friday, i’m in love


  • if it’s also 30C+/90F in your ‘hood this weekend (OMG, why is it so hot? Yes, I’m complaining. Come back spring.) you should make Chrissy’s you-don’t-need-an-ice-cream-maker (!!) ice cream. We all know I don’t like chocolate ice cream but vanilla with a ton of mix-ins? Ah, ok! I love-hate her for this, of course.
  • i am very, very unpregnant but really, really want a snoogle. #thingsiwouldntknowaboutwithoutblogs I need a snoogle. I have pretty much built a pillow wall in half my bed but it’s not the same.
  • there’s a local bakery and restaurant that has taken to delivering a surprise lunch to businesses doing great work in our community. These are the things that really warm my heart.
  • the worrier’s guide to life. HA! I need to find this at the library. Stickers for accomplishing hard things? Need! A map of a introvert’s heart? Perfection!
  • “did you know that you can turn regular pinecones into gold-covered pinecones with the simple addition of some gold?” A Day in the Life of Pinterest. so funny. Another book to search for at the library.
  • note: neither of the books have been purchased by the Guelph Library. Which is probably fine (not really) because I’m on the hold list for 5 books currently on order. They also don’t have Gilmore Girls. And haven’t ordered Suits season four. And they don’t have The Good Wife for my binge watching pleasure. Sometimes I don’t know why I pretend we’re best friends (me and the library, of course).  And yes, I know these are all on Netflix and no I don’t have enough GB on my account to watch more than like 7 episodes a month and work from home emailing large documents and photo files.
  • tv things: New Girl finale was not bad. It’s been blah all year but the last few minutes were good. Chicago PD: enjoyable like always, yep yep. Scandal: WHAT? YES! Great episode. Season finale predictions? Being the only person who couldn’t stand Mindy and Danny together, I’m completely unshocked FOX didn’t renew the series. Last season was so boring. She goes from being a girl-about-town to long-term relationship with a baby on the way in one season. I love Mindy Kaling, she’s great, but couldn’t single girls (me. It’s all about me) just have one funny, smart show that revolves around a single/dating, self-sufficient, educated female? Obviously not. And don’t quote Scandal to me because everything Olivia does is to impress, manipulate, or smite a man.
  • cue the kittens.
  • I’m still a little sick of tulips but bought some blush ones (my favourite) last week when they grocery store packaged 15/$5 instead of 10/$5. How do you resist?

6 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I’m sad about the Mindy Project. I agree with your point but still love it. I hope it lives on and gets more interesting. Also that worrier’s guide to life is perfect for me, haha.

    • While I don’t dig baby Castellano, I would like if it were still on. Maybe Netflix. Hulu (as rumoured) doesn’t help much for Canadians.
      ps: was thinking about you this morning, made a huge batch of cold brew yesterday to have for the week. hooray 90F weekend!

  2. It was like 74 and gross humid on my way to work today which is near my limit. I also had the horrid “sweat dripping down my legs” on the train today, which means while we’re nearing the time that you stop complaining about the weather, I will start.

    Almost out of the four tubs of ice cream that were in my fridge. Time to make more, of the no churn variety. You know you love me for it.

    Definitely need Tees and thanks for that. Also really needed your post today because…Friday…I’m over this week.

    • Oh complaining about the weather is my favourite. A good 20C/70F is perfect, after that I’m not a fan.

      Next time whipping cream is on sale I’ll pick some up to make no-churn; I’m very much looking forward to it.

      Hopefully the weekend is better than this week.

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