oh hello, march


dreaming: of vacation destinations.

cooking: pork chops, roasted potatoes, and salad is on the menu this week.

drinking: an iced latte; finally. I’ve been craving one for weeks, and as crazy as it sounds, -6C and sunny is “warm”, so I finally stopped into Starbucks on Sunday. And oh my goodness it was fabulous.

reading: nothing at the moment. Any suggestions?

wanting: a new couch.

looking: for new jeans. aka: the worst shopping excursions of life.

wishing: a cleaning lady would magically appear at my door.

enjoying: comforts of home.

crushing: dark chocolate covered pomegranate.

waiting: for a day above freezing. Next week I think…

liking: big cozy blankets.

loving: my 3pm coffee break.

baking: oatmeal banana chocolate chunk cookies.

marveling: that I finally found a lipstick (lip crayon) that actually looks good.

needing: some flowers. But not tulips. I’ve had enough tulips for now. Slim pickins in the burbs though…

hoping: the new daytime moisturizer doesn’t make me breakout and alleviates some winter skin redness.

smelling: fresh cotton candles.

wearing: mittens. And multiple sweaters and two pairs of socks and fleece lined pants. I’m really tired of multiples. And really tired of boots.

knowing: that spring is around the corner even if it is going to snow tomorrow.

watching: The West Wing. Very likely the best show I’ve ever seen; brilliant!

feeling: unsettled.

listening: to Homegrown by Zac Brown Band. On repeat. It likes to come on the radio when I’m in a parking lot and then I jam out.

noticing: how much better the days are when it’s sunny.

thinking: about all my lovely friends and fabulous cafes we’ll visit once hibernation is over.

opening: a new container of kiwis; my absolute favourite fruit at the moment.


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