oh hello, april


singing: in the car…not the shower.

making: caprese sammies for lunch this week. so good.

cooking: is stew cooking? yes? then my 6th and potentially last pot of beef stew till fall. Maybe not. There’s a lot of rain in the forecast. Rain = stew/soup.

drinking: iced coffee! (it just needs to consistently be over…um…about 5C. I love iced coffee weather)

reading: Still Alice.

wanting: ice cream.

looking: forward to seeing my dad Sunday to get all the goodies I left in Georgia in January and all the Dunkin’ he bought for me since.

playing: (played?) hooky on Monday. Mostly. I pretended it was Sunday in between a few work emails.

wishing: for some spring warmth and sunshine. Yes I do say this every month. Looks like cool and rainy.

enjoying: re-watching Friday Night Lights while I work. How does Julie (kinda) pick the Swede over Matty? And I know it happens but doesn’t happen (I’m at S2), but don’t you just want to save Tim and lead him on a path of doing good things and not drinking too much? And and, can Jason get a haircut? And and and, I still want Tami to be my spirit animal.

crushing: on Matty? tv boyfriends? iced coffee? (all of the above)

wondering: if I’ll find a decent pair of jeans any time soon.

eating: sourdough bread like it’s my job. What was that? Oh no, sometimes I don’t wonder why jeans don’t fit right…I know.

marveling: at how much better life is when the sun doesn’t set at 4:40pm.

needing: some flowers. Is there Metro in provinces other than Ontario? If there is, you should go. I popped in Saturday to pick up a bouquet for a friend and they have a better selection than my Zehrs/Superstore and at good prices. American friends, don’t talk to me. You have Whole Foods and Trader Joes and big city peeps have corner bodegas (which are the best).

hoping: my genius idea to do a beginner plank-a-day challenge this month goes well. My yoga teacher is loving planks and plank/up dog variations and it makes my core die. Not in a good way. So I’m hoping to make them abs a bit stronger.

smelling: not much. Hello allergy sniffles.

wearing: not jeans. My fave new navy cardigan from The Gap. (like this one…but navy…and somehow it was only $6…so obvs I bought 2)

perfecting: how to apply mascara. I like a curved brush, apply from base to tip rolling the brush up, allow to dry quickly, curl with lash curler, apply second coat going from base to tip in a sawing/back and forth motion to fan out lashes/avoid clumps. Works like a charm for me. Lash curlers are not scary.

loving: my New Balance 550 v3’s. Got them in Georgia in December and am finally getting a chance to wear them regularly to grab groceries/coffee and they’re the best. Cobalt sneakers definitely make you smile.

watching: Chicago PD humor (oh Americans and your lack of “u”s) clips on youtube. They aren’t so much funny as they pack all the good stuff into a few minutes. And West Wing reruns. And deciding which to start first: The Affair, Elementary, or Girls S4. And hoping Sawyer wins The Voice; that kid is amazing! Indie all the way.

listening: to Zac Brown Band.

noticing: that a lot of people complain on twitter. Especially about bad service. (and after a rough weather winter, y’all, West Jet can’t do anything about your delayed flight due to a snow storm. It sucks. It does. Put down your phone.)

dreaming: of mountains.

opening: day. Jays start the season Monday in NY against the Yankees and the Giants are in Arizona to play the Diamond Backs (I will not call them the DBs. I mean I want to, but won’t)

giggling: at the WWJD joke I made about an easter conundrum. It was so wrong but felt so right.

feeling: like I’m waiting for something to happen.


6 thoughts on “oh hello, april

  1. Ah, I want some caprese salad or sandwiches now. I’m waiting for it just to get slightly warmer before I switch over to mostly iced coffee. Happy April!


    I also played hookey on Monday. I baked a lot of things. See, same person.
    As much as I sing everywhere else, I also don’t sing in the shower. I just want to get in, and get out (unless I’m cold. Then I stay…just a little bit longer…).
    Still Alice= tears
    Made stew yesterday. Turns out 45F still requires tights. I did not wear tights today. I’m cold.
    Gap’s Long and Leans save me. No “hangover.” (of course, every body is different which is why jeans are the worst and dresses are the best. Speaking of dresses, I have been buying all the ones I see. Thankfully, free return shipping. My credit card is hoping that most of them make me look like a cow and I send them back).
    I will try your mascara tip. I have long straight Asian-hair eyelashes that don’t curl well, so I will try your method.
    Always dreaming of mountains.
    ALSO still feel like something’s going to happen, which is making me feel extremely extremely unsettled lately.
    Happy Fool’s Day!

    • Yah, it’s about 45ish today too, and I’m still wearing a long sleeve t and sweater. Cold for life.
      My credit card is all “you bought more jeans” and then a week later “oh, yah, you returned them all again”. Pairs 6, 7, 8 arrived today. I don’t have ice cream/candy/treats of any kind to eat my feelings so one of them better fit. Famous last words…
      Singing in the car is the best!

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