father’s day menu

…for your Dad. Cause mine doesn’t eat carbs.

It’s like going for dinner with your most annoying girl friend. Oh, that comes with potatoes? Can I sub a salad? Can I get the steak sandwich without the bun? No dessert, thanks.

Except I can’t give him the side eye because he’s diabetic and really keeps his levels in check by adhering to a strict diet of oatmeal and salad. Every.Day. fathersday

Dad! You do not make friends with salad! Unless it’s this one. There’s so many things in it I don’t know what to call it. Chicken salad with potatoes, beans, shallots, celery, toasted almonds, and dried cranberries with a lemon-tzatziki dressing is a little wordy, ya know? Not yo’ grandma’s chicken salad? Make-this-for-Dad-and-he’ll-surely-slip-you-an-extra-$20-even-though-it’s-Father’s-Day-but-we-all-know-you-can’t-visit-without-him-giving-you-a-little-cash? Shoot, that’s more wordy.

Is your Dad all “no, no, your love is enough; I don’t need a tie/book/BBQ tongs/socks”? That’s my Dad. Though teaching him “the Jays are en fuego” is more valuable than a tie-clip. Mostly because he doesn’t wear ties. But also because it’s fun for sister to experience via email the hip things I teach him. Jays fan? He’ll be stirring it up any day now.

(he learned “cash money” all on his own)


Full disclosure? I made these both for myself this past weekend before the lightbulb moment…ah…these would be PERFECT for (someone else’s) Father’s Day lunch. Or dinner.

First up, the salad I’m eating all week for lunch. And yes I use store bought tzatziki. (Galen Weston, I love you and your PC tzatziki dip. It’s amazing and I don’t know how I lived this long without buying it)

salad recipe

If I used sweet potatoes (which, puke) or no potatoes (which, why?) maybe my dad would eat it. Also tzatziki would magically just be called greek yougart with some garlic cause my Dad is weird about stuff that’s different. He doesn’t like avocados. I don’t know what to do with him.

Having a BBQ? bring this salad. And some watermelon. And cherries. Will you make your Dad barbecue for you? I play that game all the time. Dad, let’s have burgers! BTW, you have to barbecue them. Yay fun. He loves me the most.

Or, make tacos. Known as “hot meat and veggies served with lettuce/cabbage and cheese” in the Bridgman family. Daaaaaad. C’mon.

But he gives us cash money to eat at Cactus Club while out West, so there’s that. tacorecipe


Or known as: my dinner this week.

Other than their obvious deliciousness, wanna know the best part about both? They can be made in advance. The only thing I wouldn’t do in advance is make the slaw because the cabbage can get a little soggy. I have the mango pre-cut and just shred the cabbage and pour in the liquid at dinner time and mix mix mix. Tortilla, a little melted extra-old cheddar, pork, slaw, torn basil (cause I’m going through a phase and it needs to be on/in everything; I’m also in a shallot phase, feel free to use onions if you’d prefer).

Then shove in face. SHOOOOVE.

Like, I was short of breath Monday because I ate them so quickly. Whoopsie. No regrets.


fathers day

Make a little room on the dresser for the “favourite child of the year” award.


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