oh hello, july


Unlike most people I know, July and August are quiet months for me. I like quiet months. 

Works slows down…well, at least until the Civic Holiday weekend in August when everyone is in a rush to finish up their back-to-school advertising. I refuse to take serious vacation time and probably won’t venture anywhere near a place that could be considered touristy or a popular destination. The only plan so far is a long weekend at the end of July to visit Chrissy in Ann Arbor. 

Summer for me is a lot of the same: lots of iced beverages, lots of snacks or snack plates and chopped salads over big meals, lots of strawberries and watermelon. 

A few things I’m currently loving this month: 


Private Practice is way less dramatic than Grey’s Anatomy, they randomly kill off less people, but they DID kill off my favourite character (Dell) and I know what’s coming for Pete in Season 6. I’m thinking about getting Happy Endings when I finish PP next week. 

Have you read any of these books? I don’t know if I’ve read too many Elin Hilderbrand books lately but I feel like they’re not as good as the ones written a few years ago. I had read a comment that her books have reached beach reads peak and are being churned out too fast and the storylines are unimaginative and follow a predictable pattern. I kind of agree. Sure, it’s still a good enough beach read because you don’t have to think about anything, the characters are simple, and you can pick it up/put it down easily. Really looking forward to the other two and have heard great things about them. 


I recently tried 2 new sparkling beverages that I’m loving: PC Blue Menu sparkling watermelon water and peach Lemon Lemon. So good. ps: Lemon Lemon is brand new to Canada! I’m loving San Pellegrino prickly pear and orange, too, but I haven’t seen it anywhere in Canada. There was a press release that La Croix was officially in Canadian Whole Foods…but…haven’t they already been there? Do they have coconut and passionfruit? Those are the only 2 I care about. 

The coconut chips were an impulsive buy; the bag is really small but I only use about 1 tablespoon crushed in my yougart and the bag has lasted a long time. I find them by the dried fruit at PC stores. Breakfast lately has been yougart + coconut chips + sliced roasted almonds + sultana raisins. 


I finally cut my hair 10 days ago (can we get a blog-wide hooray!) but it can still get into a ponytail and I think I need to get one of these J Crew bow hair ties. I was in The Gap over the weekend and they have a bunch of very lightweight cute, bright summery scarves. There’s one in store with little pom-poms that I didn’t see online. Maybe my pals in Alberta can use one? Because humidity is overwhelming in Southern Ontario, it’s regularly still in the high 20s overnight, so, not a lot of use for summer scarves, but I love ’em anyway. 

What are you loving this summer? 


6 thoughts on “oh hello, july

  1. I’ve been seeing La Croix in Sobeys here for the last couple years at least. I don’t get the appeal of it though, I tried one and it was just meh.

    I hope you love Seven Husbands. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    That bow hair tie is seriously cute.

    • Which did you try? I like the coconut and passion fruit because you can’t get those flavours anywhere else/in any other brand. But it’s just flavoured carbonated water, I don’t know what the fuss is about either. Especially if it’s lemon or grapefruit, just get Perrier.

  2. so far it looks like they only have lemon, lime, grapefruit and peach pear in canada for la croix. mostly boring. i’ll have to try some of the other sparkling drinks. though, does it taste like real watermelon, or nair/lipsmackers watermelon?

    • I feel like I’m gonna bring back $200 of la croix and cherry diet coke from the states at the end of the month. It’s not super fake tasting. It’s been 89 cents for the bottle, worth a try if you see it at shoppers

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