friday, i’m in love


  • maybe i borrowed Gossip Girl from the library to watch while I work and maybe I kind of want to punch my obviously-having-a-third-life-crisis self in the face. It’s pretty awful. How is every bar/restaurant cool with a bunch of 16 year olds drinking? And why is everyone so mean? But it’s very easy to have on in the background while I wait for clients to email me back.
  • have you seen The Imitation Game? It was so so good. So sad at the end. But a remarkable story. Also watched Wild this week; I was underwhelmed. Went to see Age of Adaline last weekend; it’s a bit far-fetched (lady in her prime who never ages after car accident) but not as crazy as a time-travelling mailbox (I’m looking at you 2 hours of my life gone watching The Lake House on W Network one sad, cold, lonely winter evening). Blake Lively’s 1930’s outfits are beautiful, though. High fives to the costume department.
  • remarkably, I did things other than watch tv shows and movie this week….
  • did you know back when i had a job that required me to wear real pants I led four reading week trips to Mississippi to do post-Katrina then general volunteering? It’ll only be one day, but I’ll be back on a Habitat house build next month. Let’s hope I still know what I’m doing.
  • what would your name be if you were born today? have you tried this? in 1983 Allison was the 59th most popular girl’s name; if born in 2015 I’d be Madelyn.
  • tv things: even though bf Jay was wearing a super ugly t-shirt, the Chicago PD finale was pretty good. No crazy cliffhangers, which I really dig. No killing off major characters. A lot of open doors with Lindsay’s story line for season 3. Rookie Blue started back up last night. Oh heeey summer bf Nick.
  • you know when you buy the plane ticket and then life ticks by at a snail’s pace. I want nothing more to get out of Ontario but have another 2 weeks till I’m in Alberta. Trip booked or not, I get the same feeling every year around this time; I’m out of hibernation and yet still feel unsettled. Thank goodness sister’s door is always open. I’m not sure what we’re doing but there is a lot of eating involved.
  • totes cool to go cut a few lilac branches from a huge tree in the park, right? I’ll take that as a yes.
  • looking for a fun, light read for this (American) long weekend? Pick up I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster. Jen’s books are the best vacation reads; they’re funny and a quick read that you can pick up when you’re swaying in a hammock and put down when you’re off to sip sangria on the patio.

5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Go Madelyn!! haha – I’m surprised by the spelling. I took the quiz and received Andi, or if I spelt my name Madeline, it was Malaya….

    Happy West Coastin’

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