friday, i’m in love


  • HOW IS IT MAY?! HOWWWWW? Oh yah, 1 month of working in Georgia (don’t hate me), 3 months of hibernation, snow in April, 20°C for a week, then snow and freezing again, then May!
  • sandals for brunch on Sunday? yes I think so. (I got these ones a few weeks ago on sale at Old Navy, of course, there’s always a sale at ON; I think they’re simple and cute, and I can finally wear them)
  • yes, more camel coloured footwear; how….unshocking.
  • is anyone else missing a gene that produces post-exercise endorphins? I actually have no idea where endorphins come from…I’m assuming it’s the same feeling as eating cake…but I am a cranky (expletive) after working out. 5 km walks? undivided time to think about all the things bothering me and then am cold for hours after. An hour of hot yoga? So un-zen. SO UN-ZEN. But my skin is soft, so there’s that…
  • AND YES, THE PLANK CHALLENGE IS OVER! No, I didn’t make it to 90 seconds straight through but more 55, 10 second rest, 35. And they’re still stupid. And my back has hurt for a g’damn month.
  • previous list of things found on my balcony: lemon, toothbrush, pink harmonica, purple ping pong balls. This week add: pencil, vacuum attachment, hat, spoon, mini plastic pink cola bottle.
  • has anyone listened to the new (came out last week) Alabama Shakes album? I have not but have been listening to Boys & Girls this week and all the songs kind of sound the same; but I still like it. Good working tunes. What about new Zac Brown Band (came out Tuesday)? Also, I have not. I did however listen to the original Backstreet Boys album (which came out in 1996, oy) and Hanson. And it’s totally Arkell’s season. Music has seasons right? You feel me. You know.
  • need to get my hair cut and coloured this month; but first, finding some inspiration. Why do like 0.2% of people on pinterest have red-tone highlights? Gingers are people, too. As are wannabe redheads! Give me inspiration, pinterest! But if you’re looking for a short-ish, wavy, wispy, light brown with gradual blonde tips, I have found a great model alllll over the internets.
  • tv things: Scandal! Because Jakers still lives: 27 reasons to love Cpn. Jake Ballard! I caught up on last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Wednesday and well, that’s just effing crazy. Ok ok, I’ve already said watching Grey’s is like watching a train wreck, you know you shouldn’t and it’s gonna be bad, but you do. That’s me and Grey’s. Derek was already in DC; couldn’t he have stayed? He saved 4 people and then got hit by a semi? Really? WTF? The Chicago Fire – Chicago PD – SVU Crossover was super. But then I started thinking I liked Hart of Dixie because, while kooky, no one was murdered. No one was raped. There was just some tomfoolery and trickery. Harmless stuff. But daaaaamn, bf Jay looks good in a suit. Right?!
  • so many cute boys on TV and gay bloggers I have chosen to be my life mates. Somehow none have materialized at my door. #lifeishard
  • remember a few (more than a few?) weeks ago when I linked to the amazing Kent Youngstrom collection on Lulu & Georgia? I’ll assume you said yes. Well, I’m finishing up a Set Yo’ Space Workshop that focuses on simple things to make your workspace/studio/home more beautiful. I highly suggest it if you’re interested (I’ll let you know when the next one is). It’s free and happens via email and a private FB group. Really, I’m just here to brag because most of my home already follows 97% of what is outlined each day and I imagine he’s really thinking “gosh you’re my favourite!” (Some people have atrocious taste #sorrynotsorry. In which case, I hope they’re really benefiting from the series.)

ps: for the amount that I’ve talked about cake in the last 2 weeks, which is a lot, I have eaten zero cake. I am both proud and disappointed in myself. 

pps: oh that’s not true. I just remembered we had birthday ice cream cake 2 weeks ago then birthday cheesecake last week for my Dad. But like no cake with frosting. And that was celebrating; you have to have cake. And I shared both times. 


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I do get the high from exercise, but only certain kinds. Unlike your sister, NOT barre class. Not boot camp. Spinning yes, especially if its a dance party, which spin usually is.

    I need spring shoes. My boat shoes are like, a dingy beige. Bordering the “bum” look.

    International Dance Day ended up meaning Frankie Valli. Haven’t check out the new ZBB yet, but I think I’ll do that today.

    I’m so behind on Scandal I don’t know when I’m going to catch up, but I’m still #TeamJake because, as stated in that link, He is stupid hot.

    Let me know about the next class because my space needs help. Blah.

    Cake! Yes. I want to make some so bad but then I eat it and I already have four types of ice cream in my freezer right now. How do you decide which to eat at the end of the day? You don’t. You eat some of each.

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