friday, i’m in love


  • GUUUUYYYYYSSSS! It’s National Doughnut Day! Unlike all those weird other days, this one actually has an historical significance. NDD was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honour men and women who brought doughnuts to recovering soldiers in WW1 and we continue to celebrate their efforts yearly on the first Friday in June. I’m so in. I’ll be celebrating at Jelly Modern because…
  • hello hello from Alberta! (yes, I totes wrote this up before I hopped on the plane Thursday and the forecast for the next week is sunny and warm with 100% chance of ice cream and iced coffee…..and doughnuts and hugs and Cactus Club and cake)
  • we’re headed to Waterton on Sunday. Have you been? Any particular hikes we should do? (on the scenic and easier side, please) Restaurants? Cafes? Bear sanctuaries?
  • “Paleo also requires you to give up processed food, refined sugars, and alcohol, which makes sense because those things are wonderful….It’s sort of like the Inquisition, but less fun.” I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything. You MUST read this. So hilarious. I was legit laughing to myself late on Monday night when sister sent it to me saying “think you’ll love this”. And I do. And I’ve read it multiple times a day everyday this week because it’s fabulous.
  • I saw something earlier this week about summer terrariums; let me use this time to remind you that I completely hate terrariums and succulents. They’re small and waxy and they don’t have flowers. And putting them into a glass dome is even more strange.
  • we all know how much I am currently adoring basil, right? right! I got a bag of baby basil from the farmers market 2 weeks ago and it was by far the best herb I have ever had. I had to get some from the grocery store last week due to the monsoon (ish) we were having Saturday morning. Not the same. I’m spoiled. Someone tell me how I can grow it all year long and most importantly, NOT KILL IT. I’m bad at plants. (to my credit, I try, I do what I’m supposed to, they still die)
  • movie things: I borrowed “cake” from the libs this week. I don’t get what the hype was about it. It was kind of boring. I was like “that Sam Worthington is pretty dreamy….wait, he named his kid Rocket?……is it over yet?…..I wish the Jays game wasn’t rained out”.
  • can you believe I finished packing (to the sweet, sweet melody of NKOTB) about an hour before I had to leave for the airport? This is not me. I’m a “I finished packing 36 hours before I leave home” kind of girl. And you know what? There will be no more leaving it to the last minute. While I had a list and more-or-less knew what I wanted to bring (1 carry on, 1 week, pack lightly), I was still working, showering, working, packing, stressing, re-doing my pedicure, working, scanning tax paperwork, paying bills, curling my hair, and trying to eat some lunch. And reading blogs from the past 3 days.

7 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Have fun at Waterton! I’ve only been to Glacier on the US side – it’s still one of those things I have to go back to do!

    If you check Jo’s blog (Living Mint Green) she mentioned Waterton a lot in her older entries. Maybe you can find some suggestions on there!

  2. Hope you’re having fun! That paleo article was really the best ever.

    I take it one plant at a time. A few years ago I was trying to be way ambitious with the herbs and killed all of them. Last summer I successfully kept Basel the basil plant alive all summer long. You can do it!

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