easy gifts: handmade cards

I love shopping for gifts; being able to find that something special that a friend or relative wasn’t asking for and didn’t know they needed, but it’s absolutely perfect. More than anything though, I like celebrating the little things – cookies on Fridays, cards just to say hello, and treats for all occasions. I’m trying to think up – and share – lots of ideas for easy handmade gifts that say hi, thanks, welcome, celebrate, and everything else! First up: greeting cards. card3 I adore sending cards. While it’s lovely when a note from a friend pops up between work emails there’s no better feeling than turning the key on my mailbox and seeing a note or card. We don’t exchange big gifts for Christmas so I made these for sister figuring something small and handmade would fit easily into her carry-on for the trip home. And even though I just said I love finding a perfect gift, I do not love finding said perfect gift at Christmas. And we were going to be in Georgia, home of much cooler, much cheaper stuff. I collected some of her favourite photos, a few that would be great for birthdays but most from our travels that are perfect to say hello; I was thinking about you. cards2 They couldn’t be easier to make. I bought blank cards and envelopes from a craft store (I got ’em from Michaels, the link is from JoAnn, just get some blank cards) and printed square photos from Blacks. Some doubled sided tape and done. It’s actually that easy.   cards1 Have a friend who loves sending cards? I really think this would be the perfect gift for them. Wrap it up in some cute cellophane and a big ribbon. Or just ribbon. Just make sure there’s ribbon…it’s so pretty. And maybe a few rolls of washi tape and a book of stamps? Wanna make your friends remember you forever while they pick up glitter from their countertops and bookshelves? Try one of these sparkly DIYs!


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