friday, i’m in love


  • pink balloons for the Starbucks launch of La Boulange in Canada. You don’t even know how happy the pink sleeves make me. I want to stock pile them so I can always have a pink coffee sleeve.
  • isn’t that the most rad brick wall? I want one!
  • remember last week’s love for Kent Youngstrom art from Lulu & Georgia? And then when I was crying cause L&G doesn’t ship to Canada? GOOD NEWS! You can find a bunch of Mr. Youngstrom’s prints on Amazon. I also thought I solved the rug issue when I found Urban Outfitters ships to Canada…..but not most of their home accessories. For goodness sakes, CANADA; WHY CAN’T I HAVE NICE THINGS???!!!!
  • the good news, I didn’t look for a new couch this week. So, yay?
  • buuuuut I have been looking for a very large light-coloured abstract canvas for my living room. And I found it at HomeSense and then I went to the store next to it to have a quick peek at what they had (nothing good), then back to HomeSense and someone BOUGHT IT. Y’all, I’m really really bad at making quick decisions and there is no time to think at HomeSense, and when something is gonna put me back $200 I need more than 30 seconds. G’DAMN. Then I went to Winners and bought deeply discounted (for no particular reason) camel suede ballet flats that I completely don’t need and are fairly impractical for March/April/May puddles. But when the hot couple scoop your canvas you buy shoes that are 96% cheaper. Girl math.
  • things I actually don’t need: art, rug, couch (I do but I don’t, mine is fine), shoes. Someone (in the states, where we can order nice things) let me redecorate your house?
  • in the column of things I totally need: I ordered 4 pairs of jeans yesterday and for the love of my (very) fragile self-esteem at least one of them better fit. And maybe a navy cardigan that hopped in the cart because it was 83% off. I love a deal and I LOVE navy. And you know, still cold here.
  • tv things! The Voice: I care but I don’t. I just want to be on Team Adam. Scandal: didn’t watch, I chatted with my sister instead, which is so much better. Picking up House of Cards S1 today. And am still thinking about how much I loved The West Wing.
  • without Suits and Chicago PD on on Wednesday I lucked out and found The Theory of Everything at the library, watched it instead and……..didn’t cry. Everyone warned me it was so, so sad. Nothing. I don’t even know what’s wrong with my emotions these days. (says the girl who has totally cried over spilled milk). Great story though; and phenomenal acting. That (studly) Eddie Redmayne is fabulous. Tell me you’ve seen him in My Week with Marilyn??
  • I love my curling wand (thanks laur) but have been a bigger fan of the day 2 wave and usually would wash and curl my hair (holding about 12 seconds around the wand) the evening before I had plans. Well, 7 seconds and a loose wrap = day 2 waves on day 1. It really is the little things.

5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Come redecorate my house! I have a wall that needs filling.

    You should plan a road trip to Chicago this summer because 1) cake batter M&Ms 2) we can go to the U-O store, and I can pre-order things for your arrival for you to take home 3) Perfect place to wear what sound to be fabulous camel flats. While there is the potential for it to be weird because we haven’t actually met in person, any weirdness can be mitigated by watching Netflix and baking cookies (Girl logic).

    I curl my hair with an iron every day. Is a wand really that superior?

    Gah. I want to watch Theory of Everything. Maybe I will this weekend and I also wanted to see My Week with Marilyn. Maybe it will be an Eddie weekend if I can secure these movies. Also, v. behind on Scandal and Reign. Must do that too. I also have to bake an apple tart and a chocolate cake, perfect movie/tv snacks, methinks.

    • OMG – if the dollar wasn’t complete shit I would def plan a trip. I’m pretty sure we’d get over the awkwardness quickly with all the eating, shopping, and TV binge watching we’d be doing. And you know, Chicago must be nice when it’s under 100 degrees with 800% humidity…which was the forecast the last time I was there.

      A wand is the only thing to hold a curl in my finicky hair. Probably because I bought a cheap curling iron, but still. I do love it and now am just playing with making the curls looks more day-at-the beach.

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