friday, i’m in love


  • more no-churn ice cream! I feel like if I actually make some my life may be over. Like, I’ll permanently be a shut-in, eating ice cream all day long. Also, cream is expensive. (and I’m sure you’re all “but um, don’t you hate peanut butter?” which, yes I do; BUT, I like it in ice cream. Complex life I lead. Mostly, I hate how it smells.)
  • I made tortilla chips earlier this week. And you know what? THEY’RE SO GOOD. But when aren’t fried things delicious? This is also a dangerous habit that I need to never recreate because my jeans are already sad.
  • just in time for your summer vacation: the 5-4-3-2-1 guide to packing. This is so smart. Might I also suggest a fun/floral light cardigan and summer scarf? Both are light, don’t take up much room, and are always needed on cool planes and evenings that are warm but breezy.
  • I had one two-hour block when I wasn’t going to be home this week (lunch date with a friend) and of course (OF COURSE) that’s when my FedEx package arrived. So, I’m not leaving the apartment today until I’ve torn open my new Kent Youngstrom canvas. GUYS! It’s so pretty. It’s so beautiful. (saw the final product before it was shipped.) I showed my friend Daniel at lunch and he said “that is SO YOU”. And then we sang along to some 60s tunes on the radio. I’ll annoyingly post it all over social media once it’s here (come see on twitterinstagram).
  • how good have the cherries been in your neck of the woods? like OMG SO GOOD?! I bought one bag that was meh then got my second bag of the season on Monday and they were amazing. Toward the end of cherry season, when they’re still delicious and $0.88/lb (yes, I’ve actually bought them at that price) buy up so many bags and pit them then freeze them. Or, buy them up and make cherry muffins. Everyday at 3pm (afternoon break/snack) I have a big bowl of cherries and an iced coffee.
  • tv things: SUITS! Did you watch? Did you have a soft spot for Harvey? Did you hate Mike’s hair? Do you just love everything about Rachel and Donna? Rookie Blue: I actually haven’t seen Wednesday’s episode yet, but scanned the twitter; so Andy and Sam? Yah, I know. Bleh. Hip-Hip-Hooray, USA, Rookie Blue season 6 started for you last night! Do you love it? Do you only watch because Nick Collins is a S-T-U-D!? (America took away our Target, the least, and I mean least we can do is have the ability to watch a lovely Canadian program before y’all south of the border. Let us have this one thing.) I’ve seen the first few episodes of Transparent. Why is there so much unnecessary nudity and sex on TV? (related: yes, I’m totally an old lady prude. But seriously To both.)
  • am I cold and unfeeling on the inside if I didn’t cry watching American Sniper? You think it’s because I knew what happened? though knowing the ending doesn’t make me not sob at the end of The Notebook. And why are the gunfire sequences so much louder than the dialogue? Good movie, though. Have you seen Still Alice? That’s the next one I’m keeping an eye out for at the library. Read the book; excellently written.
  • I can’t give blood – no one wants it due to a crummy (non-fatal) blood disease I have. The Canadian Red Cross  ‘it’s in you to give’ (which, brilliant tag line) commercials bum me out because it’s so easy to help someone and I can’t. Earlier in the week I saw that blood donors in Sweden receive a text message each time their donation is used. They know when they save someone’s life. What a cool concept. AND, because donors can actually see they are making a difference they donate more often. Win-Win.

3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I haven’t watched Suits yet 😦
    I HATE missing deliveries. It’s such a pain to track down the parcel afterwards. I started getting everything shipped to my work since I’m obviously never home during the day but now I think they’re starting to raise an eyebrow at the amount of packages I get, haha.
    I didn’t cry at American Sniper but I had my hands nearly over my eyes at the part with the kid. Now that I’m a mom, anything bad dealing with kids makes my stomach turn.
    It’s on my bucket list for the year to donate blood. I’m terrified to do it, needles make me faint at the best of time. I know it’s a good thing to do, but I’m so terrified. I like the idea of getting a text when it’s used. That would be really cool/emotional.

  2. What do you think about Bailey’s Irish Cream no churn to put on top of brownies? I’m having people over tomorrow and am undecided. Would it better to just do whipped cream?

    Pretty sure your packing guide has now changed my life.

    I’ve never been a fan of cherries simply because I get annoyed by the pits. The only time I don’t is when I can spit them outside into the grass and not be a lady. I do love the taste though and just bought some frozen ones from TJ’s.

    TV break for the summer! I haven’t even put on Netflix, though I’ve heard good things about Frankie and Johnnie.

    I am not a huge crier. AS is on my to-watch list and I’ll let you know if I cry. I don’t recall even really crying for the Notebook, but my heart has thawed since I watched it last. The one scene that always, always makes me cry (and almost now thinking about it) is when Betty Spaghetti’s husband dies in A League of their Own. Seriously, may be starting to tear up thinking about it.

    Not being a pie fan myself, I love my mom’s key lime. It’s not gooey and does not taste like a block of cream cheese. And the graham cracker crust, I can get behind that.

    And finally, it’s written somewhere in the delivery handbook that they must show up only when you’re not home. It’s the law.

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