friday, i’m in love


  • includes: anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laughter. PMS ice cream; this needs to be a thing.
  • I’m sure all the cool kids knew Wednesday was Rex Manning Day. Yes of course I watched Empire Records to celebrate. And then wondered how the hell it was ok to watch when I was 12. (sister says it was really about love and thus acceptable. This is also how we rationalized Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Grease 2…and if you don’t like Grease 2 then I don’t like you)
  • Wednesday was also Day of Pink. #onwednesdayswewearpink #youCANsitwithus. Let’s teach kids kindness!
  • good eats this week: pasta (angel hair/spaghetti) + chicken + snap peas + bean sprouts + napa cabbage + peanut sauce + teriyaki sauce. Chilled in the fridge, so good. And obviously I made a week’s worth ’cause cooking blows; I’ve been eating it for lunch or supper all week. Wednesday was a truly remarkable (read: horribly boring) evening where I had 2 kinds of salad for dinner. I mean, they were both good – this thai noodle salad and a small caprese salad – but 2 salads. And pretzel buns! PRETZEL BUNSSSSSS!
  • I totes want a gay bf to whisk me away to Europa! (because sometimes, the idea of a straight bf sounds exhausting…) “The ornate parts of Versailles pretty much made me wanna vom but the simpler parts were just stunning.”  You must must must read Orlando’s blog on the regular; even if you aren’t into home decor (which, WHO ARE YOU? everyone likes pretty things), he’s absolutely hilarious and the writing style is captivating and tells a story and makes you wanna be besties. Ahem, Orlando? Wanna be my bestie? I can’t speak French like your smokin’ hot gaybf and live in the boring part of Canada, but um, well, I’m sure we can find some middle ground like my dry, sarcastic sense of humour, desire to drink lattes all day, and stare at pretty abstract works of art.
  • cake batter chapstick > all other kinds. Whoa whoa Canadians, don’t get all excited, I’ve never actually seen these north of the border (#whycantwehavenicethings). I got mine in Georgia over Christmas and it’s 8000x better than the slightly medicinal, tangy sting of regular/cherry/mint chapstick. And it smells like cake!
  • BASEBALL! Oh why yes, I did watch multiple games over nearly 12 hours on Monday. It started with a Jays win in NYC and I went to bed as the Giants were winning in Arizona and caught a bit of the Mets, Nationals, Red Sox, Phillies, Angels, Mariners, Padres, Dodgers, Indians, and Astros in between. Thank you Sportsnet and multiple TSN networks.
  • tv things! Loved the Chicagos this week. Chicago Fire didn’t bore with stupid decisions and ridiculous relationships (except the end; I do not ship it Casey & Dawson! GUYS….I used “ship it” in a sentence correctly, and it’s so lame, and I hate myself for it and I’m totally leaving it in there to prove how hip I am). I’m digging the Chicago Med tie-ins. Chicago PD was ON FLEEK. (GUYS! I did that on purpose. I won’t ever say ship it or on fleek ever again….probably….). But seriously; Elias Koteas who plays Olinsky was phenomenal! SUITS and Rookie Blue both start up again on June 25th! I still want Sawyer to win The Voice and I still want Adam to sing me lullabies while I fall asleep (ohhh, I meant to say that in my inside voice…).
  • I’m gonna go back and punch 11-days-ago-Allison for thinking a beginner plank-a-day challenge would be a good idea for April. She was wrong.
  • I was a huge carnation hater. Thought they were the worst, cheapest, most pitiful flower at the grocery store. And in red, they still are. BUT, I bought white ones with pink fringed edges at the grocery store this week. 8/$5, they’re still going strong, and are quite lovely. As long as they aren’t red, I may be coming around. I’ve got them grouped tightly with the tops just peeking out of my gold glitter mason jar in my office.
  • cotton scented candles.


Have any weekend plans? I haven’t decided what I’m doing. Probably vacuuming my couch (slip cover that attracts every hair, speck of dust and piece of lint), some Starbucks, potentially trying to paint a few nicks in my wall, maybe watching The Affair or True Detective, maybe some blog stuff. It would be really single-girl-sad to go see the new Nicholas Sparks movie by myself, right? I should wait and get it from the libs?


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. So needed this post today! Why? Because “guess what Dr. So-and-so, I’m working on 50 other contracts besides yours. Leave me alone.”

    I don’t have PMS, but it appears I need that ice cream. Love the containers!

    I was so Grease obsessed when I was like 14. Grease and Happy Days and anything from the 70s that pretended it was the 50s. Thank you, Nick at Nite.

    Two salads. Yikes. I had two soups. Is that better? I’ve also resorted to cooking like, once a week. Who am I? Bored of cooking, even with Brazilian food on the horizon.

    You must find yourself a gbf. I have one and he’s oh so fabulous. Also, we went to Versailles together 10 (gasp!) years ago. Thanks for the new blog suggestion- if you like it I’m sure I’ll like it because we’re twins.

    Except when it comes to baseball. I just can’t. But I want to! But, I can’t.

    Core stuff= the worst.

    This weekend, I plan on experimenting with creating peanut butter cookie ice cream. My house=disaster, and I will also probably vacuum by brown couches for the same reason as you above. I also might have to hands and knees scrub my floor because it’s gross. And I totally also want to go see the NS movie. If you go, let us know how it is!

    • Oh I have gay besties, I collect them, I could just use another one.
      I’d say for the last 3 weeks I’ve cooked on just Monday because I know I’ll just have cereal if I don’t cook for the entire week.
      Oh, I need to scrub the floors too. Why don’t they clean themselves??

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