friday, i’m in love


  • Center Stage turns 15! I happened to re-watch this cinematic classic last week; just as good as it was the first time. Oh ladies (and gents) that Charile! helllllo!
  • and then obviously Candy was my dance party song of choice for the afternoon. (best warm up evah!! if you want to see the best….WORST….lip syncing of life, watch the music video)
  • did you see this experiment on different methods of how to keep flowers fresh? hint: put them in the fridge overnight! easy peasy.
  • while recovering from the plagueherpes…face herpes (…cold sores) last weekend I sat on the couch, pity party for one style, and binge watched Madam Secretary. Y’all know how I love me a good political drama. For me, West Wing will forever be number one; House of Cards was horrible, and Madam Secretary was really good.
  • tv-ish things: first of all, I don’t really understand why people live-tweet things. I’ve said this before, right? Like, I totally get it when actors do; they’ll garner attention, interact with fans, it’s good for the show. But fans?! Why do you take to the twitter to state the obvious? Don’t you think instead of reading your monotonous play-by-play your friends would probably just like to watch the show you’ve (incredibly boringly) ruined for them?
  • tv things. Chicago Fire finale: why is Gabby with child? Whyyyyy? TV life was better when she and Casey were apart. Chicago PD: ahhh, bf Jay with the sniper shot. I can’t remember what else happened. Scandal finale: oh it was good! I loved how they wrapped it all up. But at the same time a little boring? Don’t tease me with “explosive” when nothing exploded. Except Jake’s kind-soul heart. Jaaaaake? Jake’s gotta come back! Work directly for Fitz perhaps? How do we feel about Lizzy’s manipulation? I do not dig it. Cy? I approve. He was on my last nerve. Vermont jam for errbody. Probably not Jake.

And because nothing else interesting happened this week, a few borrowed questions from an interview I read earlier this week:

  • daily breakfast? Monday-Wednesday + Friday: lemon greek yougart and berries, Thursday: oatmeal.
  • random pet peeve? when people don’t dress appropriately for the weather. And loud chewers.
  • dream vacation? Europe avec ma seour. (voilà! en français! Paris, je suit prêt!) The no advance plans version, of course.
  • irrational fear? running into people I know in public. I’m not good at small talk and usually look like crap on quick runs to the grocery store or library.
  • number one thing on your spring wishlist? a new, small crossbody purse. I’ve got my eye on a Rebecca Minkoff mini mac and a local boutique actually carries them….now for a spring sale and I just might treat myself.  Before that was a cut + colour which I checked off the list Wednesday.

Share time friends; please tell me your random pet peeve. Pretty please? I like to know we’re crazy together. 


3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I’m a lot of days late responding to this but I was busy making ice cream for you, me and Jake.

    Being single does suck and that article really spoke to me. Yeah, at times its awesome because I can sleep in the middle of the bed, but it’s also lonely to come home to a cold dark apartment at any time of the year. I want cuddles.

    Daily breakfast has been protein shakes. SO not exciting and I don’t love them but they’re keeping me on track and away from the carbs. Pancakes on Sundays though. Always pancakes on Sundays.

    Pet Peeve: animals or babies doing things unnatural to their state as animals or babies. Also, animals in clothing.

    Dream vacation: How about dream life? Living in a small town outside of London, running a bakery/bookstore, married with two little English kids that speak with accents and that I can dress like Jane and Michael from Mary Poppins.

    Irrational fear: Hmm. Not sure I have one. Legit fear is putting my foot in my mouth.

    Spring wish list: new nude flats. Not just any ones. Cole Hahn ones. And even at the Nordstrom Rack they are $100 😦

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