friday, i’m in love


  • event planning was hands down my favourite part of my past 2 jobs. It was incredibly stressful but rewarding and really let my occasional OCD shine. These party planning tips are some of the best I’ve seen. Planning something? Need more help? Please email me; I would seriously love to help you.
  • remember that time I decided to move (but haven’t put my apt up for sale yet) and there is nothing available right now where I want? (Unsurprisingly, I’m being extremely picky about the new apartment.) And now every.single.little.thing about my current home drives me insane; things I’m 94% sure I didn’t notice until I made up my mind that I would move. Among other things (like hearing water rushing in pipes and doors slamming and neighbours partying), there has been a lemon, toothbrush, pink harmonica, and purple ping pong balls found on my balcony at some point over the last 2 weeks. Can you say “hello I live in a University town and exams just ended”? (BUT um, if you wanna buy my apartment, I swear it’s not really that bad and is a nice place and I would like you to buy it when the time comes)
  • 60 seconds: the plank that broke me.
  • I really try not to complain on Fridays…except when it snows and is well below freezing in the last week of April. Goodness gracious. You know it was Earth Day on Wednesday and how Starbucks was giving out free coffee/tea with a reusable mug? Well, someone (me) went to 2 Starbucks locations to get 2 free mugs of coffee; I decided I deserved it because the east coast of North America did not contribute to the earth’s rising temperatures over the part 4 months. Hello coldest February ever.
  • tv series things: True Detective S1 was not for me. The internets seemed to love it and I thought it was kind of boring and drawn out. Probably better for watching weekly, not binge watching. I’m likely the only person on the planet who isn’t a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, so, that didn’t help either.
  • tv things: I have no opinion on Mills leaving Chicago Fire; didn’t love him, didn’t hate him, now only if Gabby would go to North Carolina, too, I’d be happy. Scandal: Jake Ballard lives! Obvs. Because #tvisreallife I have been completely unaffected this past week because I was so confident Jake wasn’t dead.
  • I chatted with my sister for nearly 3 hours last night. About cake. And people who make us smile. And people we hate. And cake. It was so great.
  • (and then I was going to go to bed but watched the West Coast feed of Scandal instead and it was so worth it.)
  • I’m having a bit of a love affair with gummy cherries. Not sour gummy cherries, no sugar on the outside, just gummy cherries, which is great, but…
  • …I’m also kind of hating exercise. Other than “getting over yourself” do you have advice for getting over nerves/fears of trying new fitness classes when none of your friends can come with you? I’m kind-of crazy paranoid about not knowing what to do in new classes. I know most people don’t judge the newbies, but I get really annoyed when the new kids in yoga set up their mat in front of me and don’t know what they’re doing and throw me off. Also, cause I’m an asshole (it’s honesty Friday ’round here), I get really annoyed when the instructor very plainly explains a pose and people do it wrong. Which part of straight front leg do you not understand? Yah, THIS is why I’m abnormally terrified to go to new classes alone. I don’t want to be the newbie loser throwing off someone’s game.

7 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

    • Last week was really, really nice, then this week hovering around freezing and snow; I mean, not a lot, but it’s the end of April. It was also -11C this morning and that’s just too damn cold. My timehop tells me this is kind-of the norm for this week. Sucks. Gets warmer tomorrow though, thank goodness.

  1. High five on the 60 second plank. Working towards 2 minutes now, right? Totally doable.

    I get the newbie thing. I always hole up in a back corner and hope to go unnoticed until I feel more comfortable.

    • Today is 70 seconds; but more like 30 seconds-10sec break-40 seconds. Working towards 90 seconds by the end of the month; considering how hard the last few days have been (shaking, back pain) I’m not I can do 90 seconds straight, but 90 seconds of planks within a 2 minute span and I’d be pretty happy.

  2. I’m hating my place right now too. The difference is that I don’t have to sell mine to move out, but I’d probably end up paying at least $400 more month for the kind of place i want. No bueno. I instead bought a new duvet cover and some pictures for my apartment. It’s the little things.

    I hate planks! As someone who has to fight extra hard to be in any sort of shape (damn PCOS!), i get myself to the gym because I hate nothing more than feeling fat and gross and having my clothes not fit (and I refuse to buy more clothes). Plus, I like cake. As far as getting myself to classes by myself, I have never had friends that exercised, so I always had to go alone, and its there that I met my workout friend Kate! That was 6 years ago. You may bond over something as stupid as good class music, which is how Kate and I became friends.

    And I always watch the west coast feed of Bones ,and it’s so fun! Happy Saturday!

    • Oh yay! An apartment re-do with new bedding and prints is super fun.

      Maybe part of the problem is I also don’t love/aren’t intrigued by classes?? Complaining I’m good at, going to the gym, not so much.

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