friday, i’m in love

Lake Agnes

Hello from Calgary; my second home. After a mediocre sleep I bundled up (oh, you know, it’s only 30C cooler here than Southern Ontario) and walked down 17th for my most favourite latte from Philosafy. 

While a downside of my job is not having real vacation time, a perk is being able to work from anywhere. So, I was snuggled under a blanket yesterday watching New Girl and CSI: Miami and today I’m at a cafe in Eau Claire. Laura and I both work for the majority of my time in YYC and both take 1 workday off to trapeze through the mountains. It’s larch season*, babes, and we’re gonna soak up every minute of it’s splendor for the next 3 days while celebrating sister’s birthday. 

And sunrises. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched he sun rise over the Rockies. 

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*as seen above, larches are an alpine tree that grow in the boreal forests of Canada and Siberia whose needles turn bright yellow for a few weeks in the fall. 


5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

    • It’s NOT hella hot in these parts. Downright cool/cold this morning (like, low 30sF) but should be in the 40s/50s for the rest of the time I’m here and I’m so jazzed about fall-like temps because it was disgustingly hot in Ontario the week before I left and no, no, nope.

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