy….wait, he named his kid Rocket?……is it over yet?…..I wish the Jays game wasn’t rained out”.
  • can you believe I finished packing (to the sweet, sweet melody of NKOTB) about an hour before I had to leave for the airport? This is not me. I’m a “I finished packing 36 hours before I leave home” kind of girl. And you know what? There will be no more leaving it to the last minute. While I had a list and more-or-less knew what I wanted to bring (1 carry on, 1 week, pack lightly), I was still working, showering, working, packing, stressing, re-doing my pedicure, working, scanning tax paperwork, paying bills, curling my hair, and trying to eat some lunch. And reading blogs from the past 3 days.

friday, i’m in love


  • Center Stage turns 15! I happened to re-watch this cinematic classic last week; just as good as it was the first time. Oh ladies (and gents) that Charile! helllllo!
  • and then obviously Candy was my dance party song of choice for the afternoon. (best warm up evah!! if you want to see the best….WORST….lip syncing of life, watch the music video)
  • did you see this experiment on different methods of how to keep flowers fresh? hint: put them in the fridge overnight! easy peasy.
  • while recovering from the plagueherpes…face herpes (…cold sores) last weekend I sat on the couch, pity party for one style, and binge watched Madam Secretary. Y’all know how I love me a good political drama. For me, West Wing will forever be number one; House of Cards was horrible, and Madam Secretary was really good.
  • tv-ish things: first of all, I don’t really understand why people live-tweet things. I’ve said this before, right? Like, I totally get it when actors do; they’ll garner attention, interact with fans, it’s good for the show. But fans?! Why do you take to the twitter to state the obvious? Don’t you think instead of reading your monotonous play-by-play your friends would probably just like to watch the show you’ve (incredibly boringly) ruined for them?
  • tv things. Chicago Fire finale: why is Gabby with child? Whyyyyy? TV life was better when she and Casey were apart. Chicago PD: ahhh, bf Jay with the sniper shot. I can’t remember what else happened. Scandal finale: oh it was good! I loved how they wrapped it all up. But at the same time a little boring? Don’t tease me with “explosive” when nothing exploded. Except Jake’s kind-soul heart. Jaaaaake? Jake’s gotta come back! Work directly for Fitz perhaps? How do we feel about Lizzy’s manipulation? I do not dig it. Cy? I approve. He was on my last nerve. Vermont jam for errbody. Probably not Jake.

And because nothing else interesting happened this week, a few borrowed questions from an interview I read earlier this week:

  • daily breakfast? Monday-Wednesday + Friday: lemon greek yougart and berries, Thursday: oatmeal.
  • random pet peeve? when people don’t dress appropriately for the weather. And loud chewers.
  • dream vacation? Europe avec ma seour. (voilà! en français! Paris, je suit prêt!) The no advance plans version, of course.
  • irrational fear? running into people I know in public. I’m not good at small talk and usually look like crap on quick runs to the grocery store or library.
  • number one thing on your spring wishlist? a new, small crossbody purse. I’ve got my eye on a Rebecca Minkoff mini mac and a local boutique actually carries them….now for a spring sale and I just might treat myself.  Before that was a cut + colour which I checked off the list Wednesday.

Share time friends; please tell me your random pet peeve. Pretty please? I like to know we’re crazy together.