friday, i’m in love



  • it was over 40°C Tuesday. It was horrendous.
  • bee-tee-dubs, I’m likely gonna complain about the humidity for the next 3 months. At least.
  • because doing anything in 40 degree humidity sucks, 54 no-cook recipes for summer.
  • how delicious does this watermelon salad look? (more basil, less mint, and fig balsamic instead of olive oil)
  • peach sauvignon blanc sorbet, cause you fancy!
  • SANGRIA! cucumber watermelon. sparkling grapefruit. Easy peasy: wine (I’m a white wine girl) + fruit (citrus and something else…perhaps nectarines or peaches) + frozen fruit (keep your drink cold without watering it down, I vote strawberries) + a wee bit of liquor (like peach schnapps) + something bubbly (soda, champagne).
  • no churn ice cream (cause duh). Not a huge chocolate ice cream fan? I feel you. Get the basics from this recipe and make it your own. So easy.
  • can we not talk about pumpkins till October? I mean, pumpkin spiced lattes have no place being released in August.
  • wear your sunscreen; everyday and re-apply often. Yes, even on cloudy days.

Other stuff…

  • tv things: did you watch Astronaut Wives Club last night? Probably not. I had heard about it a few months ago and forgot when it premiered, stumbled upon it while flipping channels during the Jays game and caught the last half. I like it. Ugh, summer bf (Rookie Blue) Nick, say no to Juliette. NOOOO. Also, why does it have to switch days next week to be on at the same time as Suits? Also, SUITS IS BACK NEXT WEDNESDAY! Watched season one of The Knick this past week. 10 episodes about early 20th century medicine and surgery. Very interesting.
  • reading a bunch of Elin Hilderbrand; her books scream summer. They also scream “I wish I were rich and lived on a quaint island”. Alas, landlocked.
  • i’m taking a little yoga break; it’s been more frustrating than relaxing lately. Because I’ve dreaded going the classes have been extra difficult and I’ve been a lot harder on myself when I can’t hold a pose or balance or relax or stretch in ways I know I can. I need to look forward to it.
  • are you going on vacation in the next few months? In theory I want to go on vacation all the time, BUT, I don’t mind laying low from June through Labour Day. Places are busy, flights and hotels are more expensive, and it’s HOT.
  • ah, so, I just figured out that unless you request email notification on follow up comments you probably haven’t noticed that I reply to pretty much everything. So yah, thanks a million for leaving some love and I wish there was a better way for you to see the response. Maybe someone is toying with the idea of an actual domain name and a re-design. So maybe you’ll eventually get an actual notification one day. In the meantime, thanks for your sweet-ass comments and suggestions and if you’re too lazy to come back and check for a reply, I feel you, but I’ll reply anyway.
  • did you see the Father’s Day recipes I shared earlier this week? Um, seriously the best things I’ve made in a long time. I’m spending the weekend hanging out with Dad – and how happy am I Ted 2 doesn’t come out till next weekend!? We went to see Ted, actually I went with both my parents, and it was capital A Awkward and Dad un-ironically BBM’d me “we might need to see Ted 2” earlier this week. Let’s just watch the Jays game instead…

6 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Because it’s Friday and I’ve already subconsciously decided little work will be done, I’ll be commenting on this early today.

    40C? Kill me now. Man, talk about the schizo weather you have!

    Of course you prefer white wine. Twinners.

    Yay for no churn! I think I’m going to try my hand at something s’mores related tonight. Stay tuned.

    I ALMOST made pumpkin gnocchi and then had to remind myself that it was not September. Zoodles instead.

    How much have I been dreaming of a quaint island lately? Landlocked as well. I’ve had an urge to go south to the Carolinas. I blame Kathy Reichs. Also, I need to stop reading murder mystery books before bed. Last night I pulled out my night weapon when I though I heard someone unlocking my door. No such thing happened.

    Want to go on some sort of road trip, but can’t even get my act together to drive home to MI until probably late July. Ugh….

    Been thinking of a yoga break myself, for no other reason than my ass is getting really big from all these squats. It needs to deflate a little.

    Your father’s day recipes looked ahmazing. Probably to be repeated by me sometime soon. Happy Friday!

  2. SUITS IS BACK?!!!!! I’m excited. At least it won’t affect my productivity as much as OITNB did since I can’t binge watch it.

    That watermelon salad looks super yum except for the fact that I don’t like fresh mozza. What is wrong with me?!

    I really want a coffee grinder so I can make my own delicious coffee – and then cold brew. Yum.

    Also, too bad about your reply emails not working. Total bummer. Hopefully you can get it all straightened out. I think mine is just a wordpress plugin, not sure if that’s available to you?

  3. Watermelon everything is the best. And yes, after the winter and people complain about the cold, we must all complain about humidity. I constantly dream up vacations and really want to go on one. Then I look at flights and hotel prices and remember that I have no money, haha.

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