friday, i’m in love


  • so many links today y’all! I’m not even a little sorry…it’s Friday, take a blog break, read some hilarious stories and look at some pretty art.
  • just another reason I want to live in the States? The Kent Youngstrom line of wall art from Lulu & Georgia. Actually everything from Lulu & Georgia. They really need to start shipping to Canada asap! The rugs!
  • “Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is 3/$15 you want me to get you some?” Oh yes; I have the best Dad ever.
  • i really hate the term “girl boss”
  • did you know Monday was the 50th anniversary of the film version of Sound of Music?! I love that movie so much (minus the whole Nazi thing); it’s a family tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve. Growing up we went to Austro-Hungarian family friends-turned adopted grandparents home for Christmas Eve; my parents had been attending the party since the 70s and I went to my first one at 6 weeks old. We all went to the kids mass at the neighbourhood church and then to the party for pierogies and ham and deviled eggs and crescent cookies while Sounds of Music played on CTV in the background. Other than the hype of birthdays, this was probably the single greatest day of the year. The party unfortunately doesn’t happen any longer but Sound of Music on Christmas Eve still does. When Maria and the Captain dance the Laendler (I love this song) and the Captain singing Edelweiss at the concert are my favourite parts.
  • just a few days left in the North Birch Grove (some of my favourite photos, ever) clearance sale! Sign up for Amy’s newsletter for an extra 30% off. The polariod magnets make excellent house warming gifts.
  • that time I was a toddler and needed to water down my grapefruit juice after I OD’d on citrus on Tuesday and completely shredded my palate and upper gums. Why yes, I DO have a citrus sensitivity. And YES, I totally knew BEFORE I did this. It’s just so good. 1 part (fresh squeezed, obvs) grapefruit juice: 3 parts water. Still good. And makes a perfect post-yoga bevvie.
  • lots and lots of high fives (not too hard) to sister who, as a CrossFit newbie, was the first to finish the timed WOD on Wednesday. If you live in Alberta you probably already know because she’s shouting it from the mountain tops. I also love her to pieces because her other post-CF thoughts were “I feel powerful. I’m going to go eat some cheese”.  And I didn’t hate yoga yesterday (had a not great sub, but my body cooperated better than last week). Fitness wins all around.
  • tv things (which I almost forgot…what’s wrong with me??): Mindy Project, meh. I don’t want to not watch it anymore but Mindy + Danny + baby is so boring. To me. I’m probably the only one; I’m always the only one. Is it wrong for me to want them to break up and for her to not have the baby so we can go back to seasons 1 and 2 when it was good? SUITS! I liked the finale. It wrapped everything up nicely and didn’t leave a horrible cliffhanger, I like when that happens. Scandal. Um, I can’t talk about it; other than I did not like it one bit. I’m all done West Wing; which is sad. It was so good. SO GOOD! Everyday I seriously wonder if I should just watch it again. 8th in line for House of Cards season 1 at the library…


[photo via newyorkromantics]


8 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I also love the SOM so much, and actually really liked Lady Gaga’s Oscar trib. I mean, obviously not Miss Andrews, but hey, she didn’t do a bad job. Also, Captain VT is indeed the sexiest naval man ever and now I might have to watch tonight to oogle. What else…I’m two weeks behind on Scandal from vacation but will catch up. Love the wall art- so colorful and pretty!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Sound of Music is my dad’s favourite movie ever. Weird, right? We also always watch it every year at Christmas. This reminds me that I missed the Lady Gaga tribute, going to YouTube that now.

    Suits finale made me feel all the feels. I cried. Is that normal?

  3. So at the beginning of this season of the Mindy Project I TOTALLY agreed with you! I was so over those two and Danny always finding a way to dance semi-naked in every episode. Okay, maybe I wasn’t over that part! lol 😉 But now that she’s pregnant, I LOVE it!

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