oh hello, july


[a little something different this month. opposites courtesy of Marie Claire magazine]

picky about: pretty much everything – veggies, moisturizer, toothpaste, jeans, mascara, tv shows, sunscreen, etc.
not so much about: breakfast foods. Unless it’s hollandaise, I will devour it.

i feel for: veterans without a good support system.
no sympathy for: all the people trying to make the world worse.

glad it’s ahead of me: decorating my new apartment (one day…)
glad it’s behind me: the first time you get your heart broken.

early for: almost everything.
late for: lunch with friends. (to my credit; I know exactly how long it’ll take and I usually get every red light.)

would pay good money for: I’d like to say “someone to make me dinner tonight” or “a facial and a massage”; but in reality, not much; I’m always on the hunt for a good deal.
wouldn’t take it for free: fur.

moment of triumph: quitting my first big girl job.
epic fail: not standing up for myself when I should.

skills mastered: cursive writing and making really good mashed potatoes.
can’t quite get the hang of: driving at night…or in the rain…especially not driving in the snow. No parallel parking, either.

farthest vacation: Europe ’99.
nearest: good ol’ Guelph staycation? A few days in Toronto?

would try once: being a motorcycle passenger.
no, thanks: sky diving.

too much in life: people being negative.
not enough of: hugs.

worth the wait: finally seeing a bear in the wild.
no patience for: rudeness.

getting better at: hiking.
getting worse at: yoga.

perennially cool: high fives.
never cool: smoking.

I won’t shut up about: West Wing (trust me, you’ll love it). Brown mascara. Iced coffee.
subject I avoid: politics and equal rights issues with people who have different views as I do.

endlessly curious about: history.
zero interest in: celebrity gossip.

totally get the appeal: binge watching tv shows.
don’t get it at all: crop tops.

perfect day begins with: coffee & brunch overlooking the ocean.
and ends with: ice cream with toes dug into the sand watching the sun set.


2 thoughts on “oh hello, july

  1. Love it!

    I’ll be night driving home tonight and I’m dreading it already. I’m really not good at it and it scares me. Also, definitely not enough hugs. So, sending a virtual one. And..a high five. Always in style. Happy Holiday!

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