friday, i’m in love


  •! NOW NOW. (eggless) cookie dough ice cream bites. (let’s be honest, eggs really weren’t stopping me from eating cookie dough)
  • it’s April; barely past the middle of the month. Why is everyone talking about summer? Yes, it’s been really nice this week; really, really nice. But internet, calm the eff down. One day at a time. Enjoy spring. There aren’t even buds on the trees here. ONE DAY AT A TIME. Enjoy today.
  • although I’m pumped it’s iced coffee weather!
  • I don’t have a bike but if I did it would have this cute floral handlebar. The cruiser with the basket with the flowers. Perfect.
  • I’m up to a 50 second plank. I haven’t died but I don’t have abs either. Not seeing the value just quite yet. And no, 50 second planks do not make me feel powerful or strong they make me feel like I hate planks.
  • it seems that after 20 years of using a dryer I’ve forgotten how one functions. My dryer? Not broken. You just have to set the time then turn it on. My oven? Definitely does not work. My bank account? Not hacked. My debit card? Expired. Me? Definitely had a mini meltdown on Saturday night laying on the floor listening to the adult contemporary music channel. Obviously I broke the ice cream fast and invited Ben & Jerry over for dinner.
  • I booked my flight to go visit sister in Alberta in June! aka: the most exciting purchase I’ve made all year. The hardest part is waiting; every day of my Ontario life for the next 7 weeks is gonna seem to boring and unmountainous.
  • tv series things: watched season 1 of The Affair last weekend. After the first episode I thought it was a bit slow and boring, but maaaan, it sucks you in, and you need to know what happens. I like how it was told from 2 perspectives. Finishing up the last few episodes of Friday Night Lights (have watched it all previously) probably this afternoon. It’s such a great series; perfect to watch while I work.
  • tv things: as expected, Grey’s Anatomy was anti-climactic and boring. Scandal! Liv, guuurl, you need to get yo-self on Tinder because meeting the fellas in coffee shops (Jake) and bars (Russell) isn’t working. Y’all; you KNEW Russell was gonna be more than her man friend, right? Not impressed. And poor Jakers this season. Honey needs to stop being on the losing side of every fight. #teamjake.

8 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I AM SO BEHIND ON SCANDAL. I don’t’ know when I’m going to catch up, but a glimpse at twitter last night tells me things are not good for #teamjake. Still, I heart Jake. Tinder isn’t’ working for me so perhaps I should try bars and coffee shops?

    Nothing wrong with easy listening for the over 30s. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    I made 4 batches of ice cream last week and have eaten it for dinner almost every night since then. Not so good for my fitness pal.

    I do pretty hard yoga multiple times a week and I have no abs either. And it’s called “CORE power yoga.”

    People who don’t eat cookie dough because of raw eggs are unreasonably paranoid. Let me tell you I’ve been doing it consistently for 33 years and have yet to fall ill. I’m not even knocking on wood.

  2. I LOVE planks. Once I worked up to a 5 minute plank just to say I could.

    I feel like if you’re coming in June, I should make an effort to drive down to YYC and come meet both of you ladies 😀

    • 5 minutes? You are my hero! Congrats! I think today is a minute and I’m nervous. BUT, the plank combos in yoga on thursday was less awful than past weeks.
      Yay yay! We’ll keep you updated on when we’re in calgary (may head to banff or Waterton) but I’m out west June 4-11.

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