friday, i’m in love

Calii Love

  • I was in Toronto last week, the event was about 1.5km from Calii Love Co in Yorkville, which happens to be across from a Subway stop. Obviously I needed to make this my first stop for a latte and to check out Toronto’s first bleedinghearts lovewall (artist: JGoldcrown – check him out on instagram). Honey making the latte was so, so slow but it was delicious and the wall super cute. 
  • I agree with this so much. Why your significant other doesn’t need to be your best friend. And for that matter, why you don’t need to rank your friends. Preach, Anna. I, too, have a small group of friends, most of whom serve a different purpose. Do I want comfort? Celebrity news? Someone to kick my butt? Gossip? Swooning? To chat politics? Books? TV? 
  • I transitioned from iced coffee to hot coffee on September 1 and my favourite hot coffee “hack” is to sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the grinds before the pot it brewed. And ps: this is how I make an at home cafe au lait with just strong coffee, some milk, and a jam jar. 
  • do I need any new fall clothes? Oh absolutely not. Am I on the hunt for a new cute sweater? You betcha. Something different/unexpected. I’m not really sure what exactly that is yet. I saw a bunch of American bloggers posting cute ones from August’s Nordstrom sale, but there isn’t a Nordstrom anywhere near here and US prices + exchange + shipping wasn’t affordable in the end. 
  • can someone please come over, pick me up, and deposit me in the gym? It’s literally across the street and I’ve woken up at a decent time to go before work but I just can’t make it out of bed and into the gym. I hate it there. I hate exercising (whhhhyyyy is it so boring?). But I am also seriously hating my body at the moment. (at the moment, hahahahaha…or for like, the last 16 years. But whatever. I will say, sweater weather is great for hiding everything you hate in a cozy sweater)  
  • this home tour is overwhelmingly gorgeous! You need to take a few minutes out of your day and have a look. I liked my apartment for about 12 seconds and then I read this and now I think I live in a gross hovel. (I also fully understand that some/a lot of these design choices were made possible with partnerships and sponsorships, none of which I have. Also, there are so, so many less options when on a budget in suburban Canada)

5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. It’s tough to feel motivated to workout when going to the gym feels like a chore. Hopefully you can find something that makes working out a little more enjoyable, like a fun class or something. I truly believe there is something for everyone out there, it just has to be found.

    It’s been in the high 20’s-low 30’s here still and I just can’t do hot coffees yet. I’m not complaining though.

    I most definitely NEED some new clothes.

  2. I remember as a kid it was so stupid, like “you’re my best friend TODAY.” I agree that as I got older, I have a crew of best friends, and it hurts my heart to think that I ‘d ever need to elevate one over the other.

    I need new fall clothes as much as you do but I want them all so much.

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