friday, i’m in love


  • why is it still winter? It’s never NOT going to be winter is it?
  • what’s your go to snow storm snack? Eastern Canada has “storm chips” (btw: I’m totally a plain ripple kind of girl, too, and let’s not make #stormkale a thing, k?, and and everyone I know in the Maritimes are proud #stormchips supporters) and, of course, there’s stew. I’m definitely a snack your way through a snow storm with carbs for dinner girl
  • sister and I were commiserating yesterday; first that yoga sucked for both of us this week (you know the days it just seems really HARD?) and second, our abandonment issues with Target Canada leaving us. Distraught. I will never not be sad. Fake boyfriends come and go but there is (soon-to-be was) only one Target Canada.
  • there aren’t many things I wouldn’t do for someone to come over and wash and blowdry my hair right now. Other than being incredibly lazy and too cold to want to get in the shower (I’ve actually taken to brushing the snow off my car and freezing outside then I come in and have a shower because my limbs are so cold I don’t feel the cold of my apartment as much…) there is nothing better than the head massages at the salon. If I were rich, like really rich, someone else doing my hair would be high on the list of indulgences.
  • it’s a miracle I somehow haven’t dislocated a shoulder putting on a sports bra; I mean thank goodness for its snugness, but damn.
  • all the middle (aka: “working”) hours of the day have been re-classified as the hours I don’t watch West Wing. Aka: the saddest hours of the day. I was watching in my office during the day while I worked (yes I work from home, please don’t hate me) but I couldn’t concentrate. Concentrate on work you ask? No actually, on West Wing (I’ve been work busy with lots of organizational spreadsheets, which is good) and since that IS a problem because the writing IS that fantastic, I’m only watching when I can give it my full attention. Yes it’s that good. And yes, I’m nearly done the series. THE WHOLE SERIES. The one I was banking on lasting 7 weekends didn’t make it a full month because I watch a good 4-5 hours every night.
  • other tv things: I haven’t seen Mindy Project (blame West Wing) or Chicago PD (blame Suits), but Suits! Alltheyeses! If Mike hasn’t made it to jail yet Donna’s isn’t headed there, either. Did you see a bunch of Mindy’s exes are in the season finale? Hello Josh and Pastor Casey!
  • have I told you a friend of mine lives in the same building or building next to Patrick Adams (Mike from Suits)? (imnotacreeperimnotacreeperimnotacreeper – I swear. You can blame instagram for me knowing that) Well, now he’s moving – the friend – and I’ve lost all hope of accidentally running into him – Patrick Adams – on the rooftop/street corner/etc etc and us being in love forever. Even though he’s engaged. Whatever. Life is hard.
  • (remember that one time it was so cold outside and I had no life so I just rambled on about stuff on tv)

so best storm snacks? and go…


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. How do I get a job working from home?

    Also, how do I make friends with people that live next to super hot, famous people? I heard this week’s episode of Suits is super spicey. I can’t wait to watch it tonight. With snacks. Salami and aged cheddar. Maybe some jalapeno poppers. And ketchup chips. I guess this answers my question on why my waistline isn’t shrinking….But snacks!

    • SNACKS! Not a fan of jalapenos, but the rest are delish! YUMMMM! We’re supposed to get more snow next week and I keep thinking of snacks I need. I made stew and cherry muffins this week. Thinking more stew and choc chip banana oatmeal cookies next week.

      It was totally spicy and you will love it. My friend has lived by the lake a few years and saw a Patrick Adams insta was like “I have the same photo of Toronto from the rooftop!!!” Now I’m so sad he’s moving; I’d be there all summer while Suits was filming. Actually maybe it’s for the better…

      Work for the family business. Don’t miss crazy people and real clothes but it’s too easy to be cooped up sometimes. But all in all, it’s amazing to be able to work from anywhere.

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