banana raspberry chocolate chip bread

Hello friends! I shared this recipe last year – 366 days ago exactly – and with a few edits I’m re-posting it during my self-proclaimed heart shaped sweets week on the blog. This recipe is extra special with addition of raspberries. I hope you bake it for someone special this weekend to say “hi! i heart you (in a lusty OR platonic way); please accept this bread as a token of my affection” (apparently I also write wedding vows). Hot carbs, better than hot boys. Probably. 

You should make this for the love(s) of your life. 


The thing is…I kind of love Valentine’s Day. Ok, no I don’t. I love there is a day dedicated to hearts and pink so that I can buy all sorts of cute, pink, heart-shaped things. Measuring cups? Check! Cards? Check! Ice cube tray that moonlights as butter mold? Check! Washi tape? Check! Kitchen towels? Check! Jars with pink lids? Check! 

Is this breakfast? It shouldn’t be…but sure! I’m a big fan of the treat yo’self movement; especially around “holidays” when everyone in the whole world (seemingly) teams up to remind you you haven’t been on a date in…well…let’s just say a long time. (Cause there ain’t no way I’m actually telling you how long it’s been. The internet is forever.)

And then, the internet is all “hey that boy you’ve been e-stalking lusting over just posted about all the things you like and you’re pretty much soulmates”.

And then you’re all “I just can’t even with you right now, internet.”

And the internet is all “how does wifi being temporarily down sound to you?”

And I’m like “nevermind; I love you forever. Show me more memes. Why is everyone on snapchat? Why doesn’t Netflix Canada have the same shows as Netflix US? What does the term ‘wokest baes’ mean and how was an online magazine allowed to use it in a title?”

Anyway about my soulmate. I mean about this bread…


In addition to loving all things heart-shaped and boys I’ve never met, I like eating my feelings in the form of warm banana bread studded with sweet raspberries and decadent (milk) chocolate chips slathered in salted butter.

Appropriately, Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend last year. As it always should. I think Valentine’s Day should be the second Saturday of the month just as Halloween should be the last Friday in October. There is lots of time to bake this on Saturday and eat it with a cup of coffee softly crying to yourself watching Netflix in bed on Sunday morning. Two years ago I made cookies. But this bread has bananas and raspberries. Fruit! And chocolate. Antioxidants! Basically, it’s almost good for you. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’3′] 
ps: I suspect this is just as tasty without a side of sad single-girl whimpers. I hope your plus one, kids, and friends all enjoy!
pps: HEART BUTTER! (put softened butter into a heart-shaped ice cube tray, put in freezer till hard)


8 thoughts on “banana raspberry chocolate chip bread

  1. I regret not buying the heart shaped measuring cups now. Also regret not putting chocolate chips on my Superstore Click and Collect order today. Where was this post last night when I was online grocery shopping!?

    Will be making in the very near future.

    Also, I just randomly wondered if yogurt raisins would be good in some sort of baking. Look into that for me ok? 😉

    • There’s still so much time. Cups were on sale this week for $1.50; you should definitely pop into superstore for a minute when you pick up your groceries.

      Do you think the yogurt on the covering would melt? Hmmm. We’ll have to consult chef google.

    • It ruins you for all future regular butter but so fun. I’m thinking I’ll need a permanent tray of heart butter in the freezer, especially when the trays are $1.50

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