friday, i’m in love


  • right? (actually, you should be nice to everyone. Rude people suck)
  • “I’m to the point where for every fiancé-holding-his-wife-in-the-air-while-she-has-one-foot-up photo that I see on Facebook, I’m knocking twenty bucks off their wedding gift until it’s just me showing up giving high-fives and slipping the groom a ten dollar bill when I shake his hand before dinner.” I hate your engagement photos.
  • 6 days. 6 DAAAAAAAAAAYs till I’m in Calgary.
  • more (almost) summer things: coconut water slushies. Let me clear up 2 things: 1. it’s spring; and it will be until June 21st and you should enjoy spring and only occasional humidity not everyday humidity like summer. And 2. I definitely think coconut water tastes like dirt but some of y’all like it and these slushies look so easy and delicious if you’re into it.
  • and because complaining about summerlike humidity is pretty much my favourite, it went from 1C Saturday morning to 36C Tuesday morning (and stayed that way for the rest of the week). Um, what? (American friends, that’s freezing to nearly 100F). And hurricane windy. And where’s my damn thunderstorm?
  • I was in Buffalo picking up my aunt from the airport yesterday. No dice on a Target shopping spree because a) I only had $28 and b) not going on my credit card because the exchange blows and c) my dad lets me shop for about 10 minutes before he comes to find me to ask if I’m done yet. Yah Dad, I’m done accessories but not the rest of the store and d) the clothing department was very disappointing. I did cross the border to come back home 3 hours later with an XL Dunkin’ coffee to-go (I’m drinking it right now……oh hi late blog posty-post coming at you from my Dad’s patio…and it’s so good. $2.40 for the largest coffee I’ve ever seen. Oh Canada, why can’t we have nice things??), a bag of coconut Dunkin’ grinds and a linen candle. You know, the best things found in America.
  • Oh oh, his adorable old-lady neighbour just dropped off some cake and coleslaw for me. (because, breakfast cake! even if only my sister understands this, it’s worth it. Reminder: read I Regret Nothing)
  • tv things: I haven’t watched everything on the teevee this week. Without season 2 or 4 of Gossip Girl at the libs, I’m halfway through season 5 and loving Chuck Bass. (beginning of S5 when Serena and Nate turn to the lady in LA and say “he’s Chuck Bass” is pretty much my favourite line of the series so far. SERIES.)

4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I think Canada has nice things! My mom is thinking about a day trip to Hamilton to see her aunt this summer so if I can manage a trip back home to MI at the same time maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle? I will bring you DD coffee when you plow through the one you just bought. Just putting it out there 🙂

    I also dislike engagement photos but my tune may change if/when I am taking them. In general though, I don’t like getting my picture taken.

    Cake for breakfast? Always. Yesterday I had cornbread, which is almost cake, with my yogurt and berries for breakfast and it was the bomb. To be repeated very often.

    Coconut water = gross. I got a free one the other day at the gym, and while I currently have a smoothie every day I can’t fathom putting it in any of them. I think it’ll ruin it!

    It was so humid today after it was soo pretty yesterday and it started my work day off gross and sweaty. When is fall??

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