oh hello, june


making: indoor s’mores. (ps: it was a huge disaster)

revising: my packing list. I’ve got a friend staying with me and won’t have the space to lay out everything I want to pack a week in advance. Don’t fail me list; I’m taking a carry-on and it needs to fit everything I need for a week of city exploring, evening walks, big meals, and mountain adventures.

chopping: veggies. My current favourite healthy dinner is a big salad with mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, teriyaki chicken, nectarines, and fresh basil.

drinking: iced coffee and diet dr. pepper. (yah yah, water in the afternoons, but that’s boring)

reading: just finished I Regret Nothing (awesome) and People I Want to Punch in the Throat (mostly humourous but i don’t relate to the mom stuff. Also, kids be effing crazy. And it seems kind of mean and complainy). Up next: The Real Thing : Lessons on Love and Life From a Wedding Reporter’s Notebook. (not desperate and sad; sweet and great stories.)

wanting: a new crossbody purse. I like a few new designs but the straps aren’t long enough. This isn’t 1991, I don’t want it to hang by my side, I want it to go across my body to have two hands free to hold ice cream cones and use my phone at the same time.

looking: for a new apartment. Yes still.

playing: Jackson Square by Arkells. I don’t know what it is about this CD, but it screams summer drives to the lake and I hardly listen to it in the fall or winter. I was doing A LOT of back roads country driving last week and had this on repeat. Picked up High Noon at the library; not bad. No Jackson Square, but I like 11:11 and Crawling Through The Window.

wishing: I had lilac bushes.

enjoying: longer, lighter evenings.

crushing: on summer bf (Rookie Blue’s) Nick Collins. And then even more so when Peter (who plays Nick) posted an insta ode to Mitch Hedberg. Oh swoon. (and for the love of comedy, seek out and listen to Mitch’s stand up, it’s on youtube)

waiting: so impatiently for it to be Thursday evening.

liking: when a quick question turns into a 3 hour conversation.

wondering: what the hot dude at the library is looking for. (yes, I’m writing this at the library cause a) i’m so cool and b) I needed to get out of my apartment for a bit and there are big tables, lots of plugs, and free wifi)

loving: that my local outdoor famrers market is open again.

needing: a navy couch. NEED not WANT.

hoping: for a bear sighting.

smelling: peonies. (#youknowyoureabloggerwhen… don’t even care. They smell amazing and look stunning)

wearing: boyfriend style tanks and tees from Old Navy. Major new favourite wardrobe staple.

applying: brown mascara; I love it so much.

volunteering: at a Habitat house build on Wednesday. I’m very excited.

watching: Gossip Girl. I’m mostly ashamed. It’s pretty bad. But also kind of great. Suits and True Detective start up again later this month. And no, I didn’t like the first season of True Detective, but am absolutely willing to give Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch a chance. (long live Tim Riggins)

listening: to the birds chirping on my balcony; they’ve built a wee nest in the rafters.

noticing: how much better I’ve slept since putting the black-out curtains back up. Natural light is great and all till you’re wide awake at 6:34 on a Saturday morning. Yes I have an eye mask and when irritable, does not making sleeping easier.

thinking: supplementing 3 hours of sleep Thursday with 11 hours of sleep on each Friday and Saturday night doesn’t really work when you’re in your 30s. Dude, I’m so tired. Still.

opening: the fridge and hoping food appears.

marveling: at the amount of rain we’ve had in the past 2 days. What a fabulous lazy weekend I’ve had.

feeling: excited. And curious.


3 thoughts on “oh hello, june

    • yup, with some Streetseen people for a Brantford local-business volunteer project. Dad’s going on Thursday but I got the reject group of people I have never met on Wednesday. Should be fun.

  1. Cross body bags are tough! Have you looked into Marc Jacobs ones? They’re super popular in Van-city! I rock a Roots bag that’s cross body when I’m going for the casual look. I highly recommend you check them out!!!

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