cream + sugar

I’m fairly certain it’s no surprise that coffee shops are one of my favourite places. Whether it’s grabbing a drink or working for the morning or stealing a little wifi, coffee shops and cafes are pretty much the best. THE PEOPLE WATCHING! We sourced out a great one in Vancouver (Timbertrain), a habit that I think sister and I will be doing for many more of our vacations. Look for the little, independently owned (or small franchise); they have cute interiors (don’t rush, take your time, look around, they’re gorgeous) and friendly baristas that seriously know how to make an exceptional latte.


Dineen Coffee Co in Toronto:dineen

Balzac’s in Guelph, which coincidentally has the same tiles as Dineen: balzac

Analog in Calgary: (the inside is also super cute – and how handsome is Martin? – but the A on the outside is my fave)analog

Timbertrain in BC: (so good and smooth; must go if you’re in Vancouver)timertrain

Salt Spring at the Ferry Terminal in BC:saltspring

Mirage in Victoria:


And of course, Café du Monde in New Orleans! cafedumonde

I have a Starbucks across the street so my new travel motto is to try one of a kind coffee shops along the way and now I can’t wait to hit the road just so I can get photos of so many more cute cafes…maybe one of the USA’s 50 best coffee shops? Maybe one of these 25 in Canada?? (also highly recommend Higher Ground in Calgary – the coconut latte, so good. Or Revolver in Vancouver. Or Ella’s Uncle in Toronto. Or Red Brick in Guelph. And definitely have the Phil & Sebastian roast in Calgary; strong but good.)

Take a break. Notice the little things. And savour iced latte weather!


Have a favourite? Please share! I’m always looking for a new place. 


3 thoughts on “cream + sugar

  1. analog is still my favourite. too bad i can never seem to find a seat. when you are here in June i’ll take you to corbeaux so you can see how cute that is, too. and to yann haute – no coffee, just pastry…drool…the best hazelnut or almond croissants i’ve ever had…what were we talking about?

  2. Next time you’re in Calgary, take a road trip an hour north and I’ll take you ladies to Dose. It’s the BEST. Also, we have a coffee shop on a double decker bus. It’s also the best.

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