friday, i’m in love


  • remember when it wasn’t cold? no? me neither. I broke down and sobbed earlier this week when it was -32 and I scraped ice off my car and my toes tingled for an hour afterwards they were so frozen. I know, I know, I’m grateful to have a home and clothes and food, but it is really cold and it has been for weeks. Like not warmer than -10C/12F (and usually much colder) all month and snowing most days.
  • I should probably stop complaining (I won’t) because my pookie bear, Megan, moved back to PEI 3 years ago (saaad) and they’ve had some epic snowstorms lately. Considering I’m about 20cm and 2 more days below freezing away from a full blown tantrum, I’d have lost my mind.
  • for the last 2 weeks I’ve gone to hot yoga 25 minutes early so I can be somewhere warm.
  • remember Wednesday when I was all I want these wood floors from Anthropologie but I’m totes not re-decorating/renovating my apartment? I want wide plank light wood floors (like, nice ones, not light as in birch, you know), my kitchen cabinets to be painted, I’d like a new couch, the leaky toilet repaired, the heat to work (work more efficiently??) in my bedroom and bathroom, and oh, a large lump sum of cash money to pay for it all. Oh oh, and a non-swindler, genuinely reliable Scott McGillivray/Jonathan Scott type-a-fella to do it. Easy peasy.
  • this kitty! ahhhh. It reminds me of our old kitty because she was super cute but totally didn’t understand mirrors.
  • tv things: The West Wing! I just finished season 3 and it’s amazing. Most notably, how powerful the writing and acting is without sex or scandal, and how I’m watching an episode that went live 12 years ago and the topics are still of political relevance. (we all love Josh, right?) Scandal: whoa. Nice. But because sometimes I really fixate on the details; where exactly did Liv have her hair relaxed and pick up that sweet outfit? The captors swing by Topshop for some Olivia Pope inspired Scandal collection items on the way to Iran?
  • you’ll be happy to know I’m over M&Ms and now I’m in love with Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate. It’s pretty much baby pomegranate ju-jubes covered in dark chocolate. Yah. They should really just call them antioxidant nuggets.
  • I’m not a great Christian and probably a worse Catholic and I will not be giving up anything for Lent, but can I just say (rant) this? Know WHY you’re giving up something. Lent isn’t 40 days of peer pressured non-chocolate eating. Maybe instead of an insignificant cocoa fast you just try to be a nicer human? Be somewhat selfless, do nice things for other people. Or at least do some research. (rant over)
  • have you always wanted a fitbit charge? Today is your lucky day; someone (ahem, sister) is hosting a giveaway. I’d enter but a) it would probably look bad if I won, and b) sometimes the farthest I walk is from my office to my bedroom to gaze longingly at my bed and back and I’m sure that damn (read: lovely) fitbit would mock me all day long. Soooo, you enter to win it instead.  She really, really likes hers and won Telus’ #everystepcounts contest because she’s a crazy person whose competitive alter-ego freaky side was recently awakened. I mean, fiiiiit-biiiiit. Free stuff! Wooooo!
  • but West Wing! Seriously. Josh Lemon Lyman! I’m such a binge watcher. Suits and WW, can’t recommend either enough. Do it. It’s gonna snow tomorrow. Dooo ittttt.

8 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

    • That is a great plan, cool website. I also love that while you are one of the people who DO know the purpose and meaning of lent you still researched and chose something that would make you truly selfless and test your commitment to something. Good luck to you lady, can’t wait to hear about it in April.

  1. I heart Josh too, but really they are all so so good. I want to be CJ for real and sometimes I quote her. “My reflexes are cat-like.” Maybe I will start the binge this weekend and also, we should both watch Newsroom because it’s also Aaron Sorkin so ya, the writing will be amazing as well.

    I always want to redo my apartment. that woudl require moving and a lot of money. So, negative.

    Love the quotes. I don’t hate people. Maybe just some of the ones I work with.

    And I went to yoga 20 minutes early to warm up as well. Clearly the electric blanket on my couch is ineffective against my 65 degree apartment.

    • Season 4 – Christian Slater; this is the best ever! Convo b/w Josh and Jack when Jack says “well, he’s not cute-cute, but he sure is funny” I die!

      I’m all excited for Sunday to be 15F, hello heatwave! Hopefully the roads will be ok after today’s full day of snow and I can’t actually do a few things

      ps: thanks for the tea! I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells amazing

  2. If you manage find a large sum of money and someone cute to do the renos, send them out West because I would totally love to put in hardwood and a fresh coat of paint in my condo. Just saying.

    Also, suits this week. Whoa.

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