friday, i’m in love


  • watermelon margaritas! you need some!
  • you should probably know that I nearly cried after we saw the three bears on Monday. A mama and baby black bear and a grizzly. You know how people (weirdos) weep when they meet their favourite celebrity or singer? Tears of joy. I love bears so much and seeing three bears so close…right on the side of the road munching grass…was my dream come true. (we actually saw the black bears twice)
  • “The business of Vienna is not business and never has been,” she told me, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “The business of Vienna is life. You can know people in Vienna for years and you don’t really know what they do for a living.” Vienna’s recipe for living well. This is amazing and I definitely want to move to Vienna; a little because their emphasis on quality of life and little because of Sound of Music.
  • when one hikes a moderate mountain one has ice cream for dinner. When one hikes a challenging mountain one gets burgers, fries, and (not diet) dr. pepper! Them’s the rules! (We dinnered so hard on Monday and it was glorious)
  • there’s a Weiners and a Ye Olde Licks & Nibbles in Waterton. Obviously we DIDN’T have our ice cream there because, ick! (and the other place had a far superior selection)
  • must read: if the exercise class descriptions from my gym were honest. Mine would be YogaFit Sweat: where the temperature is always hotter than advertised and the most annoying person in the world sets up in front of you. Ever wanted to try Karma Sutra? Squash that desire with 60 minutes of “my leg goes where?” poses. You’ll never appreciate a cold shower as much as after your first class. Namaste bitches. 
  • tv things: oh hey hey summer bf Nick! Rookie Blue, so good on Thursday. I know, I know, you don’t watch it and you have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s cool.
  • other musings about entertainment: if you’re on a flight that doesn’t have tvs on the seat back (and you didn’t know in advance because said airline usually does) are you peeved? You see, it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t entertained for 3+ hours yesterday afternoon – ok, it kinda was, I’m a cusp-of-the-millennial-generation and keeping me entertained is what I expect – but my real beef was that the flight wasn’t cheaper because I was on an electronics-free plane. You have to pay for checked bags, pay for food (but ‘sup WestJet, those free Biscoff cookies are the best), and now they’d like you to pay for entertainment. Treat your customers better not worse.
  • oh, OH, and why does half the plane bum-rush the gate 17 minutes before their zone is called thus clogging the line and making it near impossible for the people who are SUPPOSED to be boarding board? MOVE.
  • one more, because I just can’t even; why does EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON (not me, I need to add) stand up the moment the plane stops? Do you all think you’re going to get off first? Dude in the middle seat in row 21, it ain’t you, SIT YO ASS DOWN. So, like the polite, patient, sweet girl that I am, I take out my phone, check my work email, insta, twitter, fb, etc. and wait till nearly every person has left, get up, get my carry-on, and exit. Stress-free.
  • ok just one more: crusty lady in row 25? If you got on the plane when your zone was called maybe all the bins at the back of the plane would still have room. Don’t yell at the sweet flight attendant that the bins are full and open and slam them shut in some display of aggression. Remember how you have to pay for your checked bags now? Yah, so does everyone else; thus 168 pieces of carry-on suitcases and if people knew how to stow them properly, you’d be golden and could grab your whiny child snacks whenever he needed one but because people are jackasses and think all of their earthy possessions need to be placed sideways in an overhead bin your bag is headed for row 19 and your kid is gonna cry for three hours and fourteen minutes. (actually, true story)
  • ummmm, this is hilarious: Americans react to Canadian things. (Yes, we buy milk in bags and yes, it’s 100x better than American milk jugs which I inevitably spill a quarter of on the kitchen floor before it makes it into my cereal)
  • how ’bout then Jays, though! Watching baseball is one of the highlights of my summer. (I’m writing part of this Wednesday from Analog in Calgary and my Dad is BBMing me updates; he’s the best). Because I’m actually an old lady I much prefer watching games on TV because a) instant replay, b) Buck and Pat are the best commentators, c) it’s so hot in the stadium and I don’t want to burn, d) so.many.drunk.a-holes, and e) there isn’t much I like doing with 45000 of my closest sweaty, yelly friends.
  • what stage in the 12 Stages of Grief is “wants to eat a lot of cheese”? 2? I’m home and I’m a sad kitten. And I have no cheese.
  • currently reading The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand (aka: thank goodness I borrowed an e-book from the libs and put it on my iPad to entertain myself for 3+ hours yesterday). Easy read, summery details, mystery, good times.

big question of the weekend: if you had no responsibilities and you could hop on a plane and live somewhere new for the next 3-6 months would you? and where would you go? sister and I had this conversation Wednesday and I’m dying to know what you would do…

or what would be your honest description of a class offered at your gym? 


6 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I don’t like watermelon, but I LOVE margaritas, so a regular one, with salt, for me, thanks.

    I would cry if I saw a bear but probably because I’d be afraid for my life. Cute from afar when they can’t eat me.

    I want to move to Vienna mostly for the SOM, partly for their attitude on life, and partly for the food. It’s a magical place.

    I bought some low fat ice cream the other day and it was horrible subpar compared to the no-churn and regular churn I’ve been making on the reg. Not making that mistake again. So not worth eating it for dinner.

    I love spinning! I think the description of Bikram is horribly accurate. I used to do that 2-3 times A WEEK for like 6 months back when I was thirty. Clearly, I’ve regained my sanity.

    I’m a stander upper, but 1) I always sit in the aisle and 2) i just hate sitting in general. I don’t do it because I think I’m getting out faster. I just really hate sitting.

    Having spent approximately 32 of my summer months growing up in Canada, I can totally appreciate milk in a bag and readily admit it’s superiority to even our most expensive organic milk here U.S. You always ask why doesn’t’ Canada have nice things? I counter with why doesn’t the US have good quality food.

    And finally as for your question- I’d move to London/Cambridge. Hands down. Love love love. LOVE. Plus, as per my dream the other night, maybe Kate and I would be best friends because we already have the same taste in children’s name and clothing style. Isn’t that the basis for all close friendships?

    • So, word on the street is most bears are afraid of humans; they don’t want to eat you they want to eat berries. They were all just on the side of the road not paying any attention to cars. Make a lot of noise and you’ll usually scare them away. With that said, I still don’t want to encounter one on a hike because what if that one likes humans?

      I had the most amazing lemon sorbet in Calgary earlier this week.

      Milk bags are totally where it’s at and I wish that trend makes its way south of the border.

  2. Watermelon margaritas are SO good. Watermelon anything is actually. And OMG yes I hate that on planes. Like dude unless you really need to stretch your legs for a second sit down, we’re in the back of the plane and not getting off yet.

    • I turned on my phone looked back up and everyone was standing. In Waterloo (the tiny airport close to me) you walk off the planes and they use front and rear stairs; even in the second last row I waited for everyone else to de-plane. Sure, my legs were sore, but what’s another 5 minutes when it’s been 4 hours?

      The margs were crazy delicious!

  3. I’m generally not a fan of tequila so don’t drink margs but DAMN that looks good.

    If i had no responsibilities (or child) and all the money to do so, I would hope on a plane and spend however long it took to see every single corner of Japan. Without a doubt, that’s the number one place I want to see in the world.

    However, if I still had the responsibilities of my son, I would want to move to a beach paradise (Hawaii perhaps) and spend three months being surf bums.

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