oh hello, june

june.twFor me, June 1 instead of the Victoria Day weekend has really felt like the unofficial introduction of summer. I’m laying low this weekend before all the others weekends this month are filled up with a trip to Boston, then Father’s Day, then a jaunt into the city for my second Arkells concert of the year. I’m generally desperate for downtime and quiet weekends but adventures with my favourite lady and seeing my best gents is too good to wish for quiet time. 

Anyway, so, almost summer. Instead of a bunch of rando things, here are some of my fave summer things (some I have and some I just lust for if the situation was right…..like, that’s a hella cute swimsuit but serves no purpose in my life. Ditto pool float.)


Obvs staying true to the #mellenialpink trend. Also, flutter sleeves. Fun, flirty, playful, yet still age appropriate. 

TOMS sandals: the 2017 design (shown above) aren’t my favourite but keep an eye out if shops still have last year’s or if a new summer style come out. Like the classic slip ons, the sandals have an extra comfy sole (I have two pairs bought in the last 2 years) and are my go-to for long summer days of casual walking. 

No surprise, I’m sure, to see Marc Jacobs DOT on my list. It’s been my signature spring and summer scent for years now. You can get the roller balls at Sephora. 

How adorable and completely unpractical is this J. Crew ruffle swimsuit? Going on vacay where hanging by the pool doesn’t mean swimming in the pool and looking for a one piece? I recommend this one. There are VERY affordable ruffle sleeve bikini tops at Old Navy. 

So hot you need to take the cute swimsuit into the pool? You should probably lounge in a heart floatie. How cute!?! 

I am TERRIBLE at drinking enough water throughout the day. The one thing that helps a little is a cute tumbler. I fill it up at lunchtime and sip water with chunks of fruit and lemon or some crystal light (raspberry lemonade is my faaavourite) all afternoon. 

I am loving a mix of light nails and dark toes for recent manicures. The ones here are skinny dip (pink) and winning streak (dark purple/grey). Like tone-on-tone better? Try a light nail and dark toes in the same colour family (aka: both pink). 

I spotted this new PC cold brew on instagram and have added it to the grocery list. While I usually prefer to make my own it’s nice to know there is boxed, affordable, black cold brew available in a pinch. How do you drink yours? I like a little sugar or coconut syrup and lots of milk. 

Banana Boat Ultra Defense is rated totalbeauty.com’s best drugstore sunscreen. Whichever you choose make sure to wear it regularly and reapply often. Do you have a favourite light day cream with SFP?

You KNOW I’ve been on the hunt for cute and (most importantly) super comfortable low profile sneakers for M-O-N-T-H-S. I think I’ve found them. I got these Reebok Club C 85 PINK sneakers last week at Simons. I’ve worn them once so far and they were very comfortable; the best part? the cushioning for the sole extends all the way up behind/around the ankle. 

A NARS lip pencil was part of the 2015 birthday gift from Sephora and it has been the only lip pencil to stay on for more than 97 seconds (but still not quite as long as 30 mins; but nothing does). If you’re looking for something matte and long lasting, I recommend this one. Love this poppy redish-pink colour. 

Don’t have a favourite ball team you want to represent all summer? Choose a light neutral like this mauve suede cap from H&M. Keeping the sun off your face prevents wrinkles from sun exposure. 

I only have a few pairs of earrings, all small and delicate, and rotate them depending on the occasion. These small rosegold ear climbers from Canadian designer Leah Alexander would be a great addition to any summer collection. 

Shorts aren’t really my jam (#thickthighs) but if I could wear them without worrying about chaffing or them riding up (TMI?) I would definitely have a romper. Denim with flutter sleeves and currently on sale at The GAP; this is a winner. 

A back-up charger is a must nearly every month of the year, yours should definitely be as cute as this one from Indigo. (unless, of course, you have an android and apparently you can’t have nice things)

A good book is always at the top of my summer list. The Bungalow by Sarah Jio is a favourite from a few years ago; I really enjoyed it. 


what are you loving/looking forward to purchasing for summer? 


4 thoughts on “oh hello, june

  1. Cute list! I like your idea for the two toned fingers/toes and will likely do that when I go in for a pedi this weekend. I can do my own fingers at home. I love the pink shoes, though really I need to be buying work shoes, not fun shoes (and I already have two summer pairs of sneaks). I also am always looking for cute and comfy sandals- thanks for the Toms tip!

  2. Cute stuff. I now want most of these things. I’m like you and shorts aren’t my favourite but I have serious FOMO with all the cute rompers out there.

    • The biggest thing that doesn’t make me feel sad about not having rompers are the fast the “shorts” mostly have a 1-2″ rise. Um, those aren’t even shorts.I can see you bum. No thank you.

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