friday, i’m in love


easter things?

  • cutest DIY dye-dipped typography eggs for adults…or teens…I guess kids, too. But love it more for an older fam-jam. Okay, yes, this DIY is a little complicated at first glance; but what about eggs dipped in a similar colour (aren’t they the greatest colours??!!) plus a gold sharpie? Yes yes! What was that? You want me to DIY that next Easter? Done. And some with glitter? Ok, twist my arm. Non-slacker easter DIY coming at ya in 2016.
  • let’s chat easter food. Are you a dinner family? Brunch? Not Christian and really dig Friday off and the fact potatoes are on sale at every grocery store? Since sis moved out west the parents and I have opted for brunch at the country club for holidays. (we are so not rich or fancy…….also, my Dad thinks brunch is 1pm…..and fortheloveofbrunch if there is no carrot cake left because we had to “brunch” in the middle of the afternoon this bunny is gonna be pissssssed.)
  • anyhoo, if you’re cooking, I highly suggest scalloped potatoes because a) spuds are on sale, b) they seem like an easter thing, and c) I’m craving them. And you should totally glaze your ham in orange marmalade. And you should not make green bean casserole because no one likes it and cream of mushroom soup (which, why??) is gross. You should absolutely make carrot cake because bunnies like carrots and if all else fails just make a lot of cream cheese icing and have another mimosa.

other things

  • 8:30 pm? so tired. Like never been more tired in my whole life. 12:30am so g’damn wide awake. So g’damn wide awake after coaxing myself to go to sleep for hours. By 2am I’ve essentially never felt more awake. And the only stress in my life is an overwhelming ice cream craving but showing extreme restraint and not buying any.
  • …because can you say hello jeans 6, 7, and 8. Because no, pairs 1-5 didn’t work. Also, if maybe I could grow about 2 inches before I attempt number 9, that would be splendid. Oh oh, #8 was a winner; thank you Old Navy and your crops that fit like pants. #shortgirlproblems
  • Target closes on April 8th. I’m more distraught than you’d imagine. But if we’re real life friends and I’ve seen you since January, you are completely not surprised because it’s all I talk about. Target? I know how you could have stayed open. We should have chatted. I still love you. Maybe I’ll see you in Buffalo? But teeeears. So sad. SO SAD.
  • things I never crave and can’t stop thinking about? Cheetos.
  • also, Chicago Mix popcorn. Which I do crave and do think about on the regular. If you can’t be in Chicago get the G.H. Cretors mix (I don’t know what’s up with that crazy price); I can find it at Costco, grocery stores, Target. The other kinds are no where near as good.
  • tv things! Chicago PD: loved it; fast paced, intense, a little surgery on the dining room table, and bf Jay giving a little lip. Scandal: oh baby baby. I haven’t really liked the last couple episodes. I thought the Ferguson-esque one went too far (in my opinion) and the last two have been a bit boring, but we’re back to classic Scandal unexpected twists. It was amazing. Last week’s Hart of Dixie finale? Could have done without the spontaneous musical number near the end, but I really liked it, and hoping it miraculously comes back since it hasn’t been officially cancelled.
  • it was 15C Thursday and will be below freezing and snowing Saturday, Sunday, Monday. For goodness sakes…
  • I’ve been working with a few clients in Vancouver this week; aka: working 8:30-5ish with Ontario peeps and then till 8:30pm with Vancouver peeps Tuesday – Thursday. I’m so happy today is a holiday. I will be sleeping in. (I’m writing this Thursday night…how much do you wanna bet I don’t sleep in?? Then again it’s supposed to be rainy/cloudy in the morning so there’s hope. But I doubt it.) I will walk over to Starbucks. I will do a lot of nothing for the rest of the day.
  • major spring cleaning will happen at some point in the next few days; probably not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next weekend.

2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. We didn’t have off today 😦 BUT I skipped out at 3 to go to yoga, so I stuck it to The Man for making us work today. Easter was never really a big deal in my house, but now as grown up, I guess brunch. My friend and I are going out at 12:15, so more lunch than brunch.

    Serious note; my friend was having similar spikes of energy at weird times. Have your cortisol checked. For realz.

    Ya for finding jeans! If I ever find myself in Buffalo (love) we should meet up at Target and then go get some frozen custard at Anderson’s.

    You really like Chicago food! Send me a list and I’ll send you a care package haha.

    My tshirts that I don’t wear are outta control. That will probably be remedied this weekend. But right now, I need to go finish frosting cupcakes.

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