heart cookies for two

I made us cookies.

OK, I made me Valentine’s Day cookies, but I’ll share. Come here, closer, closer, just push the extra pillows out of the way; let’s spend a lazy weekend in bed sipping coffee and watching movies and reading magazines and talking about cute boys and eating cookies.


Oh yah, there’s chocolate covered strawberries, too.

There’s definitely no better day to have cookies for breakfast – and strawberries, fruits! it’s health food! – than Valentine’s Day, especially when said day falls on a Saturday and it’s during a long weekend that celebrates family and none of yours is currently in the same province and you have no plus one and you could really use a back massage. Pass the cookies.

One more….they’re small.

Ok, one more. Single and over 30 and all. Thanks for the reminder, grandma.

One more cookie.


The cookies! After last week’s little fight with butter (the curd) then butter reunion (the biscuits) I decided to try out another one of Christina‘s small batch recipes. Again, because even though dozens and dozens of sugar cookies would be swell, less than 12 is sweller.

I followed this recipe (minus the almond extract because I didn’t have any) and it was perfect! Instead of using the same recipe for icing I dipped them in melted white chocolate (and white chocolate with red food colouring). It’s not too pretty but it sure is tasty.

I like the mini ones best….mostly cause you can have twice as many.

And YES, that’s the 2013 issue of People’s Sexiest Man Alive. I’m not saying I kept it because it would look good in sad single girl blog photos about cookies, but I’m not not saying that either. (wink wink)


ps: have you listened to my Valentine’s Day playlist yet? It’s kind of the greatest and not sappy. 


6 thoughts on “heart cookies for two

  1. These are great! Just so happens I have liquidy chocolate from failed truffles in my fridge with no where to go. As for the People’s Sexist, I always have a few on hand to use as wrapping paper for my girlfriends all year. Would seeing a pretty face (such as, I dunno, Scott Foley) make the present better?

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