friday, i’m in love


  • sourdough + mashed avocado (with lots of lime, like always) + bacon = the closest thing I’ve felt to love. But I only bought 1 avocado at the grocery store because the emotional range between perfectly ripe and completely gross is too much to handle sometimes and I can’t deal with the disappointment of multiple semi-rotten vessels of pure joy.
  • why is making dinner the worst part of my day, everyday?
  • my second cup of coffee, usually iced, is the best part.
  • tv series things: am I the only one who didn’t like House of Cards? (probably) I watched season one over what seemed like the longest 13 hours of my life. Why are manipulative psychopaths so popular these days?? (ahem, like my least favourite book ever, Gone Girl)  West Wing > House of Cards. So, since we’re on the topic, I’m watching West Wing again after too many days of “buuuut I need more Josh in my life”. And since we’re on the topic again, remember how I had the mostest-hugest tv crushy-crush on Josh Lyman (the character) and how he’s (now) only 5 years younger than my Dad but I heart 16 years ago Josh and since time-travel is totes legit in TV land, TV Josh is still 36 and stuck in 1999/early 2000s while I have gracefully aged 15-16 years and we’re essentially only a few years apart. It’s magical. I also feel much, much smarter; but mostly because I’m 31 and not 15. OMG, 15 year old would probably also be in love with Josh. Ok, I need to stop talking about fake love….
  • you’re following menandcoffee on instagram, right? BEST!
  • i know y’all know my most fabulous sister; well, she just finished a 3 week intro-to-crossfit session and not only beat the boys most days but in last night’s final class, a re-do of class 1, my little superstar finished first and shaved 3:30 off her time……in pink pants and a pink hair bow no less. While I cried at yoga. Twice.
  • tv things. Scandal: Olivia, honey, just call Jake. Fitz and Jake just chillin’ and chattin’ is amazing. Mindy Project: no.
  • I just need the whole world to stop for like a day. To just sleep and not be asked a stupid question. To not feel like the internet is laughing at me. For the windchill to not get so far into my bones I can’t get warm for hours. For the neighbours to turn the bass down and stop checking a basketball into my wall. For jeans to fit and sweaters to be long enough. For people to stop being mean.
  • however, I need Keep Me In Mind and Lost Stars to be on repeat as much as possible on my iTunes.

10 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I’ve been buying tons of avocados lately, and what I’ve been doing is buying those smaller ones that come in bags of 4-6 avocados – they’re usually not ripe yet, so you have to wait a couple days, but I haven’t had a bad one yet! they’re cheaper, and they’ll keep in the fridge once they’re the right ripeness (meanwhile, EVERY SINGLE large already ripe more expensive one I’ve bought has been awful)

  2. Thanks for the head’s up on the tanks. Definitely need some.

    You can never have too much Josh Lyman. Or CJ Cregg for that matter (girl crush on Allison Janney).

    Also, cheater way to tell if an avocado is ripe- in the grocery, pick the stem hole (you know what I’m talking about?) off. If it’s yellow, it’s good! If it looks black or dark, the inside will be too.

    • I know about the avocado trick; I but them still under ripe and let them ripen n my counter, but was having so much bad luck with them being rotten/brown on the inside. So sad. On sale this week, so I’m hoping for the best…

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