friday, i’m in love


  • “Galentine’s Day” is the stupidest phrase I’ve ever heard. If you’re having a girls night just call it girls night.
  • Philly pizza lovers pay it forward one slice at a time – because isn’t kindness one of the most attractive attributes about a person? In this case, so easy and so, so inexpensive to help someone in need. Is this a good time to tell you I’m the one person on this great big planet who doesn’t like pizza? Not really my thing. Except UNA in Calgary and California Pizza Kitchen, yum, but other than that pizza is just meh (it’s the tomato sauce that I hate the most).
  • that one time I was so late to the party I started liking Zac Brown Band in 2015. Why am I so uncool?
  • I kind of hate February. It’s the worst of the worst of winter; it hasn’t been warm in so long and while spring fashions are hitting stores I’m just not buying it because spring seems so so so far away. Whether a dusting or 30cm it has snowed every freaking day this month and the high (“high”?) on Sunday should feel like MINUS THIRTY ONE! -31. This morning? Also in the minus thirties. Where am I today? Oh, I’m just taking photos for a client. Outside.
  • West Wing is my new thank-you-library-for-letting-me-binge-watch-a-new-series-and-not-maxout-my-wifi series. And there are 7 seasons which should take me right through the worst of winter; thank you library.
  • tv things: omg Suits! I’m all caught up and I adore it. (#meninsuits amiright?!) It’s just so good. And I love trying to figure out where in Toronto they are. Yah no, that’s not NYC. Chicago Fire: thank you for breaking up Matt & Gabby. Kelly, you’re breaking my heart with the Shea videos. Mindy Project: Castellano Baby, so over it. I can’t stand Mindy & Danny together, it ruins MP for me.  (and now it just seems like I don’t like any tv couple. Yah, I see the twitter, I’m the only one; story of my life.) New Girl: yawn. Chicago PD: still a favourite. Oh Jay; swoon. Scandal: lets get this kidnapping thing wrapped up, yah? My vote? A not-so-dead Adnan and Momma Pope. Heart of Dixie: I was on the Zoe & Wade love train from episode one, I’m all in. And George & AB are too cute. I gave up on Parenthood cause it made me mad.
  • (see, I’m a little warm and gushy on the inside. tv romance > real life anything. #thisiswhyimsingleAlso probably because I have never experienced anything truly romantic. But have been lucky enough to witness true love in a couple of the cutest 90 year olds; I have friends who are married and it doesn’t compare, not even a little bit, no one will ever be in love like that. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever – or will ever – see.)
  • remember that time I made you a Valentine’s Day playlist? I know, I’m the sweetest! It’s just over an hour and I think you’ll love it. Mixtapes fo lyfe, yo!
  • remember that other time that Valentine’s Day and Family Day were rolled into the same long weekend and I bought ice cream and a (mini) loaf of sourdough and gnocchi and veal parm and fresh buffalo mozzarella ravioli because eating your feelings with carbs and dairy is real?


[photo from thefauxmartha’s instagram]


9 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Picture= So cute! Did you make them?

    Galentine’s= Dumb. Agree, it’s called girls’ night and it can happen any time, any day and doesn’t need a designated date.

    I am also not a fan of pizza, mostly because I have an issue with the cheese once it gets congealed and luke warm. It’s either got to be hot, or not at all. And deep dish is the worst.

    ZAC BROWN! I didn’t start hearting country music until 3 years ago, so your delay is forgivable, by me anyway

    Thank you for hot dudes reading 🙂

    And I also have never been in romantic love, so the best I can do is dream for the kind that TV and movie portray. If that’s unrealistic I’m okay with it because it forces me to reach for the stars!

    Good luck with the cold. It’s zero here today too…:(

    • I did not make those, but ahhh, they ARE the cutest.

      deep dish is the worst; but at the same time, thin crust can be soggy on top because it only cooks for 90 seconds. mostly, i just stay away from it.

      i told a friend about tv bf jay yesterday afternoon and we agreed that was much better…

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