oh hello, may


making: reservations. Boston hotels for next month are booked. Between the city being expensive and the crappy exchange, let’s just say, wow. Good thing I have a lot of PC Points I can redeem for groceries. 

prepping: salads. Quinoa salads for lunch and chopped veggie and chicken salads for dinner. 

drinking: homemade cafe au laits. I thought, maybe, it would be iced coffee time but noooooo, it’s cold and windy and rainy this week. 

eating: mini eggs. 

reading: just finished Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. I’ve been in a big reading rut this year so got WWII historical fiction from the library in hopes of reigniting my love of reading. I can’t explain it, but, I liked it and didn’t like parts of it at the same time. 

shopping: at The Gap. I know Crazy Stupid Love’s Jacob Palmer would encourage us to “be better than The Gap” but for super plain penny pinchers like me, The Gap is fancy. I do all my shopping online, unfortunately the 2 pairs of jeans I ordered were too big (for my short gals, there are lots of ankle length styles on the website) but this flutter sleeve tee is too cute. For my flat(ter) chested ladies, check out this tank. So summery, I love it.  (ps: do you use ebates – total referral link – but I legit love it. I’m an online shopper and you want to give me money for doing what I was going to anyway? Um, ok, thankyouverymuch. If you’re an online shopper, I would highly recommend signing up…and then go through ebates to get some new stuff at The Gap. Win-win.

playing: hooky. Last Friday I took a day to ignore work (not that I’ve been busy anyway) and get a bunch of pesky errands done and then look for lamps. I got these ones at Pier 1 (a store that I rarely go into). The perfect tulip base in bright white (aka: exactly what I was looking for) for 45% off. Done and done. 

wishing: the sun would come out. OMG, I just looked at the Thurs-Sun forecast, so much rain. 

enjoying: my 4pm cup of coffee and 5pm New Girls watching. (NickMiller4lyfe)

crushing: on ball players. I love baseball as it is, but it’s so much easier to crush on the boys when there are no bulky (but safe) helmets. Monday’s Jays game which was pretty much a 3 hour Ryan Goins and Marco Estrada highlight reel? Oh hello! 

loving: (loved) my Blooms & Flora bouquet. B&F is a gorgeous flower shop in Guelph and all I wanted as a housewarming gift from my mom was a bouquet. They start at $25 which isn’t much for beautiful flowers, but I’m a $5 tulips at the grocery store kind of girl. When a few of the blooms died, I gathered the still living ones into a smaller bunch on Sunday. They have just started receiving peonies in store but I’m restraining myself until they’re in season and the price goes down. 

marveling: at how much better I sleep with the window open.

needing: a hair cut. I am so lazy about getting my hair cut and it’s getting really long again. 

smelling: my clothes. Seriously. My Dad gave me some Gain fabric softener a few weeks ago and it is amazing. Those commercials, so so true. (why yes, we are a great gift-giving family, thank you for noticing) 

(not) wearing: socks. 

knowing: that spring weather is (probably) just around the corner. Hopefully. But hey, summer? Don’t rush. Up to 20C is perfect for me. 

watching: Jays baseball (don’t want to jinx it, but they’re not as bad lately, and the games are so much easier to watch) and Ally McBeal. 

listening: to…not much. Any recommendations? 

noticing: there are made-for-tv movies on bravo all year round now. It was a few weeks of Lost Letter Mysteries (loved them) and now we’re into lovey-wedding ones. Still good. You know how much I adore made-for-tv movies.

giggling: at my, sister, and Jess’ insta-messaging group. I hope you have friends and a group chat this great. 

counting: down the days till sister is here. 

feeling: bored. 


4 thoughts on “oh hello, may

  1. So much rain! Taking advantage of the sun today to walk to work. I also need a hair cut, but again, also lazy. Last one was Thanksgiving! I’m also still drinking the au laits and eating the mini eggs!

    Finally feeling caught up a bit enough to read blogs. Yay!

  2. I went a year (12 months!) without getting my hair cut. Since I actually really wanted one, it was like I was waiting for someone to walk up to me with scissors and ask if I wanted them to take care of it. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    On a podcast I listen to, they suggested reading a book that is set in the location you’re visiting to prolong a vacation before and/or after. Maybe reading something about Boston would help nudge you out of your rut? Just an idea…

    • I’m at either 11 months or 12 months since my last haircut; I can’t remember if I was there in May or June last year.
      Good idea re: books. Last last few I’ve read have held my interest and now we’re getting into sitting on the balcony reading weather, so I think I’m finally in a good spot…and the moving and decorating is done, so I feel good to relax and pull out a book instead of thinking of what I need to do come Saturday morning.

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